45 day review!?!?!

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    Waiting, broke and discouraged

    Okay so I have the basic single mom type return w-2 employment, 3 dependants, same address as last year and same dependants as prior 11 years filed off w2 not last pay stub why would I be under review and honestly how quick are they to review it and update I have a 570 code since last night but not any notice code so they say there isn’t anything I can do but wait
    Processing 3/11/19
    Filed 2/1
    Never seen path
    Updated wmr last night to no bars and date will be given called today recieved transcripts showing 570 code

    Anyone who was in this boat n seen it go smoothly or experiences would help

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    Has anyone had this happen?
    I filed my taxes 3/24 through Was supposed to get my return 4/12. Didn’t called a week later was told I was on a 45 day hold, called on day 50 got told 60 more days. My car got repod because I couldn’t pay for it. Got a TA, they weren’t helpful, they wanted an amended return but didn’t state the reason and wouldn’t answer questions…then the IRS sent me a thing explaining the delay. I signed it and sent it back in August, its now Nov and I still haven’t received anything got a letter for another 60 day wait.
    Will I ever get my money?



    I filed mid Feb. Received a 45 day letter. Before my 45 days was up, I received a 60 day letter stating they need 60 to work on my account. Well 60 days passed and I heard nothing from them. Called on June 3, was told to wait 30-45 days to hear something from them. Well I got another 60 day letter in the mail and now I’m sitting here waiting yet again. Ever since this fool has been in office, things have been messed up. I have never had issues with my taxes before. This is some bulls#!t. We are out here struggling to make ends meet and some of us actually depend on getting taxes to stay afloat. I’m am so beyond this tax season. They don’t hesitate to take money out of our taxes every time we earn money. Why should we have to jump through hoops and hound the IRS office about getting our money back, that WE have paid in? This makes no sense. So, I’m along with everyone else with this waiting game. UGH



    I think we’d is the day people,have been getting thier refunds.



    I have been watching quietly and finally since feb.6 got a ddd on Friday for today and I wake up to no ddd in my account or pending transaction do anyone know how long it takes for the money to hit your account? I know it’s still early in the morning but will it be there anytime today?



    I sent my tax advocate a copy of my last paystub as requested. She received it and had been working on it apparently, but unfortunately I am so broke right now I could even afford to pay my phone bill for almost a week. I left her my mother’s phone and told her she could talk to her about it if she needs to get a hold of me this week. OF COURSE she calls Monday, my mom, and doesn’t tell her any personal info. I called her back, left a message letting her know again she can talk to my mom about ithe and I’ll get the message… or I will have my phone service restored by Thursday (today)… she has yet to call back again but my refund status hasn’t changed so I’m assuming she was calling to give more excuses and wait time.

    I filed 2/21 and have been homeless and living in my car with my family because we can’t afford a few thousand dollar deposit on an apartment without that return. This is awful.


    Angie R Bell

    We filed early Feb, got a letter saying 60 days march 6th. Called my 6th said it would be another 60 days. Friday will be 120 days total and havent heard anything. Anyone else still hasn’t got theirs?



    Same here. I called today after two 60day letters & they said they are waiting for income verification from employer. I called employer and basically made me feel the same as if I was crazy for asking them if they could send income verification to IRS. said they’ve never had that problem before with any other of their employees. I couldn’t even try to provide a number or adress because IRS told me “employer should know where to send it”. I called irs again & next person told me that it’s not necessarily income verification & that it could be ANYTHING else they may be verifying. So then I felt dumb for calling employer and request that. A TA will be contacting me within 5 buisness days. Hopefully she can help me find a solution. It’s frustrating & seems like a huge mess with them.



    Well, I filed January 27, got the 45 day letter, never Anything after that, but it turned into what everyone else has dealt with, I got sick of waiting around and the IRS kept telling me to just hang tight. I got a TA, very nice woman. she’s doing everything in her power to help me out. Turns out all it is, is one of my employers didn’t verify my wages, (I still work here) I told them about it and they told me I was crazy and there is nothing they can do, when all they have to do is write a letter saying I worked for them last year and tell them what I made, then sign it. Problem would be solved. They won’t do that because they are scared to I guess. ( the boss of the company has gone to prison for tax fraud ) I’ll let you guys laugh at that. So pretty much what it has come to is I sent in every pay stub I had from last year, and it should work, Ill find out this week. Sadly if it does not work, what the IRS will do is end up auditing me, which I mean I don’t care cause I have nothing to hide, I do my taxes the same every year, and nothing changes. So what ever. The company that is screwing me now though, they will get theirs… they hide a lot. Not to include that they pay under the table over time after 40 hours, and it’s just straight time, which is illegal. So sorry for the long story, guys find out if all your wages were reported, one of my friends had the same problem! It’s going around! This job of mine wasn’t even reported to social security cause I called them to!



