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570/971 PEOPLE!!! UPDATE HERE!!!!!

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    Starting a section for us folks that have the 570 and 971 codes on our transcripts and have been placed under review.
    Let everyone know your situation and let’s see if we can’t figure this out and support eachother while we wait.

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    Mines the same way i called and was told that we where chosen for review just to check to see if everything is good. We filed on Jan28th. This is so frustrating.

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    I called the irs they said I was under review to prove my income because they have nothing from my employer showing I worked there so what the crap I also filed turbo tax

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    I am in the Same 20200705 cycle as a lot of you as well. I have the 570 code and the other code about the letter. :(.

    It seems like it’s the batch that’s all screwed up. How can so many of us be in this cycle code being reviewed.

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    I’m in the same boat. Hoping for an update. Said our letter is a CP05…. Only can give me a generic letter and not what mine says. So annoyed and don’t have the patience for this at all.

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    Having the same problem and can’t get a straight answer from anyone.. first was told missing second employers tax info.. than was told that’s not the case I’m just under random review.. than was told I should just wait the 60 days… letter will be sent out 3/09/2020 but they couldn’t read me the letter… so are they just going of the same damn thing I see on there web site lol.. well hope I get a big update Thursday.. don’t have patients to wait 60 days lol

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    I misspelled my sons name on my 2018 taxes and corrected it on my 2019 taxes. I have a 570 code. Could this be the reason why I have the code?

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    I misspelled my sons name on my 2018 tax return and corrected it for my 2019. I have a 570 code on my transcripts. Could this be a possible reason why I have a 570? Should I call?

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    Kind of confused. I filed an Injured spouse form so I understand why I have the delay. But filed on Feb 2nd. Checked about 2 weeks ago and had the 570 code with a date of 2/24/20. Nothing since. No 971. No letter. No update. Hoping they just process it but am not sure whats gonna happen.

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    I called this afternoon and the 971 it’s a CP05. Looked it up and it’s one that we don’t have to do anything for. Could take up until May 15th….. Contacting a tax advocate.

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    971 means you will receive a notice

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    The 570 is on ours for CTC and EITC. Trying to figure out what the 971 is for.

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    StiII no change 20200705 Processing date 03/02/2020
    Code 570 03/02/20
    Code 971 03/02/20

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    Still no update for me either. I haven’t called IRS back. Just going to let it run it’s course.

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    I spoke to someone this morning at the IRS and he says they will not put a freeze on a refund for opening a online acct with them. The person I spoke to was very nasty

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    I have the 570 and 971 notice issued 3/9/20, but I have not received any notices yet from IRS. I am hoping that the freeze is due to income matching, and the 971 is for logging in to the IRS portal. However, very frustrated that it did no update this morning. And, I guess I am weekly also since my cycle code is 20200705. Hopefully we all get some good news this week!

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    Anyone heard anything new? Wondering if the 971 code was for starting an online account. Unfortunately, we have a weekly cycle code

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    @bersnow1 thank you

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    @quita1987 if your cycle number ends in 05 you are reviewed weekly on Thursday. So after Thursday you may know more. 570 is a code to freeze things on your account. If you had to amend they might be waiting on income verification meaning you filed before your employer sent your income (they don’t have to legally until 1/31)
    my cycle # is 05 too so we have to wait until Thursday for an update.

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    Update finally got my 846.

    570 code was due to a credit we did not qualify for without documenation

    971 code they sent us a letter to let us know what steps to take to get the credit.

    Call the tax advocate hotline they will tell you EXACTLY what the 570 code is for.

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    My transcript cycle code 20200605. I also have a 570 with processing date of 2/24/2020. I received a 60 day review letter dates 2/13/2020. I also had to amendment on 1/20/2020 before IRS start accepting tax return. As of today still no updat no nothing. Has anyone ever had this happen and how long should this process take.

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    A 570 is not necessarily a “review” as people are saying. It’s a freeze for something they are waiting on. Mine is a hold til my w2 matches with employer info (I believe I filed before employer info was entered) got resequenced. It’ll be a review if things don’t match up by April 15

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    Yes, please keep us apprised of any changes
    I have to have my transcripts mailed to me (phone)
    The last transcript I received is from 2/22, didn’t order again after that
    I have 20200705 processing date 3/02
    I filed 1/28
    All amounts are correct
    570 code
    Hopefully the 571 by now and DDD of 03/11 if I’m weekly…if I’m a daily then maybe sooner

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    I received a notice on yesterday about me opening a online acct and the code 570 3/2 and code 971 3/9 that I have are still on my transcripts and I didn’t have any updates on wmr. I’ll update tomorrow if anything changes

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    Mine also say 570- 3/9
    No update last night. Called IRS yesterday and said there will be a notice sent out. Have gotten so many different answers also!

