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570/971 PEOPLE!!! UPDATE HERE!!!!!

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    Starting a section for us folks that have the 570 and 971 codes on our transcripts and have been placed under review.
    Let everyone know your situation and let’s see if we can’t figure this out and support eachother while we wait.

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    Did those that filed for the recovery rebate, was it included in the refund deposit or deposited separately? Looking on my transcript, it shows a refund amount less the 1800???

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    As of date oof 4/15 codes 971 and 570. Had to file recovery rebate after second stimulus was returned to irs. Anyone else going through this? Our tax prep guys only response was “I dont know why..” least to say we won’t be using him again. cycle of 20211205. WMR still states processing no bars no tax topic.

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    Nee Nee

    I finally got a DDD of 3-17-21

    I had codes 570 and 971 with processing date of 3/22/21. Checked my transcript on 3/12/21 had codes updated 571 and 846. Checked WMR this morning.. My bars are back and it shows my ddd..

    When I filed my taxes I had not received my 2nd stimulus low and behold the very same day I receive my stimulus is pending in my account later that night.. Needless to say the IRS adjusted my return.. I hope this helps.. Hang in there

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    I just received the 570 and 971 codes with dates 3/29 next to it. My refund dropped by 1800.00 and it shows my figures and their computer figures are different. I used turbo tax so how can this be? What does this mean? and of coarse on WMF it shows my refund is still processing.

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    Did u get your refund??

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    Check your return on line 30. That is your stimulus. Make sure if you received both stimulus checks that line 30 is 0. Tax services are putting in the recovery rebate credit even if you said that you got it already. Saying you are trying to take stimulus twice. Happening to lots of people causing 10 week delays.

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    Anyone had any updates with codes 570 and 971

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    Karah Gilyard

    I have a 570 and 971 with a date of 3-22-21 on my transcript. I did have my baby in 2020 December so I claimed the credit on my taxes. I’m sure that’s the hold up. No letter received as of yet.

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    570/971 Date 3-15 I got custody of my kids back in May 2020 so I had to claim the stimulus on my taxes. Is that what is taking so long?

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    Alyssa are u under review? Filed 2/12, accepted same day. Bars went missing 3/1. Said processing. Yesterday said I was under review. I filed everything in correctly. Only had 1 employer. 2 dependants. Only thing is, never got stimulus $ for children. I’m hoping they have to look and make sure. So annoying

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    I am in the same exact situation. I have a 971/570 with an “as of” date 3/22/2021. I also claimed the Recovery Rebate on my taxes and got it after I already filed

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    Got a 570/971 code with 3/22/21 date. After 2nd stimulus was 1st sent to an old bank account then sent back to the IRS I was told that I was to claim it on my return, of course I did. Low and behold I was sent a check in the mail after it was being processed. I don’t care that it’s being corrected I’m just concerned on how long it will take to do it.

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    Raye R

    I have a code 971 and code 570; filed head of household 2 dependents and a business. Does anyone know what the codes mean?

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    I got a 917. Then a 570 code today, with a date of 3/22 and a 0 next to the., prior to those it shows credit amounts with a date of 4/15/2021 and such, I attempted to ID verify online but it shows that that I am not allowed to verify so now sure whT the action could be

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    Got both 971 then 570 3 15 next to both

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    I’m in the same situation. Accepted on 2/13/21. Transcripts updated to 570 code on 2/26/21 without 971 code. WMR has one bar. Any others in this situation that has received DDD or have information?

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    I got a 570 for 3/8/21. I filed injured spouse with my return electronically on day 1. I also have a 150 set for the same date. I’m wondering if that’s the day the liability gets reviewed or applied. The first year I did injured spouse it took like 11 weeks and I received the full amount. Seems like it was faster in subsequent years. I always received the full amount. This is the first year I’m using my transcript instead of where’s my refund.

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    I have a code 570 date 3/8/2021 and a code 806 for 4/15/21. Hoping for an update but knowing nothing i do will change it so waiting game. Will update with any changes.

