45 day review!?!?!

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    Waiting, broke and discouraged

    Okay so I have the basic single mom type return w-2 employment, 3 dependants, same address as last year and same dependants as prior 11 years filed off w2 not last pay stub why would I be under review and honestly how quick are they to review it and update I have a 570 code since last night but not any notice code so they say there isn’t anything I can do but wait
    Processing 3/11/19
    Filed 2/1
    Never seen path
    Updated wmr last night to no bars and date will be given called today recieved transcripts showing 570 code

    Anyone who was in this boat n seen it go smoothly or experiences would help

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    My transcript updated today have code
    But check wmr and it says still processing



    It’s crazy because i filed my taxes on 2/26 and was accepted on 2/27….I still have not received my refund due to the 45 day process. I Didn’t receive a letter from IRS and the reason I found out was because I called after the 21 days. Still have not received a letter of any kind and today (4/29) was my 45th day. This really nuts because my boyfriend had filed for an extension and I just filed l his taxes through TurboTax last Monday and His refund was already approved but IRS is keeping it due to student loans.



    I received a letter on March 25 and it said they will complete my review on May 9,2019. Will I get my refund that day?


    Taylor Mcneily

    HA! I filed Jan 18, got accepted Jan 28th, found out i had to verify my identity Feb 11th, never got the letter to verify, so they resent it to me and i finally receieved it Feb 28th, I call the IRS to verify March 6th and was told to wait 9 weeks for my refund. Well, on the 6th week of me wating, I recieved a letter saying that I need allow the IRS an extra additional 60 DAYS!!!! WTF!!!!! So June 11th thats when my 60 day review and I’m praying to GOD that I get it before or by June 11th. My house burned down, my car broke down and i had to quit my job because i no longer had a way to get there!!!! LORD me and my family need this money MORE THAN ANY OTHER YEAR WE FILED!!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!!!



    Yup exactly, fuck the IRS!



    Filed on 02/11. 45 day review noticed issued was supposed to be up on May 3rd called because I got a letter that said something about 60 days and the rep said he can’t see any 60 day letter being issued. I called a few days later and the rep asked me if I got the 60 day letter, ugh wtf! Now I’m told like may 28th fml seriously this is ridiculous! I know what the problem is I made an error in my with holdings and I was advised not to amend it cause it would take longer by a rep Back in February but today was told that’s exactly what they are reviewing and waiting for my job to confirm amounts. I should have just amended it there’s no way it would have taken longer than this!



    Maybe the it’s is so behind cus its taking the whole Dept of it’s to review our commander and chief prior 6 yrs of retutns



    I too, am now part of the 45 day review process once again boys and girls. I swear this tax season has been so very fucked from the start.

    I went on 45 day review starting April 15th. Although, I didn’t know shit about it until today!



    I was Also told to look my transcripts up online but they haven’t changed since I looked them up they’re always the same every so many things about this I don’t even know what to believe anymore and everybody situations are always different I’m just so over it



    @melissa I know what you mean I’m so over it I was even told after our review over it can take up
    To 60 days to release is it it’s a bunch of crap and I don’t even know what the issue is



    FYI for those receiving 45/60 day notices. I had this same issue last year bc my wages were off. I filed w my last paycheck as previous years but in 2016 I traveled for my job and was reimbursed traveling expenses. Traveling expenses are not taxed so it was included in my wages on my paycheck but deducted from my wages on my W2. I wasnt aware of this. So anyway, taxes were under review. After the date, I called & was then told that it would be extended another 10 days. After that, called again & was told they would put an alert & now i would have to wait another 10 days. After that, was told 5 days & finally received a call on the 5th day from a Tac Advocate who told me what happened. But it literally took them about 5 months to tell me what was wrong. So although they give a date, they still have extensions after that.



    @Jamie you’re right. Now they’re saying I have an additional 60 days and my review won’t be up until May 13th. They said they sent out a notice but I never received it. Like I told that woman if the shoe was on the other foot and I owed them money they would be charging me interest rates late fees and pentalies. I think it’s so unfair how the government gets to treat us. So much for being a US Citizen.



