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    If you’re a 8863er who filed after 1/27 and wasn’t accepted until 2/14. Please check in with any status updates!

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        I filed 1/26 accepted 1/29
        I didn’t know the 8863 was delayed, filed with freetaxusa, they never announced it.
        I only claimed education credit, and have a 570 code.
        Was told I’m under review, they are telling me I can’t get this credit, and I have always got the credit for the past 2 years with my 1098t form with no problem..help?!

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            It wasn’t delayed this year. The 8863 was delayed last year.

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            I filed 2/14 through TT with 8863, EIC, HOH, self-employment the works lol

            Since then I have been processing- 1 orange bar. I have called every 2-3 days since 2/21 to find out what is going on because most of the people I see/hear/talk to have received some type of error or letter. Every time I called I was in “normal” processing- ho holds/no errors.

            Yesterday was day 21 for me so I called and they told me my return was re-sequenced and my 21 days now starts on 3/4. I was told the 2/14-3/3 do not count because the IRS didn’t actually start entering my return until 3/4 and that’s what they mean when they say 21 days (yes I know a bunch of lies). I called this morning (day 22) and finally got somewhere.

            Honestly the IRS guy sounded just as frustrated as I did. He was actually ranting to himself. I didn’t have to say anything lol He kept saying “This is so stupid” or “This is so frustrating, Why don’t they just put it on my screen” etc. He spent over 45 mins digging into my account trying to figure out why there was no information on my return. He finally hit the jackpot on some random screen (I could hear him clicking and mumbling) He found a single error code for EIC. Funny thing is I am not listed as ever being in the error department. They found some type of calculation problem (so pretty much he thinks turbo tax calculated my EIC wrong) and took away over $1500 of my return. They have yet send me a letter so he is not sure exactly what went wrong. My return is still listed a processing normally.
            Hopefully I will have a ddd next week with the reduced amount. Then I have to figure out what happen and fix it. All I can say is keep calling you will eventually get someone who does care and will take the time to help. We need a forum to say thank you to the IRS agents that actually help (I know there are only a few lol) At least I have some idea of what is going on now.

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              As of 3/8 still no update or change. I did receive my transcripts though. Anyone know what codes 570 and 971 mean?

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                  WMR update: able to get transcripts as of 3/1 but still no status bar update.

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                    Refund date of 3/6 given as of 3:15am on 3/2.

                    Filed 1/28, accepted 2/14, bars blanked 2/25, transcripts 3/1, refund date given 3/2. Hope this helps!

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                      WMR update on 3/1 – Still no bars, able to order transcript early AM of 3/1

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                        Same here as some of you. Accepted on the 14th due to education credits and still sitting on the processing bar. I have a feeling there are a lot of us out there. Hopefully we will see something soon.

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                          Filed 2/8 but accepted on 2/15 (due to education credit)
                          Still in processing! I know people that filed after me with the education credit and they got their refund last week.

                          I spoke with someone at the IRS yesterday and she looked my account up and said that I did get accepted on 2/15 due to my education credit and that my 21 day waiting period starts then, even though I filed on the 8th. I told her that I really needed my return transcript for school and she said that it would only become available once my refund was finished processing. She said that I SHOULD get a DDD within a week :/

                          So, apparently the rumor is true that once you are able to order your return transcript through the IRS site or mobile app, then your return is done processing and you’ll get a DDD within a day or two (only if it was processed and found no errors).

                          I’m trying to be patient but it’s really irritating to see all the people with edu credits file after me and get accepted.

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                            Filed 1/30, accepted 2/14, used HRB Online, have EIC, HH and EC. WMR stuck on one bar with the one liner. Haven’t called the IRS because it seems it doesn’t help. I’ve never waited this long for a refund before. I think the IRS owes everyone an apology. The least they could do is release some info we could actually use so that we dont have to speculate.

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                              Filed 1/29 – Accepted 2/14 – processing 2/15 – no credits besides 8863 – one bar, processing, 21 days, refund amount all shown until AM on 26th – AM 26th no bar at all, refund when available, no refund amount – still that way.

                              Called AM 26th – told all ok no errors or holds or reviews still processing, just glitch – info probably back on 27th.
                              Called PM 27th – got a real gem of a lady (snark) who got VERY snippy when I told her I was calling because my info wasn’t back up. Was told I was in reviews, had more than one error, had a schedule B that held up my return past the 14th, that my return had only started processing again on the 25th, and that the WMR system had be lying to me because I “checked too many times” and “that’s what happens, check too much and it will give you false information.”
                              Called PM 27th – after looking up schedule B and going WTF?! because I don’t have anything related to it. Called again. told all ok, no errors or holds or reviews, still processing and have been since the 15th.

                              WMR update on 2/28 – Still no bars, refund amount, or DDD.

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                                I checked the website and it now no longer shows that I filed at all. I have heard that this could be a good thing… but the phone still says I’m processing and there is no change at the bank. Should I worry?

                                I don’t know about the rest of you guys… but the 21 days are approaching very fast… and I don’t want to still be waiting when friday rolls around.

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                                  Accepted 2/14
                                  Generic 21 day message 2/15-2/25
                                  Ordered transcripts 2/26
                                  Wmr updated 2/26 to refund date will be given, refund amount disappeared.
                                  2/27 wmr updated. Refund amount back. No bars. Just says return processing no mention of anything else. No refund date or tax codes.

                                  Any thoughts?

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                                    I’m like many who have been lurking here for a while and figured I would share my update with everyone. Filed on 1/28 and held until 2/14. Have been checking daily several times to see any updates. Finally tonight, I am able to order both transcripts, but WMR shows 1 bar with the same general message most get with no DDD listed other than the 21 day crap. Hopefully this comes comes to an end soon, tired of this government mess. Filed as HH with EIC and EC. Hope everyone recieves due diligence on this one.