    I have been looking at this forum for a few months and I have learned alot. I filed 2/7 was accepted the next day, I received the 45 day letter and the 60 day letter. Went through all of that and still nothing. I got a TA some time in may who is awesome and is really trying to help me. I had to have surgery cervical spinal fusion so that was my hardship. He told me I had to send in my W-2 to him and a letter from my employer. being that I had to have emergency surgery couldn’t out it off anymore that should make them move faster because I can’t work rite now and have two small kids. I sent in my amended return on may 31 and he had me put a special code on it being that they already had looked at it previously. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to get it and for it show up in there computer system?



    I appreciate the kind words redacted. I’ve talked with all the local churches and they offer old food and a “resource list” – all of which we have gone to and applied for. We are on waiting lists for housing and such but some are 1 to 2 even up to 4 years. It’s unreal. Everyone offers food, but it’s stuff like rice and beans which we have no easy to prepare in the car without an oven (or even a microwave) or fruit and veggies which is mainly what we exist on. Diapers sometimes are offered but for some reason they never have my sons size, they tend to be really small which means I have to change him constantly or he wets thru, and it makes him very prone to rashes. Every little detail just.. is a struggle.

    I contacted the congressman about my tax situation asking him for his help and a handwritten thank you note in hopes he would do something. He emailed me back, had me sign a privacy release form so I did and returned it to his office in my town. He replied to me that he looked into it, and that the IRS still has yet to complete the review of my case… (I know this! So make them review it instead of just leaving me in the dark!!! Jeeze.) and he will contact me when he receives more information on my case.

    So.. idk? I guess even the congressman has decided I just have to wait for the IRS to do whatever. Just unbelievable. I can’t live like this for months more. And I have a baby coming in october.. I can’t be homeless, living in a car with a newborn and a toddler. This needs to be resolved, like now.


    redacted B

    Any, I’m so very sorry for your struggle! If I had my refund in my hands I swear you and your family wouldn’t be homeless!! I’ll keep praying for you girl, your struggle has truly inspired me. I wish there was something more I can offer. Unfortunately, I’m a single dad, my lady passed away of cancer and although I’m blessed to make good money, unfortunately, I don’t make enough I can just send it off as I have to take care of my kiddos , god forbid should I get sick myself.

    This isn’t redacted B talking to you, this is the real Martin. I swear girl if I could I’d help you and your family!

    I wish I had more to offer right now. Call a church. Call those annoying Jehovas Wittness bastards and those girly ass Mormons that annoy us all so much. Surely they can help your family!!

    I promise your all in my prayers and thoughts!!



    Yeah, still nothing for me. Finally got in touch with a tax advocate who said it’s very clear to her what the issue is on my return and that the IRS should have been able to tell me what the issue is.. that’s frustrating beyond belief. I called the IRS on the 22nd day since I filed, I was told 45 day review and called back the 46th day of that. Told 60 days review. I called on that 60 days. Then posted here, a few days before that 60 days would be up. I SPECIFICALLY LITERALLY ASKED THE IRS IF I CAN SEND THEM DOCUMENTS THAT WOULD HELP SPEED UP THE PROCESS IF THEY NEED ANY MORE INFO. I am honest, I have no issue providing any proofs, ID, documents, anything. I told them this every single call!!!!! The IRS told me that there was NOTHING I COULD DO and to JUST WAIT. Now this tax advocate is saying they should’ve told me they’re missing info and if I sent it, would have expedited the process.