    I did my taxes through Turbo Tax Feb 4, they were received the same day. They went up for review on March the 11th. I got a letter dated March 14 and it said I have a 60 days from the date of the letter. That put me at May 14. I’m hoping mine gets released. I’m not sure why they went over review, but you would think it wouldn’t take this long. They held my taxes for over a month before they wanted to “review” it. If it was there money, it wouldn’t take so long. I just hope I get them before or after my birthday!! Which happens to be May 14. lol



    Welp, looks like we still have to wait. Called the IRS today because my 45 days were up and was told they sent out a 60 day letter last month that we never got. So now our review is up May 14th. For the love of God… 🤦‍♂️



    @melissa my 45 days has been up they made me do 60 more



    So my 45 days is up tomorrow. Can they go past 45 day? This is crazy. I have never had any problem filing my taxes. This really makes me where I don’t want to file anymore. I see now that I can’t count on my tax refund because apparently it’s not a guarantee. I work my tail off every day just to get screwed by the IRS. Yet they issue fradulent refunds all the time. How do those refunds pass through yet mine gets randomly selected for review? Makes no sense.



    60 day review. Waiting since 2/5 for my money.



    I have filed w the same lady at hrblock for 13 years



    I filed my tax return on 03/01 and I waited 21 days to contact the IRS when I realized my return had not come in. They told me I was under a 45-day review. The man asked me if I had received a letter I informed him I had not received a letter and he told me it was due to come out on 4/15. He also informed me that there was no further action needed from me. I have filed my return the same way for 5 years I’m just wondering why now are they putting me under review.


    Alx D


    I don’t know. I never paid too much attention to that. This is the first time I get on review. for th past four years I had to ID verify except the time I didnt use TurboTax which was last year. I used Credit Karma instead because they had an advance of a $1000 or so. Used TurboTax this year because they did and Credit Karma didn’t. Usually I would wait it out after the ID verify and get my refund 2-3 weeks later. When I called at end of March they said I had a review starting April 15th.



    Filed 2/4 got letter for 60 days March 18 was told I won’t
    Know anything till May 28 and that’s if they don’t expand it he said they are checking wages and credits this has never happened to me my kids are my kid job is my job I’m so over this has anyone gotten theirs after their review daye i have heard so many discouraging things



    FILED 2/4



    My return was accepted on 2/4/19 got letter in mail on 3/18/19 that my return is being reviewed for 60 days today is 4/21 and still nothing has updated on wmr only get its still being processed



    Alx d
    What was your cycle code if you know it our 45 days started March 25 also but still no refund our cycle code was 20190905


    Alx D.

    @Lovey Ca

    Did you do anything other than wait? Like fax documents anything of that sort? I’m only asking because I am trying to wait it out and avoid the whole TA thing.


    Lovey Ca

    My review started on March 25,2019 I finally got a date for my refund so it didn’t take the whole 45-60 day review it was more like 30 days .
    Just an update on anyone that was going through what I’m going through



    My refund is under a 45 day review. I have a TA that I can never get in touch with. I’ve talked to her once (when she was first assigned my account) back around the 1st of March. She told me the IRS didn’t receive one of my W2s from the company. That I needed to call the company and get a letter with a letter head that had my husband’s earnings and withholdings. I’m having trouble getting the letter from the company. The accountant keeps giving me the run around. Telling me he’ll do it or he forgot but will get it done and I haven’t gotten it yet. I left his number on my TA’s voicemail, but like I said I can’t get her on the phone. What should I do? And can I still get my refund without the letter?



    So I filed 1/28 got the delayed code on 2/15. My status changed to recieved and processing 3/1, forst lettwr cp05 3/11 with 45 day review date return should be released unless I receive another letter. On 3/13 got the 60 day letter so i called because they both said no action needed. The irs told me the 60 day was a generic letter cause there was no code that the computer system sent out. That i should go by the firat one and if I see nothing by the 45 days to call back. I asked what was going on and really was told it is like the lottery for a review. Some people get pulled for a review just to check credits, identification and wages match. So im praying i see it next week.