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                                      I filed 2/4 but was accepted 2/14 because of 8863. I was only able to order my Account Transcript and was unable to order the Return Transcript. Should I try to call the IRS to find out if I’m in the errors department? or do I have to wait the official 21 days before they can tell me anything?

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                                        My husband and I filed on February 1 and because of that education credit it wasn’t accepted until February 14 and it’s been on the processing bar the entire time. There has been no change. We called today and got the runaround and weren’t able to get a ddd… I’m really starting to be concerned because we haven’t gotten the great news that everyone else seems to have gotten about this week at some point. Should I do anything? Any insight? Married filing jointly, EIC, Child tax credit and education credit.

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                                          Filed 1/28 held by HRB due to 8863
                                          Accepted 2/14
                                          Only “processing” ever since…
                                          transcripts unavailable

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                                          It usually means you’ve tried to access the site multiple times and have been locked out til tomorrow.

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                                            I was getting the still processing bar, now when I go in to check my status it says that I entered my stuff incorrectly? Bad sign? Or just a mess up in the WMR site

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                                            We get ddd from wmr, automated line or agents.

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                                              where r u guys getting dd from mine was excepted 02/14/13 and thats all the info it gives another thing is i paid over 300.00 to have my taxes thru hrblock what a waste of money last time ill ever go to them there the biggest ripoffs out there

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                                              After ordering both scripts on 2/21… I hAVE A DDD OF 2/27!

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                                                Accepted 2/15. Been able to order account transcripts for last two days. Still not able to order account transcripts. Anyone have any insight? WMR…still processing, til they locked me out a min ago

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                                                Congrats to all with due dates! I as finally able to order acct trans at abt 1130pm est last nith. Then approx an hr later allowed to order return trans. 8863er filed 1/28 accepted 2/14 no wmr change as of yet.

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                                                  Just adding in that I also got a DDD of 2/25 today as well.

                                                  Filed with TT on 2/14, accepted 2/14.
                                                  Ordered transcripts yesterday, 2/20
                                                  DDD os 2/25, with return processed today, 2/21.

                                                  Good news. Most of mine is going into savings, and paying for my trip home to graduate college ( online student). Awesome.

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                                                    Okay everyone, most of your posts are GOOD news! I efiled with TT on 1-26, it was held until 2-14 and accepted that day or 2-15. Ive had the generic 21 days thing up until yesterday when it added the topic 152. I called (800)829-0582 ext 362 waited 12 minutes(it said my wait would be over 15) and i was REALLY nice to the woman. She told me that my DDD is 2-25. Yay! I was able to order both my account and return transcripts yesterday morning prior to calling and now this morning WMR says:
                                                    Refund Status Results

                                                    Refund Approved.

                                                    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank on February 25, 2013.

                                                    If your refund is not credited to your account by March 2, 2013, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

                                                    I hope this is almost over for all of us. I will update with any changes.

                                                    Oh and when ordering transcripts, only letters and numbers in address, no puntuation

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                                                      I was accepted on 02/14, ordered transcript yesterday, got a DDD of 02/25 this morning from WMR

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                                                      @alleykatt72710 its not a bad sign persay… doesnt indicate anythings wrong in either case. it just measns they havent processed enouh of your return to allow u to request transcrpts and as far as the tool it either bogged dwn by high usage or youve visited too many times and been locked out until midnight your time.

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                                                        i filed 1/28, wasnt accepted till 2/14, was still processing this morning, unable to order transcripts then this afternoon it went to the “we do not have any info” screen. thats not a good sign is it?!

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                                                          Anyone receive an update I am seeing on the main page people with 8863 on our date saying they are getting DDd for 2/25 anyone here?

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                                                            8863’er Filed on 1/27 2012 Married filing Jointly. Didn’t accept until 2/14, still at the refund has been accepted and is being processed stage (one bar on WMR). Still waiting….:-/

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                                                            Called the IRS this morning. Said I was concerned b/c when trying to order transcripts says my info incorrect. The rep says I was rejected twice and finally accepted on the 18th. What the What!? so now its 21 days from 2/14… this is some bs

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                                                              I was accepted 2/14 and finally last night (I even tried in the morning and it didn’t work) was able to order transcripts. This morning status stays the same at one bar but has tax topic 152. At least it’s moving somewhat!

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                                                              @ Esperansza I filed with Taxact and didnt get any update that 8863 vwas being delayed from them until like 2/08. I had already trolled countless sites and found the answer myself on the IRS site, lol .

                                                              Also some people say their message say “ddd will be given when processing done” others say ” you should expect your refund with 21 days”

                                                              anybody have any info on the difference?

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                                                                I filed 1/25 and was accepted 1/31. Just about a week ago I received the message that it was processing and a DD will be given when it’s done. Not quite sure, but I never got an e-mail for 2/14 or anything like that.

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                                                                Hi- All. Im Keke in Ga. Filed 1/28 accpeted 2/14 with 1 dependent. wmr showed refund accepted on 2/14 with the “21 days” message and no progress since. Still cant order transcripts… says ” no info found for 2012″.

                                                                @mominar the site will lock you out if visited more than 3 times… not sure if that pertains to u.

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                                                                  Filed 1/29. Accepted 2/14. WMR status went from processing to “we have no information on your return” today.

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                                                                    I filed 2/14, accepted 2/14.

                                                                    WMR gives the generic 21 day line of garbage, but I was able to order transcripts today.

                                                                    I have no other credits or deductions.

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                                                                      I filed on 1/27 before the announcement…was out in que and then finally accepted on 2/14… Only 1 bar on wmr so far! Fingers crossed for an update soon!

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