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      So, I’ve seen some people (on here even) saying that peoples returns have been held up because of their 1095-A and the IRS is sending/sent letters to those asking them to fax a copy of it?

      Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone with the ACA credit received their refunds already?

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          I faxed my Form 8962 along with the 1095 A two weeks ago and I have an updated status as of this past Saturday. Even though the letter stated 4-6 weeks after receiving your fax…there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

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            I had to do the same thing. Does anyone know exactly how long it will take once you have faxed in the 1090-A along with the 8692 to them?

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              Is that only needed if you get it from the marketplace? I saw where they weren’t making people prove their insurance for this year, they were taking people at their word (how novel) I have insurance but it’s through work and I don’t want them to give me anything back or anything. I’m wondering if I’m going to get held up over that form. My sister and I work at the same place but she’s a 1/20er and I just filed 2/6. Of course she still doesn’t have hers, I’m trying to see if maybe that’s the problem. She didn’t do that form with ours I don’t think, but like I said, it wasn’t from the marketplace and subsidies weren’t being asked for….thanks in advance for info!

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                I’m assuming you are trying to ask if people who did have ACA and had to file that form got their refunds. The answer is yes. I printed the form off my acct online and submitted it with my original tax return and had a turnaround of 7 days from submit to refund. I ended up with a credit from the ACA, not a penalty so that was never a problem.

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                  Its true, I received my letter yesterday, faxed them a copy of the 1095-A, prior to faxing, talked with a rep from the IRS and he told me it shouldn’t take that long, cause I was already processing and there were just waiting on that form….my question is those that had the ACA, how did they get around receiving their refunds if they had to submit the 1095-A…my guess is they lied about the insurance took the penalty and received their refund.

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                    Yes i also received a letter saying that i had to send in my 1095A an it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks before i would receive my refund so i faxed my 1095A form the same day as i got the letter from the irs an called the irs to see if the received my information 3 days later they were no help

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