    She’s saying Social Security didn’t get my W2 from one of my two employers last year, and that’s supposedly the cause of the entire hold up. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Something that I had no control over, and didn’t know anything about.. and the IRS refused to tell me!!! I’m supposed to just… keep waiting???? Ridiculous! They have my employers tax ID # as well as every info I provided them with. There is no way they can’t look up the info using the tax ID #.. that’s one of the many reasons it’s a thing. So they’re holding this up over a piece of paper!!!!! Paper they have the info from already!!! So my tax advocate said to fax over my last paystub from them and the accountants info and she will send it to IRS and move along the process.

    AKA it’s still going to be weeks!!!!! Especially because I don’t have access to that last paystub right now and the front desk keeps answering my call and “taking a message” and insists they will call back but they aren’t doing it. I need them to send me a new copy of that stub in the mail. But they won’t even contact me. I live 10 hours away from there now as I moved out of state… and am currently homeless. Over a piece of fcking paper.



    Got my refund today finally after 5 months almost. So stay positive people you will get yours.


    ALX D

    @joshua better be careful with the words ” just continued GOING TO WORK”.They gonna be all over you. Just watch. lol.



    To everyone “under review”….we filed in mid February, received cp05 45day review letter April 1st, three days later received 60day review notice. Review was up June 3rd, we received another letter stating it would be up to 60 more days. On June 8th where’s my refund showed we have a direct deposit date of June 12th, with $90 and change interest added to our return. We never called, never got an advocate, just continued GOING TO WORK, and figured since we were honest and made no mistakes they would sort it out and it was money in the bank eventually. Patience is a virtue, folks. Good luck.



    I got a refund date for the 12 too i had to wait over 60 days but the tax advocate help if you guys are undecided you should get one. there helpfully and hopefully it gets deposited on the 12



    I check “where’s my refund” today and finally it has a date for me I didn’t had to wait the whole 60 days I should hopefully be recieving it by June 12, finally all the stress will be over



    Has anyone got anything yet



    Received notice on 4/4 that was under a 60 day review. Review was up 6/4. Called 6/5 and got someone with such a thick accent you couldn’t understand but every third word if you were lucky. By the way I had already called 3x’s prior. The first time I called the person I spoke with told me that they didn’t have one of the w-2’s that I filed – the company didn’t report it. Called again a few weeks later and this person told me that I shouldn’t have been told that and it wasn’t necessarily the case and it could be under review for other reasons. Called again in May got someone who told me again that particular employer info was missing (from the employer filing side), she told me time was up 5/20. Asked what would happen once it was up and she told me they would process my return without that w-2 and I would get more money back. Called 5/21 and that person told me 60 days wasn’t up til 6/4 since that is when I received the LAST letter. He also explained to call back and request an escalation once the 60 days had passed As I said I called 6/5 and got the biggest idiot with such an accent. I explained to him the whole history and told him I wanted this escalated. He told me a letter was sent 5/12. I insisted it was NOT. I had him read the letter and it was bizarre about how they were checking this and that and this credit and that – I even explained I did NOT have the credit he was referencing in the letter. It also said they could call others to verify – who the hell are they calling???!!! I then asked for this letter to be remailed to me. He put me on hold for 18 minutes (we had now been on the phone over a damn hour) and came back to tell me he was escalating my request since the 60 days had passed – he was submitting a referral to the department that is holding up my refund. I said wait – what about the letter. He told me to disregard that he was incorrect – which I had already told him. So he “escalates” to this ghost department that is holding up my return and then I get informed that they have 60 days to either issue my refund or send me another damn letter. WTF???!!!!! Of course being that this guy was an idiot from the beginning and therefore I couldn’t take him at his word on what he was saying. I called again yesterday 6/6 and spoke with yet another person. She explained that yes it had been escalated with the referral to this “no name” department and that they had another 60 days. I said what happens when I still have NOTHING after yet this bogus 60 days. She said they then send you to an advocate who will work to get your refund. I asked how long that takes. She said she couldn’t provide a time frame. I asked will I get it this year, next year, etc> Her asinine response “I can neither confirm nor deny”. I have group legal through my employer and am going to speak with a tax attorney because I am tired of this run around and each time you contact the IRS you get a completely different answer.



    Hey Jaime so did you get your refund today or no?



    Was a under a 60 day review. The 60th day was June 1st still nothing. Wmr still says processing no bars no nothing.



    Was a under a 60 day review. The 60th day was June 1st still nothing. Wmr still says processing no bars no nothing.



