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      How long did it take you to go from the last code to a DDD being posted? I got a 570 this morning just trying to figure out how long it has been taking people.

      Thank you

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          570 last friday, and 571/846 today

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          Ms tax

            So my transcripts is

            766- -00.00 04/15
            766- -00.00
            766- -00.00
            768. – -00.00
            These numbers are my total refund?
            I also have 971/570

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              Yes they reduced it by 3000 which is no biggy. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t have to call them

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              Ms tax

                So I see three lines 766 -00.00 and 768 -00.00 that will be my refund right

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                  Mines took a week I got 971 & 570 last week and it updated today with a DDD of 3/2/2022. It updated on it’s own I haven’t been able to get through to the IRS to speak to anyone at all. Did you get any adjustments like a credit or deduction from your refund?

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                    1 week last week 570/971 this week 571/846 refund date 3/3 stay strong @Ms Tax idk the refund amount is the credits to your account 766 dated 4/15 minus the advance child tax credits if you got them

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                    Ms tax

                      I heard a week I’m 570/971 question the amount at the top account balance is that the expected refund amount and the number at the bottom -00.00 what will be paid to me totaling the top number?

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