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      Accepted 28th dd 2/5 waiting for funds to hit SBBT. Daddy needs a 6 pack!!!

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          Good Luck everyone I pulled up my sbbt account and they have my refund its been a long wait.

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            I got accepted 1/29 same day I filed and got my DD on 2/2 at 430 am of 2/6. My bank doesnt see anything pending yet so hopefully we see it tomorrow

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              When did you all get your DD dates? How many days were you processing before you received it?

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                got my refund few mins ago in my account. wmr still shows refund approved and not sent. however, I am feeling sad for my friend who was accepted on 1/28th as well but no progress. still shows as return received. she keeps checking sbbt (since fees are deducted) and still no deposits. but I got mine…just to update everyone with the dd date 2/5.

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                  @HeidiD- I was hoping for an early deposit today as well. I really wanted to go and blow some money today, but it’s cool cos tomorrow’s our day!! Good luck and best wishes 2/5ers! See ya next year on IGMR lol :)

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                    My return is set to dd 2/5. Although RB has already received return and a..nd taken out my fees. Said it was trasfered to my bank. …. but nothing yet…..crossing my fingers for early deposit :)

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                      SBBT has my funds today. It has been disbursed already to my credit union so I will get it by tomorrow. However, the WMR is still on the second bar, Approved, instead of a full bar.

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                        So I just checked SBBT and it shows they have received funds from the IRS and that fees and all that were paid AND that funds were sent to my bank account, however, when I check with Chase, there is nothing there, nothing pending. AHHGHGHGHH!!! This is torture!! I guess the one good thing is I am a 2/5er, and I’m sure the funds will be there when they say they will. Oh, and next year, I’m paying the TT fees upfront. This is the first year I ever opted to have fees taken from my refund.

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                          @ugh – check sbbt. If it went back to processing your funds may be there.

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                            I have 2/5 as a dd and going through sbbt. But my status went back to processing on Saturday :(

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                              still waiting too. accepted 1/28 & got dd of 2/5 but nothing deposited yet. maybe on monday i will see something sbbt.

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