    Well, they said June 4th after my 45/60 review, the 60th day is today. Nothing in the mail, no letter, WMR is still topic 152 & processing. No return. Fml.



    I was given 45 /60/ and another 60 day review have not heard anything else. One of my issues was my w2 wasnt adding up but they told me I don’t have to send anything at this time. Haven’t heard back from TA . I’m over this tax season.



    Has anyone recieved anything yet?



    Don’t want no one get hopes up but a lot of ppl including me are getting refunds back on 6/5 days on my transcripts not on website



    Faxed over my 1040x just yesterday to my TA and mailed it out the following day to the irs. Will be making a phone call on tomorrow to see if she received my paper work. I can’t stress enough on how horrible this tax season has been. Hoping for a bright outcome for us all



    I just wanted to add to the threads of frustration after reading some of these replies. I filed in February and after waiting 21 days I called to inquire and I was told that I was under a 60 day review. I them waiting 60 days before calling back which was around May 18th. They told me that day that my return would take another 60 days to review. The notice was sent out on the 15th but I have yet to receive anything in the mail. At this point I feel like they tell people the same thing regardless of the situation. If you are going through the same thing just know you aren’t the only one. I tried calling a TA but I haven’t received call back yet. This has never happened to me before and I’m beyond frustrated. I wouldn’t waste my time calling the IRS because they won’t tell you anything you want to hear.



    I don’t understand how everyone is getting a TA. I have called my “local” one (the only one in my state) every single day since posting here. Leaving a message. They say will.be back within 1 business day and I have yet to get a call back. Again, I’m calling and leaving a message every day with my info. Considering going thru the federal one but I read they don’t help, just like IRS, and must get a local one to do anything. This is just a nightmare and a half. Life is so awful right now. If they would just send my check, I could get back to living a proper life.


    Dagmar R

    I file my taxes since February 13th o. March 25th received a letter saying I was under a 45 day review 3 days later I received another letter stating that they needed an additional 60 days o called the IRS hotline to see if they can give me a reason why they just said that I have to wait it out I reached out to an tax advocate in April and she told me my wages dont add up an W2 was missing so my old employer faxed over my information to my tax advocate twice and I even mailed it to her also. Everytime I called no answer nor a returned of call everyone on here is saying get a tax advocate but my experience have been a nightmare I am still waiting. Then last week I finally received a letter from my tax advocate and she is claiming she never got anything and will be dropping my case on May29th. SO OVER THIS WHOLE TAX SEASON



    Filed February 3 been on 45 day review 60 day review now I just got us anotjer 60 day review Called the tax advocate after I receive the letter they said they were waiting for all my information to pop up in their computer the tax advocate told me that my information wasn’t matching their information and it was probably because I filed to early My tax lady said that that’s not the case but anyways she said she sent my taxes to be released she’s gonna call me back June 20 to tell me any information she said my case will be closed by July 3 and I should expect a refund after or before



    That’s AMAZING news Jorge!!! Hoping you get yours sooner than expected. Me on the other had a hard time figuring out how to fill in the 1040x. But every thing is ok now lol. Gonna give my TA a call on Tuesday just in case I’m missing something.



    Hey Jessica yeah i talked 2 mine 2 days ago and she told me that she forwarded my paper works and missing w2 to the IRS and hopefully it gets done quick she said to give them another month but she said hopefully it’s sooner than that so I’m crossing my fingers too lol



    Hi Jorge. Love my TA. She called me a few days ago,telling me that I only got my wages wrong. That I need to file a 1040x. Calling her on tomorrow to see where I should fill in on the paper work. A lot of people have stated that they received their refund much sooner with a TA. So I’m crossing as much parts of my body as I can in hopes that I receive what I worked hard for. As I really need that money RIGHT NOW!



    Hey Jessica so did they give you a date or what’s going on with your tax advocate?



    I have always done my taxes at H and R block never any issues my information was excepted electronically on February 3, 2019 I got a letter March 15 starting they need to review and verified my identity I called my representative and took the letter to H and R block basically nothing to do but wait I wait still nothing I called IRS and was told it was never reviewed I paid 423 dollars to have to wait 6 months for nothing I don’t believe there is an issue it’s just an hold nothing has changed but I lost a corporate job last year I been filing my taxes with H and R block for 20 years when July come if there is no change I will seek further action.