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    Wondering if any people that had a 570 for 3/2 and 971 for 3/9 received a 846 for 3/4.
    My 570 is 3/9 and 971 3/16 hoping for a 846 for 3/11.
    Called IRS and had multiple different answers so….

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    I received a letter after opening an account about two weeks ago, then I checked my transcript and had a 971 code with “notice issued “but I do not know if the two are related, all I know is I only had the 570 “additional account action “ when I first viewed them. The 971 wasn’t there. The date next to it is 3/9/20.

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    Val I got a letter for opening an online account also but I never had the 971 code in my transcript. I had the 570 then went to being issued a week later.

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    I just checked my mail and I received a notice from the IRS about opening an online acct. The letter is dated 2/28. I’m not sure if this is in regards to the code 971 that’s on my transcripts and has been for over a week. I’m hoping this will clear things up but I havent gotten any updates on wmr or my transcripts

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    Did it say notice issues beside 971 yesterday when you checked? I called IRS until someone could give me accrual intelligent info! I had a rep read me my actual letter after a previous employee told me I didn’t have one.

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    Had a 971 code yesterday. Talked to IRS told me. Lady tells No worries didn’t see any letter issued or would be issued. Mass update would probably fix itself. Nothing wrong with return. This morning I wake up to 971 letter issued with a date of 3/15/2020. How can that be it’s 2/29/2020. 🤪
    IRS seems incompetent to me!!!!!

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    Wmr updated overnight to reflect dd approval after transcripts updated yesterday. Good luck all!

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    TC 570 AND 971 NO NEW UPDATES. FILLED/accepted 1/27

    Got my TC150 on 2/15.
    TC 570 date of 3/2 we shall see if it fixes itself 3/2. No letter in the mail…yet 😐

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    Same here no new updates on anything

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    No new update. Still no bars on WMR and transcripts are still the same.

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    I have the code 570 and now a code of 971 notice issue? Can someone help me?

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    @rdy2bdbtfr – I also had a 971, I called IRS and they read me the letter that is being sent out to me. Your very well could be from you creating an account.

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    We have a 570 code but today was updated with 971 code… today I also got a notice from IRS about the account I created… could this be the “notice” they were sending?? 🤔
    Annoyed at the wait. >.>

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    @Becky, I have the same accepted date and update as you. My taxes were filed on turbo tax and were the same as previous years Except that we filed for an educational credit for tuition for our Son. Its only a mere $350 credit. If we have to through this for a small credit, then we wont file it next year. RIDICULOUS!

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    I kept calling until I got a straight answer! Was told it is either because of income, tax credit, business credit, or income with holdings. That’s it. Said I should receive notice by 3/16, call back 60 days after that.

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    @hanna I’m actually on the phone with IRS now, they did give me a more clear answer to my situation. Unfortunately it could be a long process for me… waiting game.

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    @annoyed So frustrating!!!!!!!

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    Yes it is. I’m living pay check to pay check and I need my money

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    It’s becoming super frustrating! Just tell me what’s wrong and how I can fix it! I’m a normal poor class American. I don’t know why they have to use me!

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    I believe the same thing. I have gotten many different answers

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    I’ve spoke to multiple people at the IRS. I’ve been told so many different things! I don’t think they know what the reason is to be honest. Been told a ton of different things!

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    @beth mine is the exact same as yours. I called the irs today and spoke with a woman who said the letter is being mailed on 3/16 and that the 60 day review starts from then but I talked to someone previously who said it starts from the date of 3/9… I’m super confused! The woman today also told me it’s just a basic letter stating I’m under review but they don’t need me to provide anything as of right now so idk!!!

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    @Jelisza the codes are on your transcripts

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    I am under review to and i am not sure for what! When I log into WMR I dont see a code where do I see a code at?

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    I got a 570 and 971 last week and last night got another 971 code smh

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    971 code with 03/02/2020

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    So I just got off the phone with IRS. I had a 971 code on my transcripts this morning. Lady said not to worry? I had no info about a letter sent out. She said that some codes my drop after tonight’s mass update.

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    Are transcripts only updated once a day? Are they updated on weekends? I also have a 570 and a 971 Code.

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    Been checking my transcripts have had the same info below for 1 week now

    Processing date 03/02/2020
    Code 570 03/02/20
    Code 971 03/09/20

    Unfortunately, no update today, hopefully will see some good new next week.

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    Does anyone know what 971 means?

