3rd party wages still hasn't verified wages

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    So at this point im still waiting on my ol job to verify my wage so the IRS said so a little timeline

    Jan 29- filed
    March 7 – review 45
    April 6- turns into a 60 day review
    May 6 – another 60 day review IRS sent letter to referral who ever that is
    June 7 – find out that they need to verify my wages

    With that being said I’m at lost I still haven’t got a update the old company i worked for still hasn’t verified my wages and my money is on hold Wtf is going on and what can I do now NOT to mention I have not received one letter from the IRS but I can receive my transcript so how are they sending letter and I haven’t recieved but I can order my transcript and recieved those doesn’t make any since.

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    Marty B

    If it’ll help I’ll call her too!


    Marty B

    I’m in Indiana. How many of you are as well?



    This is a bunch of BS I SWEAR



    @pleasehelp: yes the whole time including now. And The Indiana congresswomen is calling out the IRS for holding refunds in the news today!



    @spooky did u have tt152 showing on yours along with your refund amount and Ssn”
    ? just trying to figure something out with my timeline



    Welp, 30 days into my second 60 day holding period, I called and was told I was sent an ID verification letter on May 24th. which of course I never received. I now have an appointment for this Friday to verify in person, this after spending another 90+ minutes and getting hung up on twice. Can’t wait to see how this goes as I will be armed with the past years pay stubs, small business records and 209 forms of ID. I’ll update once I get out of there with whatever news they can give me. And I’m sure it will be yet another period of waiting. Unreal


    Marty B

    SPooky, I’ll tell ya what is next bro, you’ll need another bottle of lube. As i myself will too. It’s insane. My review for my CP05 will be up July 18th I think it said.



    @kimmy I’m in the same situation. My former employer added a bunch of expense reimbursements as income, which it’s not. So what I claimed as income is 7k less then what’s showing on my W2, and since the company has been sold, there’s no one to call. I’ve asked if I can send my last check stub as proof but they said no just wait. I just wish they would tell me what I need to do at this point. Anywho my second 60 is up July 12. Cant wait to see what happens next.

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