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    My transcript shows the 570 code but not a 971..i filed early and was accepted on Feb 11th. So Im left wondering if im stuck in 570 because of being pulled in test batch?? Anyone able to help with this??

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    @waitingitout just got off the phone with IRS,

    rep seemed genuinely concerned and confident that WMR is glitching worse than usual and not only will we have an update by friday we will have a date or a DD by friday.

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    2021 update:

    accepted 2/12
    bars disappeared on WMR within days

    transcripts became available (I thought this was a good sign usually?)
    no DDD on WMR, nothing in SBBT either

    transcripts state 971 and 570 with date of 3/15/21. I sure how I dont have to wait for a letter to be sent out on or after 3/15. seems an awful waste of time.

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    I have the same issue. 570 & 971 with a date of 3/8 and $0 next to it & a processing date of 3/8. This is my first year ever using transcripts to see what’s going on. No letter yet.. But I made a really dumb $100 mistake in Their favor, so I’m going to try and call to see if there’s anything I can do.but I’m thinking we might be waiting awhile. At LEAST another week to get any kind of update. 😒

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    I received a code 971 followed by a code 570 is that a sign of hope ?

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    I got my 2nd stimulus in the mail weeks after I filed my return. I just updated to codes 570 and 971 for 3/15/21

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    Annette McCauley

    I mailed my 2019 forms on April 20, 2020. I just received several letters today requesting more information regarding my foster kids. For schedule EIC on line 14! The children are my grandchildren and foster children! So both titles qualify me for EIC so what is it that they want? DNA?

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    I filed 2018 (paper) and 2019 (Efile) together in the beginning of April. 2019 was accepted, but no refund. I waited forever and finally got a letter in the mail end of July (dated 05-18) stating that I needed to file my 2018 return. So I filled out the form and faxed and mailed another copy to them. Still nothing almost 2 months later.

    570 Additional account action pending 05-18-2020
    971 Notice issued 05-18-2020

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    Same boat as you Monica I sent my 2014 in March but I haven’t anything since. Did they update they received your 2014 on your transcript?

    Same boat as you Monica I sent my 2014 in March but I haven’t anything since. Did they update they received your 2014 on your transcript?

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    I have to question whether they are processing anything at all. I filed in February, went to still processing. My transcripts have both 570 and 971 code. Found out they wanted me to file 2014 taxes, sent those in in March. Since then they have only updated that they received my 2014 taxes and haven’t processed them or anything. No movement since…. I know i have to work everyday. smh,

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    Cycle date 20200605
    Refund due date 04/15/2020
    570 2/24/2020
    971 Letter sent 03/02/2020 (received letter)

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    I filed my taxes on March 11th electronically, was accepted the same day, according to my transcript my taxes weren’t filed till April 15.
    On April 20th code 570 shows. It’s now August. No letter nothing.

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    still NOTHING! I was accepted 2/14, no letter…nothing.

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    Anyone have any updates on their refund?? I have filed since 2/14 and still nothing.

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    Yes I have a 570 and can’t even log in to check stimulus or transfer data to FAFSA for college!

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    Brittany Todd

    I submitted my taxes on 2/16 didn’t get tax code 570 until 3/16 and still have no updates.

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    Anyone else have any new updates??
    I’ve got nothing but the below info on my transcripts

    Cycle date 20200605
    Refund due date 04/15/2020
    570 2/24/2020
    971 Letter sent 03/02/2020 (received letter)

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    What does all this mean and why I haven’t received my refund?

    150 Tax return filed 20200805 03-09-2020 $0.00

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2020
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2020

    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2020

    570 Additional account action pending 03-09-2020 $0.00
    571 Resolved additional account action

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    Update: Now shows Code 571, the date next to is still shows March 9, 2020. Does anyone know how long before they issue the payment?

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    Shannon lee
    #4431997 Reply

    I filed January 29 and got accepted the same day! Then on March 9 I got a notice so I have code 570 and 971 not I check I have a update with code 290

    Anyone knows what 290 means???

