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      Has anybody with an ACA penalty received a ddd yet. Or are you still showing zero’s on account transcript

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          Found this interesting as to why they are using 570 hold for this particular debt, they want to be sure they collect…
          This comes from this Washington post article

          The fee could be added to your tax bill or subtracted from your tax refund, but the IRS won’t have as much authority when it comes to collecting the penalty as it does for collecting other tax liabilities. For instance, the agency won’t be able to put a lien on your property if you don’t pay up as it can with other tax bills. People who don’t pay also can’t be subject to criminal charges. But the money could be added to future tax bills, so if you don’t pay now, you may have to pay eventually.

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            I had an ACA penalty (<$100). No delay. File/accepted 1/23. DDD of 2/4. Transcript was available 1/30. Bars and refund amount disappeared on WMR on 1/28. It updated this morning to show refund approved and a DDD.

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              What should clear by Weds?

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                I hear it should clear by weds.

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