3/30/2022 DD

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      3/30/2022 DD

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          I received my deposit via Wells Fargo/PayPal Account at 2:36am!!

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            NOTHING!!! My WMR DD is still showing 3/30/2022. wth…but I’m still not showing “funded” on PTG site. I used turbo tax and from problems others have dealt with using TT, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop for me, same dang info posted, no changes, and no dang monies!!! I hate this, this tax season has me boiling with anxiety. Is everyone else’s refunds moving along??

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              My DD states 3/30/2022, but WMR hasn’t updated past 2 bars. I fell under the weekly updates this whole time, im nervous my refund is not going to be sent. SBT site still says unfounded, I thought direct deposits notices are sent out 24-48 hrs before and you will see your money finally moving, I’m scarred because I have not and my DDD is 20 minutes away, and I feel like I’m about to be let down. Is anyone else with 3/30 not seeing funded yet on SBT?

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                I haven’t yet!! I’ve been funded and supposed deposit sent 3/29 at 1:20 am.. but I don’t see any pending payments

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                  Hello, DDD 3/30! Final says funded! Have you received your deposit yet?

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