    This tax season is a NIGHTMARE. But luckily I got a tax advocate. She is EXTREMELY helpful!!! Told her my situation,about my 3 kids (with another on the way) and so much more. Praying for better days. Especially before my baby gets here. Being young and having a rough start out on living is harder than I thought. But me and my husband are making the. Best of it. Praying for better and brighter days.

    Irs you can suck a big one!!!!!!



    Oh lord Amy if you are in the situation u need to be calling the tax advocate for help posting all that not going to give refund and I’m not being harsh toward u js only u need to call them



    I filed on 2/21. Had a baby last April, so I am expecting that bonus plus I made under 10k last year due to not working because late pregnancy and baby. Filed HoH, not married (engaged..) Still waiting too, got the 45 day review (found out by calling IRS after 22 days of filing) and that got completed apparently 4/4… earlier than the expected 45 days (would’ve coincidentally been my sons birthday, April 28th).. however they want a another 60 days from letter, making that June 4th. I really hope it’s here by then.

    I moved to a new state in August. I had no idea the rental market is ridiculous here, they want perfect credit 700+ as well as thousands for security deposit and first month rent.. and they have to like you as a person. They say there is a 1% rental rate. I had no clue til I got here with my family. We brought a little money, and my credit is good but fiance has old medical bills. Our last rental from the other state refuses to talk with any other managers because they are shady AF and didnt have beat relations towards the end of tenancy. We haven’t been able to get approved for anywhere to live here in the new state. My fiance, my 1 year old son, and I have been living in the car for the past about 10 months, sleeping in parking lots and rest stops. I am also expecting another in a couple months (we had no idea we would still be in this boat)… all we need is the return to pay off fiance bills and have enough for deposit and first months rent in a place (and maybe haircut and some new clothes too? we last got turned down for being obviously homeless.. no other good reason. We were applying as we thought the return would be here soon)..

    I’m so tired of waiting and living like this. My poor son needs a place to walk. He’s strapped in a car seat 24/7 pretty much and I’m pregnant and miserable. I don’t even know how fiance is going to work daily10 hour shifts to support us and not breaking completely.

    Please. Send the stupid refund already. For the love of…



    I talked to the advocate today and they assigned my case to the local one by me and they told me they don’t need anything from me right now and my person w my case will call me Thursday and if they need anything they will let me know and that whatever the issue I have will be resolved by July 3 I have been waiting since February 3 and now on 3 review 45/60/60 again



    Use this website:

    And call incessantly until they call you back. It took 8 days to get a return phone call. She identified the issue and are working towards a resolution.

    I still do not have my return but have hopes that I might see it this month.

    Use your state’s local tax advocate as they are the only ones that will actually help you once you get ahold of them. The national ones provided by the IRS are no better than the idiots you can talk to by dialing the IRS 800#

    I’ve been waiting on my return since F/A 2/5 and if there’s an issue w/ your return and it’s not resolved, the IRS will just keep sending you the 60 day letters over and over to infinity.



    Kristi ‭1 (877) 777-4778‬


    krystal kirkland

    How do i contact the ta



    ANOTher 60 day fuckin review I’m so done w this



    I wonder what they do if u don’t call after ur review



    Veronica just contacted them a few days ago. Let me tell ya this. The lady who I contacted was EXTREMELY nice and understood my situation. That same night I got well needed sleep after going back and forth with the IRS. My TA is suppose to call me back in a few days. I’m just ready to end this nightmare. I’m so sick of this. First the 45 day review than the 60 day. Like at this point I don’t care what I get. I just give me my well earned money that I worked hard for.



    Did they give u a referral after your 45 days were up? If so, they will require 60 more days



    Talked to them today. Received cpo5 letter March 10 (45 day review) it’s been well past 45 days. So I called today and they told me the “service department” said I needed to wait an additional 60 days starting today! Wtf is that all about?



