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      Accepted 1/30 wit TT, 1 bar with no transcripts until 2/23, wmr said still processing the entire time, didn’t call the IRS, received no letters from the IRS, 2/23: transcripts finally updated with 846 code wmr showing 3/1 DDD .. if you haven’t received a letter from the IRS and wmr just says still processing, you’re probably fine, seems to that 21 day timeframe excludes weekends for most people I know. 2/23 was Day 18 and 3/1 is Day 22 both tallied without weekends included. Good luck to all!

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          What was your cycle code on your transcripts? did they push you back? Or is your week still 0501?

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            @ Mama

            No, my wmr now is on 2nd bar – Refund Approved and scheduled to be sent to my bank by 3/1

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            Mama of 6

              Does your WMR still say processing even tho your transcripts updated ?

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