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    I was worried because I didn’t get the 971 code for a letter being issued like others did. So I was left with no information. But my transcript updated last night and I had no 971 code. I guess the 971 code was for if they found something and issued a letter? I wish you all the best

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    I had 570 on my transcript with date 3/09/20 as of this morning I have a 971 with date 3/16/20. I called and spoke with a lady and she told me that on there end there is no record of a letter sent out or going to be sent out and she did not know why there was a 971 on there. Told me to wait till the date posted on transcript to call back and to just keep checking WMR.

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    570/971 code…I am a pather btw..called a number and spoke to a very nice lady who tells me my employer hasn’t submitted my income yet….will get a letter…could take 45-60 days…honestly seems like a generic answer…idk…we shall see.

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    Same problem. 971 code today on transcripts when I looked. IRS has no answers. Wish I knew what was going on. Filed through TurboTax.

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    Ayla!!! I read your post and was all nervous because I had the 570 hold code but not 971 code for a letter being issued. But after I read your comment I looked at my transcript and I got the 846 code for issued too! Good luck everyone I thought the 570 code would be an issue because I never got it previously any year. But it has been fixed it’s own. I am guessing and hoping a lot of us will
    Get updated on wmr tomorrow on the big overnight update. Good luck all.

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    Transcript updated
    Filed and accepted 1/31/20
    Eic and child credit
    Process date 3/9/20
    Code 570 date 3/9/20
    Then this morning code 971 was added with date 3/16/20

    I’m so worried about this I have called the IRS and No one is really saying anything! TurboTax who I filed through says my return was pretty much the same past few years which is a good thing! Someone please help. I’m sick over this!!!

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    Update guys !!!
    I had codes dated as:
    150 3/9/20
    806 4/15/20
    570 3/9/20
    * I was worried sick I wasnt going to get it because of all the negative things about 570 people shared .
    This morning my codes updated to
    I have codes since 4:30am central time 02-28-2020

    150 3/9/20
    806 4/15/20
    570 3/9/20 additional action pending
    971 resolved additional account action
    846 refund issued 03-04-2020
    Yayyyyy it fixed itself stay postive guys hopefully yours will too!!!

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    My transcripts updated with a 971 dated 03-16-20 but still shows a processing date is 03-09-2020 my return was accepted on 01-28-2020. I’m so anxious and aggravated, Anyone update with something other than 971?.

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    Filed and accepted 3/2.
    WMR updated to still being processed last week.
    Called IRS Monday and was told I was selected for a random 45 day review that started 2/20 and that I would receive a letter if they needed more info. Have not received a letter. Signed up to access online transcripts earlier this evening and had 570 3/9/20. Transcripts updated about 15 minutes ago with 971 3/16/20. Idk what’s going on, but I’m hoping they’re just behind and o receive dd or ddd soon.

    #4385068 Reply
    Alexis baber

    Anyone update? Not me yet 😭

    #4384048 Reply

    Oh and by the way that date by 570 means nothing to the irs they may have posted that 570 2weeks before that date call the irs ask for a 911 but 1st get to the root of the problem than don’t stop until you are satisfied. Call congress call ta call irs bug the hell out of them . I will update with more.

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    570 code is related to different situations. Wages child credits and so much more. I got code 570 due to social security administration has 1 w2 on file. I faxed all my w2 to social security and called congress faxed them my paper work you can be your own tax advocate be persistent polite and research

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    I have 570 code with the date 03/04 have no idea what’s going on. Anybody call

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    You know they told me the same thing last year and had my refund 03/13/2019 ???? So idk to worry

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    They say I’m waiting on a letter in the mail I’m also under 60 day review code 570 03/02/2020 code 971 03/09/2020

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    I got hit with a 570 and 971 code. finally able to talk to someone and it was a freeze due to not filing 2014 taxes (oops). so i pulled transcripts from online, and completed them, of course they have to be mailed as they no longer except efile then, but i expect that when my new processing date hits of 03/09/20 that they will at-least be able to see the return. then we shall see. I estimate no earlier then 03/27 refund on 2019 taxes

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    Filed and accepted 1/23
    570 code issues on 2/14 3/2 date
    971 code issued 02/21 3/9 date
    No letter sent as per IRS rep today.
    WMR has been is still processing since PATH fell off… No bars no tt152

    I have a small offset but no 826 code yet. Im weekly 0705.

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    I am having the same issue with the 570 code. ive never had this before and our income is the same as last year

    #4381907 Reply

    Filed 1/26 accepted 1/27. I have a 570 for 3/02 and a 971 for 3/09. What exactly does that mean?

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    #4381459 Reply

    Just was told this morning 570 is a review and I have to wait 60 days and that the IRS sent out a letter stating that there is nothing I can do but wait which the letter I have not received yet. The processing date beside the 570 code is when they start reviewing I guess

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