    Nope, after my 60 days were up i just got a referral which they said i have to wait a maximum of 60 days



    So no one here has received taxes after their review



    I recommend everyone to just get a TA. They ask you if you are going through a financial hardship, but you don’t have to give any documents to prove it. I’ve been waiting since 02/04/19 only to find out the last time someone was actually in my file was 03/14/19 when they mailed my out my 60 day letter, I filled out a form and faxed it over to get someone (TA) to look at what’s wrong with my taxes and I was contacted back in a few days. Then he said he can manually go in and expedite my taxes. So if you been waiting, stop waiting and call to get a TA to look over your file. That’s the only way you will know something. I’ve been waiting all this time only to find out i had to amend my taxes, and if you went through Turbo Tax they have the form so all you do is print it off , sign, and mail it. I hope this helps someone


    Tara Ritchie

    My daughter is a single working mother with two kids. Makes under the poverty level working two part time jobs. She filed in January and she has been getting the same run around you all are. Waits the initial 21 days, nothing. Gets slammed with the 45 day review, waits, nothing. Calls and gets told to just wait out the review. Gets letters saying no action required, under review. Waits 45 days again. Calls again today and is told she is now under a 60 day review. THERE IS NOTHING TO REVIEW. The government is screwing everyone over and there’s nothing you can do about it. Taxes are extortion.



    Same here. Call the IRS yesterday waited 30mins to get in touch with someone just for the first rep to tell me I’m on a 60 day review blah blah blah. My curiosity got the best of me. After I got off the phone with the first rep,I called again. Waited and was than told Im on a 45 DAY REVIEW!! WTF!! I’m also a struggling mother with 3 kids with another on the way. The IRS is BS. Just got off the phone with a TA and it was the best thing I ever did! She told me what was wrong. Get a TA y’all. I swear the IRS won’t tell you sh*t diddly squat and will make you wait the whole 60 days before you know about anything. This will likely be my last Tax year. I’m tired of these people screwing me around.



    Sooo I had received the 60 day review letter, it was up May 14th. I called…they said oh we will send this over to processing, please allow them 60 days to respond to this. If you don’t hear from them by July 16th then call 800-829-0922. LIKE WTF! I’m a single mom of two kids, I don’t get child support, I also support my mother and little sister. Everyone lives in my house and all on my salary. I need this and they are screwing around! I swear the country is probably so broke they can’t pay us back for what we paid in so they just keep doing this. I changed my tax withholding to exempt. Screw the IRS, they can just deduct what I’ll owe for 2019 from the money they owe me. I’m so done with the US BS. They aren’t getting any more tax money from me. I’m done!



    Filed on 2/9 accepted 2/9, I get child credit but make to much for earned income so I know I was waiting until the end of February before they released anything.
    2/27 comes and goes nothing March 2 bars go away and get the received and still being processed blah blah blah message. Waited the full 21 days called the IRS to be told I’m getting a letter. (I didn’t count weekends idk if that makes a difference) 3/29 get 2 letters dated 3/25 45 day and 60 day, no action needed we’ll contact you letters So I figured out how to do the transcript and check that MF every Wednesday and Saturday. No updates yet. Pretty much giving up on ever getting it. Tried a tax advocate line today. Transfer 3 times to wait 49 minutes hearing all representatives are busy helping others. Then please hold till we connect you. To get: due to technical difficulties you call can mot be answered try again later and hangs up.



    NO money yet for me



    Has anyone under review received a refund yet? And how are you all getting through to an IRS rep? I continue to get disconnected. Thanks!


    Taylor Mcneily

    i decided i am calling a tax advocate monday morning. filed 1-18, accepted 1-22, bars disappeared 2-10. called irs was told i had to verify my identity. verified 3-6. 9001 error code all the way til april 30th, it then updated to “we have recieved your tax return and it is now being processed” and still says that. i was told to wait 9 weeks but during my 6th week of waiting BOOM got hit with a 60 day review letter. June 11 is when my review is up but im not waiting because something tells me it’ll be june 11 and i still wont have my refund!!!!



    Okay so I have determined I will not let them take any federal taxes out of my pay if it’s going to be like this! Fuck them for 2019, I rather pay the $300 at the end of the year than wait this long ever again. My 60 days is up…nothing.



    I filed 2/1/219 got accepted on 2/2
    got a 45 day review letter 3/7 and 60 day letter 3/11
    may 6th termed the 60 day review I called yesterday and IRS rep. stated she would
    put in a request to release funds but it could take another 60 days. This is the first time this had ever happened to me. I have been at my employer for the past 10 years with the same 3 dependents. WTH is going on. What could they possibly being reviewing if every thing is the same and has been for the past 10 years??? This tax season is by far the worst. I feel like just giving up if it comes it comes.