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    Filed and accepted on 2/28/2020
    code 570 with 4/27/2020
    code 971 with 5/4/2020

    Still no notice received and no DDD date and no update.
    Reached out to a tax advocate and never received a return call.


    Has anyone received a code 971 and not received a notice?

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    I contacted my congressman and they pushed my records to a tax advocate, was told that the IRS is closed and that they are not processing paperwork. So if you were notified by mail to send in any corrections they are sitting unopen until the IRS goes back to the offices and starts opening mail.

    My congressman said once they start processing Mail again then to email him back and they will send it back to the tax advocate for urgent processing. This was yesterday 5/13/20

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    I filed 02/21/20 but Code 150 – states file 04/20/20. I verified (can’t remember date, had t be early April)
    I also have code 570: Date 4/20/20 with $0.00

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    Finally got ahold of the tax advocate line for Chicago! The machine wasn’t working the past few weeks. Hopefully they actually call back within 3 days!!!! Anyone have any advice on speaking with an advocate?

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    I submitted my tax return on 2/16/2020. Last month on my transcript it said code 971. Does anyone know what this means?

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    Got my DDD today yay

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    Filed and accepted 2/15/2020
    Processed On 3/9/2020
    Had a code 570 on 3/9/2020

    Now it’s says 768, 766 and 806 as of 4/15/2020

    I still have no refund or DDD.

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    See this info I found today. Doesn’t sound like anyone doing a paper return will get their refund any time soon. I filed 1/27/20, received a letter on 3/30/20 saying a small change to my return and I would receive refund in 4-6 weeks. Still nothing but 6 weeks not up. Not actually expecting DD until after they resume working based on this article:

    #4429729 Reply

    Has anyone filed an amended return and about how long did it take to process??? I mailed it certified mail like 4 weeks ago and still haven’t recieved anything or when I log into check it doesnt say the recieved it. I have a tax advocate but she never returns my calls.
    I had to fill out an amendment cause one of my kids social security numbers were entered wrong. So I already submitted the proof they asked me for so it should be solved fairly quickly right.

    Help ugh it’s so irritating

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    I got my 571 and 846 today! DDD of 5/4.
    (Filed 2/14, got 570 on 3/23 and 971 CP05 letter sent 3/30 so wasn’t expecting to get it until at least end of May, if not in the fall.)

    #4428220 Reply

    @ Kendra85

    Yeah I read that as long as they don’t run in to any issues with your refund most 60 day notice people will get there refund the week after the 60 days is up… I still got two weeks tell I will see mine

    #4427407 Reply

    I have my direct deposit date of 5/1 guys! I will let everyone know if it actually happens!

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    Filed 1-30-2020
    Irs said received 2-10-2020
    Got verify letter 3-1-2020 called same day
    Now been tc570 since then. No other letters or anything

    #4427229 Reply

    Code 570

    Filed and accepted 2/1/20

    3/9/20 has been the date next to it the entire time.

    Letter stated cannot contact within 45 days of 3/9 and now no phone assistance available.

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    I have a code of 570 and have had it for two weeks. The date of April 27, 2020 has been next to it the while time. I do not have any other codes. What does this mean? Does anyone have any idea?

    #4424828 Reply

    Code 570 4/27
    Code 971 5/4

    Filed and accepted on 2/28


    Need the money now more than ever!!!

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    Ridiculous this going on with IRS. Filed taxes 2/3/2020. I got 570 and 971. Nothing has updated holding for 2016 return. Sent return via certified mail they received 3/4/2020. No updates have a 766 and 971 as of 4/15. Need advocate and can’t even get one. Some one please help!

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    The “interest as of” date on my transcript changed to May 11 2020.
    still says due date/recieved date 3-30

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    I read an article that said they are putting processing taxes on the back burner until the stimulus checks get figured out. I’m waiting on mine still. My 60 days was up this last week. The only thing that changed on mine was the as of date. I honestly don’t expect to get it for a couple more months.

