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    I am a weekly too and still stuck on the 9001 and the message that we cannot provide any information about your refund…. I’ve been seeing everyone else get their refund dates over the weekend and I think we just was a status- its like we are stuck in limbo. Contemplating about calling again to see if I get a different answer. Also, my 2018 transcripts are empty (N/A)

    Anyone else actually talked to the IRS on or after 1/28/19- recap here

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    Hey I filed in January and have had this code right on up until today. I called the IRS and they told me I had to wait for a form 4883c which is an identity verification form. I never received it and ended up calling in to make an appointment to verify my ID. This has been frustrating. I went into the office and verified last week and I am still waiting for WMR to update. Hope this helps.



    I got this code shortly after I was accepted. I did call and was told to call back after my initial 21 days and that I should get a letter if needed telling if anything else is wrong with my tax returns because they are still being processed.



    I called and was given that generic message that 9001 is just a glitch in the system and wmr will update within 21 days, just keep checking. I was also told nothing was wrong with my return and was even given a processing date of 2-11-19, I’m just confused with all the updates they do every year that the one tool you’re referred to doesn’t work properly.



    Same. I have been checking daily on WMR since being accepted on 1/15/19. Filed using TT. I called twice— once before reading the forums and seeing so many people are in the same boat and was basically read the generic 9001 by the IRS representative about using a primary SS #. The second time, I was told they just began processing, I could check back after 21 days and that my tax return showed it was accepted, even though the bar disappeared and went to the 9001/tt152 message. Frustrating.



    I had the 9001 and updated to PATH message a few days ago.



    Filed on 1/15/19. Return Accepted on 1/16/19. Just called IRS at 11:53 PST and the call lasted about 17 minutes, including wait time, not too bad. I was told they did in fact have my return and everything looked fine. However, notified that there may not be updated activity on Where’s My Refund for me until mid-February because I claimed the ACTC (Addt’s Child Tax Credit). Good luck to you all!



    I just called the IRS again and they said they don’t have a record of my return even though it was accepted on 1/17. The rep said that they just opened today and starting processing returns and to allow 21 days from today before calling in again. My e-file company won’t let me file again they said the IRS has it they just didn’t process it yet. No credits, NO EIC, No ATC, and 1 dependent HOH



    I was in 9001 also but on 1/27 that message was gone. Now I am in Path message. Files 1/13 and accepted 1/15 wiyh TT.



    I filed 1/16/19
    Accepted 1/17/19
    Error messages since then and I called the IRS this morning and she said she can’t see anything. Stated the WMR is more up to date than the reps and to allow 21 days before calling back in

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