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      Hi everyone I thought Id make a thread for everyone who STILL HAS NOT updated.. that goes for TAX TRANSCRIPTS, WMR (WHERES MY REFUND) ID VERIFCATIONS, OFFSETS, AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN BETWEEN!! So many of us are stuck in limbo have not gotten a notice, a update, or are stuck N/A transcripts, some maybe even one bar.
      Please everyone is welcome to join and comment, I think it just would be smoother if we stuck together as the IRS only sticks with themselves.. are you a weekly or daily?

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        Jamie, sounds like you beat the letter and called before it arrived so you got 2 weeks my best guess and $$$

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          Good evening, I received a letter today 4883C but cannot understand why when just yesterday I spoke with an IRS representative and verified my ID, and told me everything was fine. I am so confused. Accepted 02/01 transcript N/A. Is anyone going thru the same situation?

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            I got a letter 4464c today, from the sounds of it I might get my refund by next year…maybe.

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              Filed and accepted 01-19 w TT

              Bars disappeared over a week ago. No movement since. NA on all transcripts wage and income is blank. IRS account doesn’t say any letters have been sent. Offset line isn’t listing any offsets. I had to file with a PIN this year and that seems to be the only difference aside from a name change due to marriage

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                My transcript are still NA, WMR did update ti “still processing”. I called and was told there was nothing wrong, they’re just really behind. So, fingers crossed, I’m going to call back on Monday and see what’s up.

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                  i had to verify also heard that it could take up to 10 weeks idk this is my first year being verifef

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                    Trans updated from n/a to 846 ddd 3/1 check you transcripts!!

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                      @syd ha wishful thinking NYS would update today huh 😭😭🤣 oh if only NYS would let us in on their mass DD dates 😭😭

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                        @stillwaiting I thought the same thing cause mines the same as well then my wmr is blank saying your return is being processed blah blah no tax topic etc I’m thinking that all updates tomorrow maybe 🤔 transcripts strictly are the only thing that updates today 🤞🏾 fingers crossed we all get a smooth deposit cause this has been hell lmao

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                        Still Waiting

                          Updated as well.. musta been this thread 😉 Weird tho bc when I first log in I still get the “your 2022 return has not yet been processed.. “

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                            I updated too! FINALLY! 03/01 DDD
                            I am also waiting on NYS state accepted 1/31. FR–>”being processed”.

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                              Morning guys check your transcripts!
                              I updated to 846- for 3/01/23 yay 🎉🎉🎉🫶🏾🥰
                              Hopefully everything is good still don’t think I’ll be ok til it’s all In my account lol
                              Now just waiting on a date from NYC

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                                Transcripts loaded overnight sometime with DDD of 3-01-2023 I filed 2/12 praying everyone updated

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                                  My transcripts just updated, an hour ago they were blank . 846 ddd 3/1 happy tax season yall

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                                    Welp guys! Another week is bout to end 🤞🏾😣
                                    I’m a weekly forgot to add for the most part I always end in 5 oddly… my stimulus payments had an 04? … but what ever getting off topic

                                    Another update 👀 tonight hopefully we see movement im so desperate for movement I heard it can take 9 weeks my state is still not here or approved for that matter. I live in NY so yeah the worst ha

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                                    Still Waiting

                                      Forgot to add: I’m a PATHER with 3 dependents, EIC and ACTC. Filed HOH.. been the same income and dependents for almost 20 years.

                                      FWIW: if anyone here got the PPP loans I heard some that weren’t forgiven are being taken?! So I highly suggest the 1st thing everyone do is call the refund offset line just to check n ease your mind

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                                      Still Waiting

                                        Filed 1/18 with TT. Accepted 1/23 with approved advance from TT. Received ID letter 2/13. Verified 2/14. Transcripts NA. WMR has 1 bar(and always has) with topic 152.

                                        Cpl years ago a tip was to go to your online account and make a small payment(think min is $5) and that supposedly would trigger movement on your return. I updated fairly fast after that but it could have also just been my time.. my ass is too broke to afford the $5 rn to even try 😭

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                                          Crickets. Filed and accepted 2/1, with ACTC and EITC. WMR historically stuck at 1 bar w/TT152. Bottom 2 transcripts are 2022 with zeros, top 2 are n/a. I’ve been a weekly the last 5 years, updating Fridays. WMR now states “beyond the normal processing time”. No letters, no verification, nothing strange.

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                                            Filed – 1/23 Accepted -1/23. Wmr updated- 1/25 to “we apologize for delay” w/152 tax topic.No movement since. Transcripts – N/A No movement. No letters received regarding ID verify but IDMe – did verification on 2/1 to gain access. No notices, notifications, emails, or letters have been sent with any other information. Filed single, w/ EIC only. Filed TT and selected fees be taken out from return so also has to go through Santa Barbara bank eventually

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                                              Filed & accepted 1/30
                                              Transcripts have all codes except 846
                                              No ID verify notifications in its account
                                              As of date 2/20
                                              Cycle code 05
                                              WMR has no bars says ‘still processing’

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                                                To start us off ‘
                                                Filed: 1/16
                                                Accepted: 1/19
                                                Refund advance- 1/19
                                                As of date for transcripts for bottom left is 02/13/2023
                                                Received verification letter 2/8 verified online same day… and still no movement
                                                path filer all credits
                                                same tax information every year

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