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Accepted 1/29/18

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    Filled and excepted on 01/29/2018 1 bar no credits waiting on DD…. Lets Go

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    I Filled on 01/29 Accepted 02/02. since then the nightmare began-
    First Had to verify identity. What the hell. The only thing changed was getting an Uber tax summary instead of 1099. Verified on 02/13

    Then the following codes showed up-
    Code 150
    Code 766
    Code 766
    Code 768
    Code 570
    Code 971
    Code 422
    Code 420

    I hate the IRS. Bastards.

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    Accepted 4/8/2018, still only 1 bar. WMR says still processing

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    still waiting

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    accepted 1/29
    had “received” bar until it disappeared on saturday. now it just says “still processing and your refund date will be available soon”
    technically today is 21 days but I am hesitant to call the IRS.

    no eic/actc or hope credit so I am very worried something is wrong as I have seen others getting their direct deposit already with the same file date.

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    Filed and was accepted on 1/29 through TT. No updates since. No dd as of 2/9. *sigh*

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    Was able to see transcripts online today!! Should wake up to a DDD tomorrow morning!!!

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    Filed and accepted on 1/3018. Still on 1 bar. Itemized. Any updates for anyone with a file and accepted date of 1/30?

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    Woke up to a DDD of 2/13.

    Filed 1/28 TT, no EIC/ACTC
    Accepted 1/29
    Was able to order transcripts yesterday.

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    Filed 1/29 with Turbo Tax
    Accepted 1/29
    Stuck on 1 bar Topic 152
    No EITC or ACTC
    W2 and 1099

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    E-Filed on 01/29 via tax preparer
    Accepted on 01/29
    Approved on 02/03
    DD scheduled for 02/07
    DD hit 02/06 (after 9pm PST) with Navy Federal Credit Union

    Single, no EIC or Child Tax credits – simple return.

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    Alessandra R

    Direct Deposit posted on 02/07/2018 1:58:01 AM EST

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    Alessandra R

    E-Filed on 01/29 via Turbo Tax
    Accepted on 01/29
    Approved on 02/03
    DD schedule for 02/07
    Hopefully it will be on my account tomorrow morning
    I bank with Chase

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    Filed1/29, accepted 1/29, approved 2/3- dd date 2/7

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    Got a tax topic 152, updated from 1 bar

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    Filed on 1/26 with tt accepted 1/29
    Have one bar on and
    Not expecting an update till around 2/15

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    Filed on 1/19 (Married Filling Joint, EIC and Child Tax Credit. The Law they passed last years says EIC and CTC returns will be release middle of February) . Filed with Turbo Tax

    Accepted on 1/29

    Current Status is 1 bar with no DDD

    The Turbo Tax website and IRS sheets show a possible DDD of 2/16… We shall see, I will keep everyone posted. Good luck filers!!

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    Filed and accepted 1/29 through TT. Married filing joint. 2 dependents and nothing else. I have one bar on WMR, hoping for an update with a DDD this weekend!

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    Hi All!

    File Date: 1/28/2018
    Company: TurboTax
    Accepted Date: 1/29/2018
    Filing Status: Married filing Joint – 2 dependents
    Credits: None
    Return Status: Accepted – Tax Code 152 – One Bar WMR
    Transcripts: Showing the account (blank).
    Daily/Weekly: Unknown – I think Daily??

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    Irritated T

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/29 @9:32 pm
    Tax topic 152, 1 bar
    EIC, Child tax credit
    Hoping to receive my refund with the 2/9 batch of folks but we will see

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    Filed through TT on 1/29.
    Accepted on 1/29.
    First bar/ 152 Topic on WMR on 1/29.
    No movement since 1/29.
    Single. No EIC/ACTC, etc. Very simple return.

    In the past, my refund is almost always approved (w/ DD received) within 5 business days – usually the Friday after I’ve filed. (Knock on wood.)

    I will be checking the WMR website in the morning for an update. Hopefully the updates we were all expecting last night will go through tonight.

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    I filed through hr block on the 29th and still havent been accepted yet should I worry?

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    Accepted 1/29 Eic and child tax credit so we shall see mid month if i get to the next step

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    I went through turbo tax and I submitted on 1-28

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    Can you tell us what day you submitted and who you went through

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    Brandy Wellman

    Accepted on 1-29 still on one bar but I could order my transcripts today.

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    Filed 27
    Accepted the 29th
    Not expecting anything until about the 20th of Feb

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    Filed 1/29 both credits accepted same day , TT152 ONE BAR. Will let ya know once I get Path message. Big update fri-saturday , good luck to everyone

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    Filed the 26th and Accepted on the 29th at 1039 AM. Updated on WMR to one bar immediately.
    No transcripts available yet but I’ll post when they do.

    Claiming ACTC and EIC

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    Filed 1/27 Accepted on 1/29 no bars. Just says that they have received it and it is being processed.

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/29
    I’m a weekly.
    No EIC but CTC.

    Any chance weeklies accepted 1/29 will get a DD for next Wednesday? I’ve never filed this early. Usually I file on a Tuesday or Wednesday and have to wait til the next Friday. Last year my DD was for Wednesday but it deposited the Friday before to my Netspend card.

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    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/29
    WMR updated to 1 bar immediately after accepted
    Used TT, pretty simple return

    Last year updated to 2 bars on Saturday morning and DDD was the following Wednesday, so I guess Im a weekly?

    Hoping for 2 bars this Saturday the 3rd…

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    Filed and accepted on 01/29/18 with Turbo Tax. One bar on WMR, no transcripts yet.

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    If anyone can see there transcripts online let me know

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    Hi everyone! I filed today with Taxact. Waiting for an IRS acceptance. I have EIC so I wont be seeing any money back until 2/15/18 or later. Bummer.

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