    The 60 days start from the date of the letter not after your 45 days



    Filed taxes on 2-6 accepted 2-7. Waited the 21 days but nothing. I gave it a few days before calling IRS. So I called 3-3. The woman was rude and said that I was being placed on a 45 day review on 3-18. She also said I should receive a letter telling me about this. So I had to wait LONGER for my review to start?!? Didn’t receive my letter until a week AFTER my review date. It is two days before my 45 days is up and still nothing. I see all of these comments stating they have an additional 60 days after the 45 days is up. I hope not. The government is really screwed up and is f*cking us over.



    Wow, still nothing for anyone? I didn’t realize so many people were in the same boat. I too filed early February (6th) and March 14th I got the 60 day review letter. It’s May 6th. My transcript says processed 3/18, Refund due date 4/15…obviously those don’t mean anything if I’m still waiting. I called and the guy said there aren’t any new letters and to wait. He said the funds should release on the 60th day. Let’s hope, I’m a single mom of two kids, supporting my mom and sister and I don’t get any help at all assistance wise or child support. 5 ppl on my one salary.



    I was in the same boat as everybody , but I got my 60 day review completed before 60 days .
    DO NOT WAIT !!!
    Say you are in a hardship , need to pay something and it’s passed due
    You will be assigned a TA
    And they will tell you INSTANTLY the reason you are under review I waited a minute before I called and called it’s multiple times but they say it’s nothing wrong
    When in fact there is one of my w2s did not get sent in so I had faxed same day and now have a date took a week



    Filled on 2-1 accepted on 2-2 went through 45 day review and additional 60 days review was supposed to be completed may 2 I called and was told they had til end of day to finish and process now may 6 and still nothing still say process and irs giving run around



    Still no taxes for me my 45 days has been up



    I came on here to get answers as well & I’m pretty much in the same boat as everyone else.. My 45 day review is up now but I had received the 60 more day on top of that which makes my final date May 14th for the review to be completed. Very similar to a lot on here. It’s upsetting to say the least. I’ve asked to go into the office to straighten everything out and get to the bottom of it but it just doesn’t work like that. I filed in Jan just to be in the predicament now….still waiting



    I got a letter that my refund was on review for 45 days, so I called today because the 45 days had passed and was told to wait an additional 60 days more, if I don’t receive anything to call back



    Hello, My taxes where put on review March 18th 45- then a 60 day from March 18th. So now I have until May 16th for the 60 days. I called April 15th and they told me to wait until the 45 days and call again. I’m calling today. But it still says processing and it still says code 152. I don’t like to have to wait testing my patients but being positive looking at the worse sucks. I never dealt with this before. Do you get ur tax return when it’s up? I read there’s possible extensions they can add to it. For heaven sakes I hope not….



    Did anyone get there refund yet?



    Still waiting I filled 2-4 accepted 2-7 mine is simple and no mistakes but 45 day review ended today



    ✨ I filed 01/18 and Accepted 01/22

    ✨ 02/09 WMR update to “Still being processed” and filing status change from HoH to Single.

    ✨ 02/25 I received ID verification letter, I called and verify the same day.

    ✨ 03/08 I called IRS for an update and I was told I was on 45days review.

    ✨ 04/12 I called IRS again for an update and I was told nothing changes yet, just keep checking WMR for an update.

    ✨ 04/30 Today, when I checked WMR my filing status went back to HoH!! But still says “still being processed”

    Is it a good sign that my filing status went back to to HoH?



    I received a letter that they were doing a 60 day review on 3/5 that was dated for 2/28. My 60 days was up on 4/28, I called on 4/29 and the lady told me that she had to send a referral over to that unit and it could take anywhere from 2-60 more days. I was selected last year as well. I never had this problem with my taxes until I moved to this state. This shit is crazy and pissing me off because there is absolutely nothing that I can do.


    Alx D.

    Mine just changed from generic 9001 to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”. Please someone tell me this is good news. Got a CP05 letter about a week ago. Id verified on 3/8.



    Takes overnight for Transcripts to update

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