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    Ms tax

      So I have codes 570/971 as of March 14. I did call IRS she said I should see a change in a week which most people with the codes do or have refund.
      So if you are a 570/971 let’s watch for the next week

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          Transcripts finally updated with code 570 and code 766 (credit to account) -$3000.00. No notice issued code and no 846. We are a weekly. Filed and accepted 02/27. Nothing on WMR.

          Guess it’ll be another week for an update. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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            I filed with Tax act EITC messed up my recovery rebate- 2/22 accepted taxes submitted 2/23 accepted. Received the 570-971 3/19 with a post date of 4/4 checked this am to see if transcripts update 571/846 but I have another 970 code with a date of 4/14/22. Anyone else have this issue? should I contact IRS or wait to see if I need to do anything or give it another week?

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              Mine updated this morning after week hold on 971, 570 codes with extra refund credit. DDD 03/16
              F/A 02/22/22

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                  @T no problem believe me I was stressed I Called the it’s and was told it could be up too April but def not the case it was only a week after the codes!! You got this it’ll be over soon!!

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                    @Monica thanks, mine updated this am with those codes and thanks to y’all I know not to freak out. So just wait a week, thanks again. ❤️

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                      570/971 for one week transcripts updated ddd 3/16

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                        [quote quote=4519982]Filed and accepted 1/24. I have 570 code with date 2/28 and 971 code with date 3/7. As of date is 3/7 .Received 2 4644c letters already saying they need up to 60 days and nothing is needed from me. Transcript hasn’t updated in about 2 weeks i think . WMR says being processed.[/quote]


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                          Filed and accepted 1/24. I have 570 code with date 2/28 and 971 code with date 3/7. As of date is 3/7 .Received 2 4644c letters already saying they need up to 60 days and nothing is needed from me. Transcript hasn’t updated in about 2 weeks i think . WMR says being processed.

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                            My transcripts updated (this past Friday 03/04/2022) to 3/21/2022 for as of date, code 971 and 570 have that date as well. We will get updated this Friday, I can’t see it no other way :)

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                              OK so i files 2/1, the 4th I believe my transcript became available before it was n.a. it has 971/570 codes and date of 3/21//2022 on both codes. Hopefully something will update on friday

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                                I see my transcript however said action pending 3/21 -2022 and 971 what does thos mean ans when should i expect refund.

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                                  5:38am just checked transcripts and 571 and 846 code DDD 3/9!! Refund reduced by almost 5000 but thank God it’s over now

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                                  Ms tax

                                    So l did get an update 846 for 03/09.
                                    Trans say still processing refund date when available
                                    I did not have to id verify but I have a ip pin
                                    Filed 02/04 with TT
                                    Got accepted 02/07
                                    Transcript updated last Friday to codes 570/971
                                    Waited 1 week for 846 refund issued
                                    Wmr no movement I suspect movement Saturday.
                                    I will be here for today only for questions but other than that see ya next year and good luck!

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                                      My was reduced by 1400 however my transcripts did update so im hoping not to look after that i will get my refund

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                                        Finally updated guys to 846!!! DDD 3/9!! 🥳 best of luck to you all!

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                                        Iisah okc

                                          Filed and accepted 2/1. Wmr gave delay message on 2/19. Transcripts updated to 971 and 570 code 2/25. Transcripts updated to 571 code and 846 ddd 3/9. It’s coming everyone

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                                          Highly Irritated

                                            I have the 846 Code and DDD of 3/9!!!

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                                              4 am

                                              571 and 846!!!!

                                              3-9 ddd

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                                                3:37am where I am

                                                Checked and updated trans !

                                                846 DDD is 3/09!!

                                                Fingers crossed for everyone here !!!

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                                                  This wait is .. ugh. Ya girl is over it.

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                                                    Hoping we all update tonight!

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                                                    Ms tax

                                                      Can y’all see your 2021 tax summary on the irs website via account? Mines just updated yesterday with adjusted amount

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                                                        I got my 570 code on 2/25

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                                                          Even thoughi got my DDD and my WMR updated I’m not giving up on you guys. If I can help let me know. I know how frustrating these codes are.

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                                                            Filed cycle 20220705
                                                            Reduced Refund
                                                            Code 570/971
                                                            Transcript updated Friday 2/18(with codes570/971)and 2/24( codes 572/846)
                                                            With 572/846
                                                            Wmr updated DDD 3/7
                                                            On the side deposit date 3/2 adjusted amount
                                                            Letter date by 3/7
                                                            Detail of possibilities why refund was reduced you can resolve the money they took later if you disagree

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                                                            Ms tax

                                                              I heard the next round is 03/7 or 03/10 not sure but an update next week

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                                                              Iisah okc

                                                                Yes. I seen some people with similar issues get dd’s of 3/2/22 today with both codes. Could we be that lucky?

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                                                                Ms tax

                                                                  Hopefully we will be saying “see ya next year” Friday

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                                                                  Iisah okc

                                                                    Woke up to both codes this morning with as of 3/14/22. Praying for our dd’s soon

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                                                                      @TexasMom just wait it out your ok were all in the same boat here🤞🏾

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                                                                        I just reviewed my mind transcript and I do have code 570 no 971. Should I call the IRS to resolve or just wait it out?

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                                                                          I woke up with codes 570 & 971 because of wrong amount on return hopefully we update next week we keep you guys posted as well!

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                                                                          Ms tax

                                                                            We should IRS lady basically told me a week ..

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                                                                              Filed 1/24
                                                                              Accepted 1/25
                                                                              Wmr delay on 2/10
                                                                              N/A on trans until about 4am 2/25
                                                                              Updated today (2/25) to codes 570/971 about 630am

                                                                              Reduced my refund by 1400 , and removed my baby born in 2021

                                                                              Only change made to amount was the 1400 deduction

                                                                              I’ll be here with yall for the 1 week wait.
                                                                              Hopefully we all get our DDD next Friday!

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                                                                              Ms tax

                                                                                I got a 1,000 increase

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                                                                                  I think they adjusted mine because I already got the stimulus so they reduced mine by 1400

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                                                                                    I am on the same boat. Same as of & codes. Lets see.

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