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      I had to ID Verify in early March but my transcripts have all been N/A until this morning. Now there is a 570 with a date of 4/25/2022 and a negative balance on my account. Does anyone know what this means? Shouldn’t I receive a notice? Any chance this could be from the ID Verify I have already done?

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          We have had a 570 code since the very beginning. Our transcripts updated the Friday after we filed (04-13), have not gotten a 971 or 571 code but got a DD date of 5/18. We don’t ever get our refund this fast, it usually takes an average of 10 months.

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            @momjess did you have to ID Verify?

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              I got my 570 last Friday and finally got my 846 today for 4/13. Filed on Feb 9

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                Same boat but I’m just glad to not still have n/a. Hoping 570 and 971 are from id verify

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                Momma about her money

                  The negative balance shows the amount of the refund. I believe the 570 is a freeze code. I’m not sure the reason for yours. Mine is due to my employer failing to report my wages.

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                    I too have the same code as of this morning and no idea what this means

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