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846 for 2/24 – No WMR update?

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    Anyone else had 846 for 2/24 yesterday on transcript and WMR did not update from 1 Bar?

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    Brittany williams

    No DDD anyone yet

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    Ok. I went and dug my calendar out. Lol. I write things down and keep them so I can remember and look back. Last year I updated on the Tuesday. Got it in direct deposit the very next day on Wednesday. Bank says pending deposit for Wednesday. Still at one bar. EIC, CTC AND PATH. FILED 2/1 accepted 2/13 one bar since then.

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    I NEVER get a WMR update until after it hits my bank account. My transcripts say I am due a refund on 2/22/21 (the 846 code) and I do have a pending deposit (I was finally able to log into sbtpg this afternoon and saw they had received it) then I checked my bank.
    Gotta give the Irs props this year its the fastest Ive gotten my refund since the path act started!! They should do this every year!

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    Per irs website wmr will not start updating until 2/22/2021

    That’s not what they said. They said update projected on that day for those who are PATH, not that they won’t start updating until then.

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    I’ve seen the pending deposit in my bank account since Friday. WMR still at 1 bar.

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    Path lifted on Feb 15. I still have one bar. I remember that I always get my refund on wednesdays.
    Hoping for this wednesday! Is it hard to get transcripts? I never did that before. Is it instant online?

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    Filed 2/14 Accepted 2/19 One bar on WMR checked transcripts this morning have a direct deposit date 2/24….
    We shall see….

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    Per irs website wmr will not start updating until 2/22/2021

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    Yes same I got a 846 for 2/24. I dont expect WMR to update before I see the funds. Both path credits to so they are moving.

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    Yep. I received my refund deposit Thursday. My transcripts updated with a 846 on early morning Thursday 2/18….then deposit hit that afternoon. My WMR right now shows one bar. I had DDD 2/23.

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    @Kymama Same here. I got bored and looked at my account since the whole Pather thing and I have gotten mine on the last Wednesday just like yours

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    Tasha L

    Yes same date for DD. Filed January 31. EIC AND CTC. WMR 1 bar. Still as of today.

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    Yes. Me too. I always updated Saturday for the following Wednesday for 18 years. However last 2 years I didn’t update till Monday with DDD for Wednesday. So we should update by then. Accepted 2-12. Pather, EIC AND CTC

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    Same, In the past my transcripts always updated friday with a WMR update saturday morning. Not this year i feel lost lol

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    Yes, same situation here

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