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      Anyone get for today 3/2 ….. Nothing here my paychecks are always in by 430 …. First national bank p.a

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          03/02. My DD was 3/2 on WMR, my DD hit my Regions acct @ 6am, my WMR bars didn’t update to sent until the following morning.
          It’s BS they haven’t deposited your $ yet, who do u bank with or did you use a prepaid card? Heard TT is having ALOT of issues with no depositing people’s funds on time.
          My WMR did state IF funds weren’t DD by 3/7 to call my bank, ik it sux, but maybe wait till after 3/7 to really be concerned IF the $ doesn’t show up by the 3/7 date. Good 🤞

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            It’s now the 4th and it hasn’t arrived. We have a ddd of 03/02. Just wondering if everyone has gotten theirs but us who had that date? This year has just been so crazy… one hurdle after the next. So when I finally seen that date I let myself feel relieved. Regretting that at this point tho. Any info would be appreciated.

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              Mine was pending sincing last night in my CommunityAmerica Credit Union account and cleared at 5am. I filed with H&R Block and had fees taken out.

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                Ddd of 3/2 as well and nothing today. Still says refund approved.

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                  mine hit around 5:30a est i had fees taken, TT sent the email around 3:45a est, went into my paypal checking
                  good luck to those still waiting

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                    Mine hit at 6:30

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                      Mine hit yay

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                        Chime hit at 5:30 am EST

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                          Nothing for me yet,

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                            Chime just hit 5:54am

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                              Nothing here. I got an email from TT today though saying to look tomorrow :/

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                                My DD hit 4:30am
                                Filed TT
                                Accepted 2/11
                                DDD 3/2
                                Offset code 210

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                                  Nothing for me either, I bank with chime 3/2 ddd

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