45 day review!?!?!

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    Waiting, broke and discouraged

    Okay so I have the basic single mom type return w-2 employment, 3 dependants, same address as last year and same dependants as prior 11 years filed off w2 not last pay stub why would I be under review and honestly how quick are they to review it and update I have a 570 code since last night but not any notice code so they say there isn’t anything I can do but wait
    Processing 3/11/19
    Filed 2/1
    Never seen path
    Updated wmr last night to no bars and date will be given called today recieved transcripts showing 570 code

    Anyone who was in this boat n seen it go smoothly or experiences would help

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    Shaun #1 not some other Shaun

    Guess im going to have to call a ta!! Wtf shouldn’t have 2 its str8 bullshit

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    From my experience I did the waiting game, I filed 2/18 and got a 45 day review and a 90 day review letter…the IRS would not tell me anything… I decided to call and request a TA exactly one week ago… TA called me Tuesday morning to tell me she got my refund released. I checked my transcript today and I have a refund issued date of 4/23/19.. my employer issued a corrected w2… which I used the corrected w2 information to file but apparently the IRS didn’t update with the corrected information. Had I not called a TA to see what was going on… I would still be waiting til May or June over something that the TA figured out in a couple days…

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    I filed on March 21, 2019. For the first week and a half the WMR app said received and processing, then I lost my bars and it says still processing. It’s been 28 days today since I filed so I called the IRS today and they told me I’m under a 45 day review starting on April 29th, 2019. That puts me not getting my refund until June 13 at the earliest. WTF?

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    Miss Rena

    Filed & accepted 1/29. Bars disappeared early Feb. with PATH notice. 2/15 PATH notice gone & received a letter saying I was under review for 45 days starting 2/27. Long story short, my 45 days was up 3 days ago smh. Called IRS today and was told there was nothing I needed to do on my end & that my refund was frozen for an unknown reason. He then told me he put in a referral since it’s been past my 45 days. I haven’t gotten any other letters.

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    Lovey Ca

    Cycle code 20190902 and the date March 18,2019 received a review letter for March 25, 2019 45 days . I called IRS they said if I don’t get my refund by May 9,2019 call them back .. I tried to call for an TA but they say I don’t qualify so I guess I have to wait this out . Please let me know if anyone gets an answer keep me posted

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    Veronica Rodriguez

    Turned out one of my w2s didnt make it through. So now my tax lady is saying ill owe over 2,000 to irs if i send it. Weve always got back round same amount & nothings ever changed. Which makes no sense the only reason i got 2 w2s cause the store i work at went under new ownership. So recieved one from old & new owners. Can i still refile after the irs already sent me a 60 day letter review.? I feel as if shes screwing me.

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    Laura Johnson

    Filed feb 1st was told my tax return was under review startimg march 7th and to wait 60 days after that im still waiting t9day is day 40

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    I feel the same way. I’m tired of it working on my nerves every single day. I still haven’t received my 45 day review notice. I’m truly at a loss. I’m trying to give it a little longer but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to hold on. 😰

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    I am so tempted to call TA 😞 I don’t think I will qualify 😓

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    I’m with you! I verified 2/25. Only thing I have been able to gather is the backlog they had and we just kinda went to the bottom?

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    I filed 1-28 had received a letter saying I needed to verify I did on 2-14 waited 9wks like the irs says then no update nothing just says still processing. I’ve had ppl file late feb already got they money. I called 4-1 Irs says it’s been on a 45 day hold no reason I don’t owe I’m like what’s really going on

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    Here is my story. I filed on 3/4, accepted 3/6 and since then IRS check my refund status lists: Still processing. Called them on 3/22, spoke with a rep who said they had not entered my information yet, but nothing abnormal and to check back in a week. Fast forward to today. Called the IRS, spoke with an agent who said that my account had a 45-day hold because of a technical issue. He also said that there was nothing wrong nor were they going to send a letter. said should be processed by 4/20… Anyone else deal with this before?

