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accepted 01/23 still proceessing

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      Am I the only one accepted 01/23 with no dd?

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        me too….first I had the PATH message then it and the bar went away and it just says still processing. I did not have EIC or ACTC. I find it weird I got the PATH message in the first place since I didn’t have it.


          Same here guys, still processing. I have seen a few 23ers with a DD date of 2/6. Not sure if that helps but so far most with the same acceptance date have the same DD date. Finger crossed!


            I also got accepted on the 23rd along with my sister and a few friends. They all got their returns today but mine is still showing as processing.
            I was not able to order my return transcripts last night but was able to do it today so that might be a positive sign.


              Still processing also


                no …im right with u… accepted the 23rd no dd date and no info on wmr and still processing on the hotline …. nothing at all ;(

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