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      This is getting so frustrating. Anyone else still no update? Or anyone with any insight?

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          Has anyone on this thread updated from the 570 971 codes yet?

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            Has anyone on this thread updated from the 570 971 codes yet?

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              Wmr and transcripts, both have changed this morning to error and service interruption. Last time that happened I ended up with the delay msg and codes. So maybe this means they are finally updating? Fingers crossed

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                I’m going to tell yall this stuff is ridiculous. I been having the 570 code since February 21st I waited a month no update from 570 never got a letter never got anything so I did get ahold of the irs, the lady said that she cant do anything until 45 days after the 570 code date was in effect because they have up to 45 days to review it.so I got until April 7th then supposedly someone can do more for me…..that’s if by miracle they actually get it done by then.

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                  My trans finally updated this morning with the 971/570 4/15/2022 codes with the adjusted refund amount. No 846 code yet. Those with the 570 did it have your amount? If so, how long after 570 did you get your 846?

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                    If I already had an id.me before filing then would that affect completing another identity verification? I have no changes this morning on transcripts or wmr. I am going to call today and talk to the tax advocate again.

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                      I have same codes and no update too. Need my money bad

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                        as of date 4/11/22 with cycle 2022/12/05. How long did it take to go from 970 to 971?

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                          Was finally able to id verify on id me. Got the congratulations and that my refund can now process, been on code 570 3/14 and 971 3/21 no updates beside 4/11 as of. My suggestion to everyone would be to get on your id me and try to id verify! I was told I was just in review 60 days got the letter blah blah was NEVER TOLD to id verify. I done that from everyone on this forum saying to id verify. Don’t wait do it! It takes 2 minutes literally

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                            Tish I agree (:

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                              I have the same codes and dates as you with no adjustments made. And still no updates on transcripts or wmr. This is frustrating!

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                                Church money, my cycle code is the same, 20220805. Have code 570 for 3/14 and 971 for 3/21, that was the delay letter. No corrections seem to be made on transcripts do you have the same codes if so hopefully we update Friday/Saturday to something! It’s said usually a week to two weeks on those codes you’ll update

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                                Church’s Money

                                  Cycle code 20220805 still no updates as of today, 3-29-22

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                                    @ Arreyis thx a million

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                                      Bria, yep. I filed two weeks after you, and all I’ve gotten in the mail is *late* notices about our CTC amounts and Stimulus. All of which I’d kept records for so I know my numbers were right when I filed. I don’t have a 971, just the 570, so who knows what they’re even doing with mine right now.

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                                        @bxny the as of date is the date they expect to complete or make a change to your account by. The 971 is a letter they have or will send to you, and the 570 is a hold code that will release once they’ve completed your return. If they adjusted your account, the letter will explain why. If you’re already seeing the number change, you should get a DDD soon.

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                                          Accepted 2/8
                                          Have a 570 then 971 and the only letter I got was one about my money I received last year.. what on earth?! No updates on WMR and $ still the same in transcripts (not adjusted) please someone tell me they are in the same boat

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                                            At this point I’d take a letter saying anything. Just to know wtf is going on 😑

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                                              Cycle: 20221005
                                              As of date: 3/28

                                              Codes: 971/570

                                              I do see that my refund was reduced but what does the as of date mean?

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                                              Where is my refund

                                                Still no F’ing update. What the F!!!

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                                                  My as of date changed this morning . From 2/28 to 3/28… everything else still n/a on transcripts .anyone know what the dates might mean ? Filed and accepted on the 31 of Jan

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                                                    Updated today with a ddd 3/16 a week after the hold. I called and was told it could be until April but it was only after a week

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