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    tiffany lewis

    So here is my story, filed 1/29 accepted 2/5 got a 45 day review letter starting on 3/18 a week later got a 60 day review letter again for 3/18. Called IRS and they said the 60 day letter must have been a glitch because they don’t have it on record. Called a tax advocate 2 weeks ago and they said I should have my refund in the next 7 to 10 days.

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    I agree completely! The longer they hold our refunds, the more interest they get. I also feel like when the irs started to process our returns, they were already way behind. So in an effort to not make EVERYONE’S refund late, they pushed all the January and early February to the back of the lime. That allowed them to start processing late February and beyond returns on time. That’s why we are seeing people who filed in March already having a ddd. Seriously, why would those of us who filed January and early February be under “review” but those who filed late February and March are not under review?!? I believe whole heartily that the irs is just sending us reviews as a stall tactic!. They are processing a few early filers here and there but I don’t think they will totally complete ours until they have all the March and April returns completed. That’s the only thing I can figure that’s going on.

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    Ruby Jackson williams

    Wow if we owed the government they would just take it but if they owe us it takes forever.

    Filed and was accepted 1/29
    Had bars till the 15th of February
    Then the processing message
    I did get the letter telling me that I was under a 45 day review but to do nothing.

    I have filed the same way for 11 years. Same everything so why all of a sudden a review. I think they are collecting interest on all these refunds and are waiting till the last minute to release them.

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    No, some people on here have no clue what their talking about. The IRS has 45 days AFTER April 15 to send the refund. That puts it at the end of May. Don’t think you’re going to see your “4% interest” starting Monday.

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    Exact same thing is going on with mine. Accepted 2/11 bars went missing middle of March… Called and said a 45 day review. First week if April got a letter saying an ADDITIONAL 60days for review..
    I have had it but I do t want to contact a tax advocate to drag it out even longer uggghh please everyone keep each other updated !!!

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    Is it true if you’re in 45 day review by the irs,on April 15 the irs will have to pay interest.

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    @maddie you’re in the EXACT same boat as me. I’m literally right beside you. Filed and accepted 2/12 ~45 day review 3/25 and 60 day review 3/29. Can’t see transcript online, I’ve ordered them about a week ago but have yet to receive them.

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    45 day review started 3/35 60 day review received a few days later. Filed and accepted 2/12. No updates!

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    Anyone have updates from their 45 day review?

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    @Alx D

    Good possibility! I have never had to verify identity or anything before. This is all new to me.

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    Alx D

    @Raven8300 Yeah but I think me calling made them put me on the review cause I filed on early February. Smh. I’m not gonna call or sweat it anymore. First time this ever happen to me. I do verify every year but it takes no more than 2-3 weeks after I verify to get deposit.

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    Everybody on this thread is because you have submitted invalid returns or w2’s and now you can’t get away with it no more. Maybe not all. But you know I’m right. No one here has gotten any refund and never will.

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    @Alx D I have called twice and received generic responses both times. I’m starting to think I just need to let the junk go and maybe one day I’ll check my account and be pleasantly surprised. Seems like that may be around June or July now though SMFH

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    Alx D

    @Raven8300 Yeap same here. The agent gave me a vague answer like “oh sometimes the code is there but the notice / letter won’t go out unless taxpayer calls”. Bunch of BS. I should have done like before and let it ride.

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    I did my ID verify 2/26 called the other day and was told I will have a 45 day review dated 4/15.

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    Alx D

    I had id verify. Did so on 3/8. I called and I think that’s what screws everything up. Agen told me He needs time to look up account but took like 10 mins. Came back and said I’m on 45 day review. I have a feeling I should have just waited like every other year.

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    Sooo I had to amend my 2018 & 16 the tax women added 16 & 18 all on 2018 wtf now I had to go there today and redo everything. I want to cry 😢, they’re sending it in by mail…what should I do?

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    I called two TA’s and they said the same thing to me even though I have proof of hardship.

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    When I called the TA, they said I couldn’t request their help until my 9 weeks were up after ID ver. Is that true?