    To all who think they don’t qualify for a TA… they do not request for you to send proof of hardship….🙄🤷🏼‍♀️



    To all who think they don’t qualify for a TA… they do not request for you to send proof of hardship….🙄🤷🏼‍♀️



    Hey @Min
    How do you get a TA if you don’t have a hardship? I keep getting told I don’t qualify because I don’t have a cut off notice or eviction letter.


    Shaun #1 not some other Shaun

    Guess im going to have to call a ta!! Wtf shouldn’t have 2 its str8 bullshit



    From my experience I did the waiting game, I filed 2/18 and got a 45 day review and a 90 day review letter…the IRS would not tell me anything… I decided to call and request a TA exactly one week ago… TA called me Tuesday morning to tell me she got my refund released. I checked my transcript today and I have a refund issued date of 4/23/19.. my employer issued a corrected w2… which I used the corrected w2 information to file but apparently the IRS didn’t update with the corrected information. Had I not called a TA to see what was going on… I would still be waiting til May or June over something that the TA figured out in a couple days…



    I filed on March 21, 2019. For the first week and a half the WMR app said received and processing, then I lost my bars and it says still processing. It’s been 28 days today since I filed so I called the IRS today and they told me I’m under a 45 day review starting on April 29th, 2019. That puts me not getting my refund until June 13 at the earliest. WTF?


    Miss Rena

    Filed & accepted 1/29. Bars disappeared early Feb. with PATH notice. 2/15 PATH notice gone & received a letter saying I was under review for 45 days starting 2/27. Long story short, my 45 days was up 3 days ago smh. Called IRS today and was told there was nothing I needed to do on my end & that my refund was frozen for an unknown reason. He then told me he put in a referral since it’s been past my 45 days. I haven’t gotten any other letters.


    Lovey Ca

    Cycle code 20190902 and the date March 18,2019 received a review letter for March 25, 2019 45 days . I called IRS they said if I don’t get my refund by May 9,2019 call them back .. I tried to call for an TA but they say I don’t qualify so I guess I have to wait this out . Please let me know if anyone gets an answer keep me posted


    Veronica Rodriguez

    Turned out one of my w2s didnt make it through. So now my tax lady is saying ill owe over 2,000 to irs if i send it. Weve always got back round same amount & nothings ever changed. Which makes no sense the only reason i got 2 w2s cause the store i work at went under new ownership. So recieved one from old & new owners. Can i still refile after the irs already sent me a 60 day letter review.? I feel as if shes screwing me.


    Laura Johnson

    Filed feb 1st was told my tax return was under review startimg march 7th and to wait 60 days after that im still waiting t9day is day 40




    I feel the same way. I’m tired of it working on my nerves every single day. I still haven’t received my 45 day review notice. I’m truly at a loss. I’m trying to give it a little longer but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hold on. 😰



    I am so tempted to call TA 😞 I don’t think I will qualify 😓




    I’m with you! I verified 2/25. Only thing I have been able to gather is the backlog they had and we just kinda went to the bottom?



    I filed 1-28 had received a letter saying I needed to verify I did on 2-14 waited 9wks like the irs says then no update nothing just says still processing. I’ve had ppl file late feb already got they money. I called 4-1 Irs says it’s been on a 45 day hold no reason I don’t owe I’m like what’s really going on



    Here is my story. I filed on 3/4, accepted 3/6 and since then IRS check my refund status lists: Still processing. Called them on 3/22, spoke with a rep who said they had not entered my information yet, but nothing abnormal and to check back in a week. Fast forward to today. Called the IRS, spoke with an agent who said that my account had a 45-day hold because of a technical issue. He also said that there was nothing wrong nor were they going to send a letter. said should be processed by 4/20… Anyone else deal with this before?


    tiffany lewis

    So here is my story, filed 1/29 accepted 2/5 got a 45 day review letter starting on 3/18 a week later got a 60 day review letter again for 3/18. Called IRS and they said the 60 day letter must have been a glitch because they don’t have it on record. Called a tax advocate 2 weeks ago and they said I should have my refund in the next 7 to 10 days.



