Accepted 1/25/18

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    We’ll see…………

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    Filed and accepted on 1/26. Only credit is education. Still on 1 bar Tax Topic 152. Does anyone else have education credits that filed this day or no?

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    Accepted 1/25
    Updated to PATH 2/1
    Both credits so now we wait….

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    File 1/24
    accepted 1/25
    1 bar, no path, no update, blank transcripts

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    Filed 530 am on 1/25
    Accepted 130 pm on 1/25
    Filed using TurboTax
    1 bar RETURN ACCEPTED on WMR until this morning. This morning WMR updated to 2 bars REFUND APPROVED
    DDD by February 7th hoping it goes in early 😂

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    Still, no updates this morning. Continues to show 1 bar WMR. Transcripts are blank.

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    Update to previous post. Accepted 25th approved this morning with ddd of February 7.

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    Adrian Williams

    Accepted 1/25/18 but WITH EITC

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    Filed 1/25 Accepted 1/25 one bar
    Only ctc no EITC or ACTC
    No update yet
    IRS website keeps logging me out prior to actually being able to view transcripts lol

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    Filed on Jan 24 and accepted on Jan 25. Still at one bar, no EIC or PATH, has been displaying Topic 152 for 4 days now

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    Just checked for my transcripts. NA on those, and still one bar. Starting to get impatient

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    Filed 1/25, accepted 1/25…still 1 bar, transcripts still say N/A…Used Turbo Tax

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    Tonya Beckman

    Filed the 25th and accepted the same day(freetaxusa) Just pulled my account transcript with 826 and ddd of 2-5

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    Accepted the 25th still on 1 bar. Filed with HR because I needed refund advance. After they filed and took my money they said they doubted I would get the loan because I had no w-2 income. The loans are a complete rip off to steal $250 from you.

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    Filed 1/25, no update on WMR (except one bar). This morning I was able to order and see all transcripts online. It says refund 846 with a date of 2/5/2018. Hopefully WMR will update with that :-)

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    Filed H&R block on 1/17/2018, pulled for test batch and notified by H&R that my return was rejected and showed same on status screen. E-mail also stated to ignore their e-mail as I was not really rejected and wait for further instructions. On 1-24-2018 received status update of rejection and checked for e-file mistakes to refile. Went through screens and tried to refile but wouldn’t let me and instructed to paint and mail to IRS. I didn’t, decided to wait and on 1/25/2018 received notification return had been accepted by IRS. Okay, but when I checked my return my direct deposit information had been removed. Checked WMR and got one bar received. Checked today on H&R block to see if status had changed and they are now stating that I was accepted 1/29/2018. They admitted that it was their fault that they had pushed to many returns through to IRS in test batch and that was what happened to my return. In the meantime I think my return was changed as it does not match my original filed return and I did not make any changes. If I make it through IRS processing I will then have to wait for paper return. What a mess and who knows what else is coming. I AM NOT ALONE IN THE MESS H & R BLOCK made for me. Never had a problem with turbo tax and have been professional tax preparer personally. Return was filed correctly, what the heck did they do?

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    Filed and accepted 1/25 used Turbo Tax. WMR at 1 bar. Any news on expected updates that the system?

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    Rachel Ok

    Filed and accepted 1/25 around 1:30 pm. No updates as of yet.
    From PA

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    Here too. No update yet

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    Me too! Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25 by freetaxusa

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