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    They can tell you what’s wrong. The IRS the old me 2 weeks ago that I would a letter April 6. Today the advocate contacted me and said my wages hadn’t been reported. We have a CPA and of course they had been reported. There was a glitch during the shut down and W2’s were lost. Fill out the form and fax it in. They are very helpful. My issue has been resolved!

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    Filed & Accepted : 2/9
    Lost bars, TT152, STILL processing on 2/28
    Cp05 Letter (45 day review) on 3/25
    Form 1040 Letter (60 day review) on 3/29

    I can’t see my transcripts online, not enough personal info too. I did order them two weeks ago but it had no codes or transactions. Just batch code

    Any helpful info for me?

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    Does anyone else have code 766-credit to your account?What does it mean??

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    I wish they would send me a letter. I’m just sitting here with NA on my transcripts for 43 days now after filing and accepted 2/12 and calling told me there’s nothing to do, nothing to worry about. There’s no explanation, nothing. At least a letter might ease my mind.

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    F/A : 2/9
    Lost Bars, TT152, STILL processing on 2/28
    Received CP05 letter 3/25, dated 3/25. (45 day review, no action needed)

    3/27 – No updates, still processing 😭😭

    I have have code 20190905 on my transcripts. But no other codes or dates.

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    Still nothing for me either. Day 49.

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    Filed 02/03/2019
    1 Child Dependent

    Was accepted same day. Then the bars disappeared and got the code. Called on 03/01/2019 and was told under review beginning that day for 45 days.

    26 days in and still nothing….. at all.

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    Soo. I received 3 letters. 2 from Philadelphia and one from Chamblee, Ga. Haven’t read them as I am out of town ( live in Washington state ) but I got the USPS delivery notice. Fonts on the face of the letter from GA are different from Philly. 👀 Seems kinda weird. Why would they send me any correspondence from GA ? No one home to open them for me. F”n sucks that idk what’s going on. Don’t wanna call, seems that’s pushing ppl further away from DDD. But did call on the 8th. Nothing wrong. Wondering if it’s a scam?

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    Still waiting since 2/5. Got the 60 day letter dated 3/14. Transcripts haven’t updated since 2/23 when I got the 570 code. Transcripts still don’t say anything about any letter being sent. I’ve called for a TA twice and was told I didn’t qualify b/c I didn’t have an eviction or cut-off notice. Called the IRS twice and was told 2 completely different things and neither said I was sent a letter which was after I received it in the mail.

    I wish we actually had a little power to get our own money back. I am now exempt and will not pay the fed gov’t a dollar more of my money and will file on 4/15 next year. this is 100% BS!

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    Keep your heads up!

    Filed 1/28, Accepted 1/29.

    Played the waiting game since… 2/28th was told as of 3/4 I would be on a 45 day review, 3/16 received a letter stating I was now on a 60 day review as of 3/13. Check WMR on saturday and my DDD is 3/27. Do not believe anything those IRS agents are telling you, hell they said they sent out a letter that was never sent then told me they cant tell me what the letter said because they only have a “generic” version. I work in HR, we do not send out ANYTHING without a copy in case there was “questions or concerns”… The IRS is so far behind because of the shut down that they HAD to send out “under review” letters because they were playing catch up. Unless you have a letter specifically telling you to take action, then its just a matter of waiting. Keep your heads up :)

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    Veronica Rodriguez

    Same boat,
    Filed feb 11th
    Processing February 20th but no bars, so i patiently waited.
    Still nothing so called March 21st & they said it was under review starting March 26th I start counting my 45 days. Nothings ever changed on our taxes, so its a major bummer. This has put a toll on us financially, Thank God I have an amazing boss. Without his loan idk what we would of done cause Tax Avacates cant help unless IRS gives u a date of your return. & unfortunately when its under review you wont get one, so we basically sit & wait till they get to it. 😕

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    Wahhh wahhhhh!

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    Mani j

    Same here I filled on Jan 31 2019 i recieve my state in feb my federal further review state march 11 but my notice is March 18

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    Man this is BS. I just got a cp 05 letter saying in under review for 45 days AGAIN. The same exact review happened to me last year. The review lasted 5 months and then they released it to the audit department and that crap took 4 more months and when I did get my refund it was reduced to a few hundred dollars. I could seriously scream.

