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      Cycle 20220705 last week I updated to 571 issue resolved but I haven’t received a deposit date yet and no updates today has this happend to anyone else

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        Still haven’t gotten an 846…. Has anyone ? It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten the 571 resolved code.



          What does your as of date at the top say?


            It’s been about a month still 571 no 846


              Wdaleg how long did you have code 571 before your 846 showed up? It’s been a week for me


                I had the same code and this morning I have846 deposit 05/04/22


                  I got the 571 three days ago and still no 846. My as of date at the top says May 23rd when it was May 16th yesterday. Don’t know if that means anything. It feels like I’ll never get my refund. I filed 3/19. So sick of waiting.


                    I have the same code now 571 have you updated


                      On my transcripts next to the 571 code it says issue resolved


                        how do you know if the issue is resolved?

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