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    Anybody whose 60 days are up and was told they would send over a referral to release my refund but that could take another 60 days😔😩 I filed 2/2 was accepted 2/2 this is ridiculous

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    so i had to wait 60 days and i was completely prepared to hear that ihad to wait another 60 but they said that next monday wmr should unpdate and ill have a date because right now it says pending for my deposit. i have no idea what any of this means but also i don’t trust any answers im given even when i call. ill keep you guys updated. btw on the facebook page i got my refund, you can find a lot of answers there and people who are told a second time to wait 60 more days, never usually wait the entire 60 days. its usually a few weeks from there. hope you guys all get yours soon.



    Same here on my second 60 day wait



    This happened to me. Still waiting.



    I hope not. Im praying it dont take the full 60 days. 😖 Crazy how they can hold our money but we’d be in jail for not paying taxes.



    I honestly think my return is sitting in some dark corner in a forgotten IRS office with 3 inches of dust on it. No reason why there holding my refund and zilch I can do about it but “wait”. I wish the press would get ahold of this crap as I bet the farm things would be moving more fast. Stupid thing is the last agent even agreeded with me that this is too looooooooong but nothing she could do. July 12th. I’m done with my second 60 days. I’m wondering now if there can be a third 60 days hold?!?



    My 45 days from my CP05 notice dated 3/26 ended 5/10, although I called and they said they had til 5/19. I waited patiently and finally called 2nd time today for them to tell me that they sent a request to the dept to release my refund and/or send me something stating what is going on, but it would take up to 60 additional days before I would know/get my refund.
    They never said anything was wrong nor did they ask for verification of id. Didn’t get a TA, but I’m definitely thinking about it. Just frustrated and not getting any real reason or explanation.



    Same here, another 60 days. Beyond insanity and no one held accountable



    My 9 weeks from ID verification is up this week and I am sure I will be told the same. It’s been over three months total of waiting…awful



    Told me the SAME!!! SMH!!


    Still under review

    Yes I was told the exact same thing today even though my 60 days was up on 5/04 and they never said I had to wait again but I called today and they said wait additional 60 days from 5/07. Why?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.