    I agree completely! The longer they hold our refunds, the more interest they get. I also feel like when the irs started to process our returns, they were already way behind. So in an effort to not make EVERYONE’S refund late, they pushed all the January and early February to the back of the lime. That allowed them to start processing late February and beyond returns on time. That’s why we are seeing people who filed in March already having a ddd. Seriously, why would those of us who filed January and early February be under “review” but those who filed late February and March are not under review?!? I believe whole heartily that the irs is just sending us reviews as a stall tactic!. They are processing a few early filers here and there but I don’t think they will totally complete ours until they have all the March and April returns completed. That’s the only thing I can figure that’s going on.


    Ruby Jackson williams

    Wow if we owed the government they would just take it but if they owe us it takes forever.

    Filed and was accepted 1/29
    Had bars till the 15th of February
    Then the processing message
    I did get the letter telling me that I was under a 45 day review but to do nothing.

    I have filed the same way for 11 years. Same everything so why all of a sudden a review. I think they are collecting interest on all these refunds and are waiting till the last minute to release them.




    No, some people on here have no clue what their talking about. The IRS has 45 days AFTER April 15 to send the refund. That puts it at the end of May. Don’t think you’re going to see your “4% interest” starting Monday.



    Exact same thing is going on with mine. Accepted 2/11 bars went missing middle of March… Called and said a 45 day review. First week if April got a letter saying an ADDITIONAL 60days for review..
    I have had it but I do t want to contact a tax advocate to drag it out even longer uggghh please everyone keep each other updated !!!



    Is it true if you’re in 45 day review by the irs,on April 15 the irs will have to pay interest.



    @maddie you’re in the EXACT same boat as me. I’m literally right beside you. Filed and accepted 2/12 ~45 day review 3/25 and 60 day review 3/29. Can’t see transcript online, I’ve ordered them about a week ago but have yet to receive them.



    45 day review started 3/35 60 day review received a few days later. Filed and accepted 2/12. No updates!



    Anyone have updates from their 45 day review?



    @Alx D

    Good possibility! I have never had to verify identity or anything before. This is all new to me.


    Alx D

    @Raven8300 Yeah but I think me calling made them put me on the review cause I filed on early February. Smh. I’m not gonna call or sweat it anymore. First time this ever happen to me. I do verify every year but it takes no more than 2-3 weeks after I verify to get deposit.



    Everybody on this thread is because you have submitted invalid returns or w2’s and now you can’t get away with it no more. Maybe not all. But you know I’m right. No one here has gotten any refund and never will.



    @Alx D I have called twice and received generic responses both times. I’m starting to think I just need to let the junk go and maybe one day I’ll check my account and be pleasantly surprised. Seems like that may be around June or July now though SMFH


    Alx D

    @Raven8300 Yeap same here. The agent gave me a vague answer like “oh sometimes the code is there but the notice / letter won’t go out unless taxpayer calls”. Bunch of BS. I should have done like before and let it ride.



    I did my ID verify 2/26 called the other day and was told I will have a 45 day review dated 4/15.


    Alx D

    I had id verify. Did so on 3/8. I called and I think that’s what screws everything up. Agen told me He needs time to look up account but took like 10 mins. Came back and said I’m on 45 day review. I have a feeling I should have just waited like every other year.



    Sooo I had to amend my 2018 & 16 the tax women added 16 & 18 all on 2018 wtf now I had to go there today and redo everything. I want to cry 😢, they’re sending it in by mail…what should I do?



    I called two TA’s and they said the same thing to me even though I have proof of hardship.



    When I called the TA, they said I couldn’t request their help until my 9 weeks were up after ID ver. Is that true?