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    Qui Qui

    I have a 570 with a date of 4/20/20 what does this mean ?

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    Has anyone not been able to contact the tax advocate number? I’ve called both for Illinois and it hangs up before you can leave a message. If I press 0 for help it also hangs up. I filed 1/17 accepted 1/28. ID verified 2/18 and TUESDAY was 9 weeks.
    I have both codes with 3-30-2020date and no notice after the ID verify and no refund…

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    Do you own a business? 720 is a business code

    #4416469 Reply

    i got a code it said 720 Refund repaid to Account 09-02-2019 -$9,000.50

    I cal the irs last year about this the lady told me in May of this year i will get it….. My question is so how will i know when then sent it to me…… I dont see it on my Transcript.

    The only new update i see is

    Account Balance -$9,000.50
    Accrued Interest: 0.00 As of: Apr 27, 2020

    So is 04/27/2020 my DDD ???? please reply someone

    #4415337 Reply

    I don’t know why yours did that, but I’m happy for you! Hopefully they will be able to process more soon so the rest of us waiting can get ours.

    #4415068 Reply

    Just got my 571 and 846 codes….weird but I’ll take it. Thanks guys.

    #4414016 Reply

    Just lost my bars and have “still processing”……lovely

    #4414014 Reply

    What is the best way to get tax advocate to call you back I called a week and a half ago and still no call back.


    #4413606 Reply

    @ashtondimmick, Mine didnt have bars but said “your return is still being processed” Tax Topic 152. It never changed until the tax the IRS to release it. My as of date kept changing from March 9th to March 16th to April 13th to April 27th and Finally May 6th and it was deposited today. From what people are saying its better to see the words “its being proceesed” rather than “its still being processed”

    #4413549 Reply

    Dont give up everyone! I got my tax refund , 2 unemployment checks, and my stimulus after weeks of waiting!

    #4412165 Reply

    (Return recieved) we have received your tax return and it is being processed. 1st bar is filled in with tax topic 152.

    Transcript shows 971 code then 570 code.

    From everything I’ve gathered if it’s a review then the bars dissapear, not sure why my transcript and WMR dont really lineup.

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    Nevermind. My bars came back and confirmed what the tax advocate said. I have a DDD of April 17th! I guess the site was down earlier. Im not sure why you would be just getting a letter. If you have bars now, what does it say? I know pretty much everyone that got a letter had their bars disappear like me. Mine just came back and they disappeared around Feb 15th I think.

    #4411395 Reply

    Anyone used the wheres my refund tool today? I got my 846 and the tax advocate says its gonna be deposited Friday but when I use wheres my refund it says my info is wrong. Maybe its because I used a tax advocate.

    #4410928 Reply

    Are they even sending out letters still? If they put a hold on it (570) code why wait 2 weeks before sending me a letter? Shouldnt it go out immediately?

    On top of that shouldnt my WMR bars have been removed?

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    K Mart

    I got a call from a tax advocate (after emailing my Congressman) and they needed an amended return. They couldn’t tell me that two weeks ago? I sent it out yesterday Priority Mail. The advocate told me the dept doing amended returns isn’t working now, so she doesn’t know how the IRS plans to handle it. I’m so frustrated!

    #4409725 Reply

    Well got our stimulus, but still no refund…or letter/notice.
    Again transcript stated we should have gotten notice/letter 4/6/2020
    Called local TAS, but the voicemail says we’ll try to get back to you in 3 days.
    Obviously, cannot get a hold of anyone at IRS.
    our processing date still says 3/30 so I feel like our return is just sitting there.

    #4406702 Reply

    570 means a hold and 971 means you are going to receive a letter on April 27th. Then it may be 60 days from then. I got my letter on March 16th. I got a tax advocate and had to send in letters from my employers proving my wages. They just released it today! Apparently they are holding most refunds with EIC or child tax credits. I always get mine back in February! This has been ridiculous! Good luck on yours!

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