570/971 – both dated March 21st.

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      Just talking outloud for those who are in the same boat as me.
      So same dates, but future. Dated for the 21st of March. Same dated codes usually means they had an offset and already fixed it, or a generic hold for CTC/EIC people. I’m not exactly sure why mostly everything is dated future (assuming maximum timeframe) I don’t know exactly when the holds started but from what I have been seeing, we should see an update tomorrow.
      Last year’s taxes did the same thing. Future date, both codes for same date and then 7 days later the hold was taken off.
      This time I think I had messed up what we received as far as stimulus payments. I was off by 1400, plus we received CTC and EIC so that is held as well.
      Just trying to help whoever is in the same boat as me. Last year I got them around the 31st of March after filing late in Feb. I filed late in Feb as well so I am hoping this year’s mirrors last year.

      If anyone is similar, keep us all updated here!

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          Updated this morning! DDD of 3/16

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