    They can tell you what’s wrong. The IRS the old me 2 weeks ago that I would a letter April 6. Today the advocate contacted me and said my wages hadn’t been reported. We have a CPA and of course they had been reported. There was a glitch during the shut down and W2’s were lost. Fill out the form and fax it in. They are very helpful. My issue has been resolved!



    Filed & Accepted : 2/9
    Lost bars, TT152, STILL processing on 2/28
    Cp05 Letter (45 day review) on 3/25
    Form 1040 Letter (60 day review) on 3/29

    I can’t see my transcripts online, not enough personal info too. I did order them two weeks ago but it had no codes or transactions. Just batch code

    Any helpful info for me?



    Does anyone else have code 766-credit to your account?What does it mean??



    I wish they would send me a letter. I’m just sitting here with NA on my transcripts for 43 days now after filing and accepted 2/12 and calling told me there’s nothing to do, nothing to worry about. There’s no explanation, nothing. At least a letter might ease my mind.



    F/A : 2/9
    Lost Bars, TT152, STILL processing on 2/28
    Received CP05 letter 3/25, dated 3/25. (45 day review, no action needed)

    3/27 – No updates, still processing 😭😭

    I have have code 20190905 on my transcripts. But no other codes or dates.



    Still nothing for me either. Day 49.



    Filed 02/03/2019
    1 Child Dependent

    Was accepted same day. Then the bars disappeared and got the code. Called on 03/01/2019 and was told under review beginning that day for 45 days.

    26 days in and still nothing….. at all.



    Soo. I received 3 letters. 2 from Philadelphia and one from Chamblee, Ga. Haven’t read them as I am out of town ( live in Washington state ) but I got the USPS delivery notice. Fonts on the face of the letter from GA are different from Philly. 👀 Seems kinda weird. Why would they send me any correspondence from GA ? No one home to open them for me. F”n sucks that idk what’s going on. Don’t wanna call, seems that’s pushing ppl further away from DDD. But did call on the 8th. Nothing wrong. Wondering if it’s a scam?



    Still waiting since 2/5. Got the 60 day letter dated 3/14. Transcripts haven’t updated since 2/23 when I got the 570 code. Transcripts still don’t say anything about any letter being sent. I’ve called for a TA twice and was told I didn’t qualify b/c I didn’t have an eviction or cut-off notice. Called the IRS twice and was told 2 completely different things and neither said I was sent a letter which was after I received it in the mail.

    I wish we actually had a little power to get our own money back. I am now exempt and will not pay the fed gov’t a dollar more of my money and will file on 4/15 next year. this is 100% BS!



    Keep your heads up!

    Filed 1/28, Accepted 1/29.

    Played the waiting game since… 2/28th was told as of 3/4 I would be on a 45 day review, 3/16 received a letter stating I was now on a 60 day review as of 3/13. Check WMR on saturday and my DDD is 3/27. Do not believe anything those IRS agents are telling you, hell they said they sent out a letter that was never sent then told me they cant tell me what the letter said because they only have a “generic” version. I work in HR, we do not send out ANYTHING without a copy in case there was “questions or concerns”… The IRS is so far behind because of the shut down that they HAD to send out “under review” letters because they were playing catch up. Unless you have a letter specifically telling you to take action, then its just a matter of waiting. Keep your heads up :)


    Veronica Rodriguez

    Same boat,
    Filed feb 11th
    Processing February 20th but no bars, so i patiently waited.
    Still nothing so called March 21st & they said it was under review starting March 26th I start counting my 45 days. Nothings ever changed on our taxes, so its a major bummer. This has put a toll on us financially, Thank God I have an amazing boss. Without his loan idk what we would of done cause Tax Avacates cant help unless IRS gives u a date of your return. & unfortunately when its under review you wont get one, so we basically sit & wait till they get to it. 😕



    Wahhh wahhhhh!


    Mani j

    Same here I filled on Jan 31 2019 i recieve my state in feb my federal further review state march 11 but my notice is March 18

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