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      IMF Daily Processing

      IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.

      Pulled this information directly from IRS website after some digging. Everything I am posting can be verified on the IRS web portal.
      cycle posted on transcripts 20150405 2015 year 04 cycle week 05 cycle day. This means anyone with this exact code should expect Thursday DD. I know alot of folks were hoping for an earlier DD but this is the information no one wanted to look for and it was readily available on the IRS web portal. Just wait a couple of more days and you will have your deserved refunds. There are way to Many bogus theories flying around here.

      IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

      01 = Friday

      02 = Monday

      03 = Tuesday

      04 = Wednesday

      05 = Thursday

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          So if I have code 20150502 when should I see a DD? I’m using Netspend again…thanks for any help!

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            I have cycle code 20150402 what does that indicate ? Please help thanks

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              I filed with TT and got accepted Jan 12th by the IRS. Today on WMR it says I’m approved and my DDD is Feb 4th.

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                The formula is accurate. It was for me this year, last year, and the year before. |

                Yes, I was fortunate enough to receive my refund today.

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                  @So confused – You find it on your account transcript, which you can review athttp://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript
                  Under “account transcript”…

                  That is assuming they’ve updated it with your current records of this filing year.

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                    Just wanted to say thank you for replying so quickly. I’m in no big rush for v refund but did want to understand how the system worked. Thanks again.

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                    So confused

                      How do you find out what the cycle number is?

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                        @shenderz – Yep. DDD of 2/4, but should get it Monday or Tuesday (2/2 or 2/3). The 2/16 thing is basically meaningless to us. It has no bearing on your deposit date.

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                          My transcript shows a cycle date if 20150405. If I read correctly I should get updated tonight and get a DDD of 2/4/2015, correct.?
                          I have a 846 refund issued on transcript but it gives a date of 2/16/2015. Does this make a difference on the DDD?

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                            for the 9405 cycle date especially for netspend people

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                              @DSCNTRYBY scroll down to my link and skim thru that irs manual you will find everything i posted . i am not NCdad but i am going to say in my opinion we could start seeing refunds as early as tuesday next week

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                                @DSCNTRYBY – I’ll gladly screenshot my ddd of 2/4 once wmr updates tonight. NO refunds yet have had a week+ long wait for a deposit dates. That’s just absurd. And if you’d take the time to do a little reading, you’d see, posted multiple times, that the plus 4 days congress directly from the IRS manual. It has been copied and pasted on here, directly from the manual, multiple times.

                                Trust me folks, us 0405ers will have a ddd of 2/4 tonight. And most will probably get it on 2/2 – 2/3 as some/most banks post AT LEAST a day early.

                                Why is this so hard for you guys to believe? Just do a little damn reading around the site, and stop being so pessimistic. Jeez

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                                  Because a lot of people don’t know.

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                                    @Elle – yes, but, when we are discussing cycle dates regarding ddds, I figured that it was obvious that we were referencing filers who have a cycle date + 846. I assumed everyone knew that. Or at least knew that you had to have 846 for it to mean anything….

                                    Like, why would we be telling filers who don’t even have an impending issued refund…when they will be getting a refund? That doesn’t even make sense… =/

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                                      I wonder if any one with a 20150405 will be able to show a screen shot with a wmr update with a refund date different from the ncdad. I am going to assume the worst in the IRS and expect a dd of friday. if it comes earlier, that will be fine with me. But i dont think the 2/2 deposit for any 05’s is true just a bunch of wishfull thinking. Where is everyone getting the +4 days from. I definetly dont see it anywhere except on this site.

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                                          Cycle dates don’t guarantee a found on a particular date. It just shows the batch in which you were processed. You need a TC846 on your account script and a date next to it. Ive had a cycle date since last week and still no refund. According to your research I should have already had a DDD. I’m now waiting for the irs to finish whatever they need to finish, stamp my script with the magic 846 code and issue me a DDD. Cycles are just processing codes. They don’t guarantee a refund on a particular date, just that your return is now being worked.

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                                            @NCdad – Your assumption of the DDD is incorrect. -0405 was processed on the last day of the -04xxx cycle, yesterday, Thursday. Making the DDDs for Wednesday, the 4th, due to the +4 days. The +4 days ends up on the 4th because – today (Friday) is one day, skip the weekend, Monday is the 2nd day, Tuesday the 3rd, and that Wednesday the 4th day. Our DDDs are the 4th day, which ends up being Wednesday.

                                            You didn’t honestly expect our direct deposit to come an entire week after processing, did you? No one on this site yet who has received a deposit already, or at minimum their date, has reported a week’s long wait. Sorry bud, but you misinterpreted how the cycle DAYS work.

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                                              The third cycle in calendar year 2015 is Posting Cycle 201503. See Exhibit 3.30.123-2, ECC-MTB Posting Cycles. The ECC-MTB Posting Cycles calendar has been revised to reflect the true posting week beginning on Friday and ending on Thursday.

                                              The cycle number used as the GMF Campus Production Cycle for one week will be the same cycle number used as the ECC-MTB Posting Cycles when posting occurs. The cycle number, then, describes the same information being processed.


                                              The GMF Campus Production Cycle 201504 runs from Thursday, January 22, 2015, through Wednesday, January 28, 2015. The ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504 runs from Friday, January 23, 2015, through Thursday, January 29, 2015. BMF, EPMF and IMF weekly transactions and weekly accounts will be processed on the last day (Thursday) of the Posting Cycle

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                                                It’s my understanding that the cycle date is the processing date and you add an additional four business days to that date to determine when your direct deposit will run.

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                                                  My system says 0401 was 1/23 02 was 1/26 03 was 1/27 04 was 1/28 and 05 was 01/29 . My understanding is this date is the refund issued date. add 4 days and you will get your Direct deposit date. I will say it could be sooner for example some people with a 20150404 cycle date got a 2/2 deposit date and others got a 2/3 date like me.

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                                                    posted this on a thread yesterday . guess i should have put it in its own thread

                                                    The components of CADE 2, Transition State 1, was deployed in January, 2012. Changes included daily processing for certain individual taxpayers, Center production cycle, posting cycles, accelerated refunds and notices, and accelerated IDRS posting. Daily Processing, IMF (Individual Master File) processing with the cycle definition outlined below, but processing daily (daily transactions to daily accounts) with weekly processing occurring on Thursday.

                                                    Center Cycle Wednesday

                                                    Master File Processing- Thursday

                                                    Notice Review – Saturday -Monday (8+ days)

                                                    Unpostables – Available Tuesday; Closing Tuesday

                                                    Direct deposit refunds are issued in 4 business days from posting

                                                    Paper check refunds are issued in 6 business days from posting

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