    So I’m not let down again this year I’m going to expect a refund of $20 and to receive it in a YEAR!

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    Marty B

    I got a CP63 letter. I’ll be waiting 6-12 weeks on a prior tax year. . I’m not even sure whether they processed my 2018 and are just holding it or what?!!? I owed from 2014. They will offset my 2018 I’m sure.

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    no they didn’t say anything like that just for me to basically stop calling lol

    #4318754 Reply


    @ Dee: you said you called right , so did they said they have to do it manually for you? ( Your return) someone says they have a system were they can get our employer info from them…that’s why on the letter it states to take no action

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    @ Dede: oh I understand the fustration because I have felt ever emotions there is to feel about this situation. Looking on the bright side of this situation people have been saying two weeks from the start of the review date..for us I am guessing the end of the month..who knows it could come sooner on. Keep me updated with yours

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    I got the 60day letter on Saturday. Fuk man. Guess my kids won’t be coming to visit this summer. Thanks IRS. Smh. What a complete crock of shit.

    #4317972 Reply



    it’s frustrating though…I was on the line waiting 2hrs after that call for an advocate and it rerouted back to irs…the women basically told me off because she’s saying I keep calling ummm because I need answers duh she also said by calling it wont make it come quicker smh so rude and nasty but it’s cool I just don’t get certain things and new to speak to someone..i’m praying it doesn’t take the whole 45 days :( I want to cry seriously…who are they to say my hardship isn’t good enough

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    2/6 filed

    2/23 lost bar

    3/16 called said im under review for 45 days starting 3/25 .. 1 w-2 , 3 kids , nothing complicated easy return… Ive still got HOH and refund amount still on the left side.. 152 code still on bottom.. Wtf is going on ?? Review for what? Why? This is real stupid. I work full time but my job pays late i just received my check last week from January, in February i never received a check as of today im owed 3 full checks . im just sick if this year being a complete disaster should have know counting on my tax return to help me through this bad time would help but noooooooo.. Wtf come on..

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    @tina i’m just sooo frustrated

    #4317853 Reply


    @ Dee: I am DD as well..I am going threw this exact same thang..they told me I wasn’t able to get an advocate either…so you are saying they will contact the employer on our behalf such a relief..I have been looking for answers to this all night..I also started my review on March 18…so that’s a fresh breath of air I tell you…

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    I called the irs this morning because yesterday started my 45 day review…they’re now waiting for my employers to respond with employment/wage verification…I can’t get a TA because i’m not “going through a real hardship” so being a single mom currently struggling is easy?

    #4317078 Reply


    It appears they’re buying time w/ our money. For whatever reason, Anyone who filed the 1st 2 weeks in Feb have been delayed. Look through these forums and pretty much everyone still waiting is from those 2 weeks.

    I have heard a lot of different excuses. New software, the gov’t shutdown, new fraud detection but 0 of any of that has ever been officially recognized as the reason.

    My only hope is that I have now started to see folks w/ my same trans code and processing date getting their refunds or at least a DDD.

    I’ve written off this year for the most part. Filed EXEMPT on this year’s taxes so I get all my money up front, in my paychecks. I AM NOT going through this again next year and if you think the IRS will go back to making things easier I’m sorry you’re so naive.

    Good luck to all of you. I hope we all get our returns before next year comes around.

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    Tennessee Gal

    Accepted 1/28
    Review started 3/4
    It’s been 2 weeks and I still don’t have have a ddd.

    #4316940 Reply


    Filed/accepted 2/3

    Bars gone 2/23

    Waited til today and got cp05 review letter.. never called t/a or IRS..

    Letter states review starts today 3/18 and states should have refund by 5/2…

    Just checked bank account and received state today lol

    #4316480 Reply


    How is that everyone’s reviews are on the same day and all the info the IRS is giving is exactly the same. I also got a review date starting 3/11 then another agent said 3/18 then back to 3/11. Our letter was supposed to have been sent out on 3/2 but we haven’t received anything. We are falling behind on all our bills because they want to play games. I check the app everyday hoping for a miracle but things are not looking good.

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    Filed 2/4
    Bars disappeared 2/23
    Transcript code 570

    Called two weeks ago stated under 45 days review. Called again today and they stated that review didn’t start till March 11th and should count 45 days from that date. Also received letter in the mail today stating the same thing with a starting date of 03/11. Now just have to wait and be hopeful to get a DDD ASAP.

    #4315336 Reply


    Must be nice @Crazy Lady

    #4315316 Reply

    Crazy Lady

    I was told I was under review starting 3/11 with a letter supposed to be sent 3/18.. woke up this morning and checked my transcript it said refund issued 3/20

    #4315256 Reply


    Filed 2/2

    Accepted 2/3

    45 day review started 3/11, apparently.

    Even though I was told about it when I called 2/26.

    Guess I’ll impatiently waiting until the end of April.

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    I can honesty tell all, from Prior experience last year, if there behind, and it sounds like the IRS is, your 45 day review Can and might turn into Another 45 day review. Commonplace amoung those under review. Once you get past that additional 45 day review, GET An Advocate!!! They will continue to jerk you around for months!

    #4311897 Reply


    @etta jones
    I called last week was told my “further review” will start on 03/11 my husband called today and he was told our “further review” starts on 03/18. So I completely agree with you, they have no clue as to what is going on.

    #4311795 Reply


    @Etta – Aye.. my 45, if there really is such a thing, supposedly starts today. I’ve just been sitting on my thumbs since 2/5. I called a Tax Advocate and he told me to give them 14 days past the 11th to get it done. Absolutely no help at all. I’m just sitting here waiting… and waiting.. and waiting.. I haven’t seen anything new on transcripts or WMR since I lost all my bars on 2/23 and I check both every day. Absolutely disgusted.

    #4311315 Reply

    Etta Jones

    Can someone tell me if there’s another update tonight …also is processing the same as review day?

    #4311311 Reply

    Etta Jones

    @ Edgar….we are identical to this tax situation… I filed on 2/4 and accepted…bars went away in the 23.. I called and got the same review on the eleventh…as in today status still the same….. I am pass pissed…Lord has to be on my side..also I called back and lady told me my review doesn’t start until March 18… someone is lieing….the IRS should be a shame of them selves…also I found out not all early filers got flagged.. I believe I wasn’t so lucky…

    #4311262 Reply


    I didn’t give in and call until yesterday. Filed HOH 1/31. Yesterday was told my review seemed to have started February 4th, and my 45 days looked to be up March 20th. I know she is incorrect because they didn’t begin any reviews that early. I received a letter today confirming the review. I am just going to be very late paying my electric bill this month because apparently having no money for food is not a hardship for an advocate. It is ok, though. I also got her to say on the phone call March 20th sooooo I will eligible then for advocate for them not meeting their own date.

    #4308995 Reply

    AJ Holley

    I am on the 45 day review as well. I found out 3/1/19 after calling. How exactly do you get a Tax Advocate and can just anybody get one that has the 45 day review?

    #4306823 Reply


    Yes it is, Lindsay. We’re all in the same boat. A shitty slow boat and it sucks.

    #4306675 Reply


    I just called today they said I’m under review also I filed 27th of January accepted 28th Jan got the take action notice feb 16th and I called Monday 25th and all they said was wait till 27th so I got nothing called today now they tell me I’m on 45 day review starting Monday that just passed wtf this ain’t right …now I gotta wait 2 months before I see something this is ridiculous

    #4305869 Reply


    Same issue. F/A 2/5. Bars disappeared on 2/23 so I called yesterday since it was 21 days and got the same generic message. My 45 days will start 3/11. I’m so depressed right now. I needed that money. Never had any issues w/ my taxes until this year. B.S.

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    Child credits
    When I called them today I asked them about last year he told me identity theft. But it was lifted this year

    #4295636 Reply


    Basic return

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