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      Filed morning of 2/4 using TT. No update no, transcripts. Did notice on transcripts every year my cycle codes are 0605.

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          @beaniesma I filed same day w hrblock n how do I look up a transcript

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            Do u know the number cuz I’m lost n I wanna know when can I sign in n see bars

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              @nita did you try calling the WMR hotline number?

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                I filed 2/4 and was accepted same day tried to go to wmr and it says I have to wait 24 hrs after irs accepted but its been 4 days eat should I do

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                  Hmm… On another post you wrote you filed 2/3…@cali girl

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                    Accepted 2/4 DDD 2/11!

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                    cali girl

                      Filed 2/4 and got DDD date for 2/11 just morning

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                        Filed 2/4 HRBLOCK, accepted 2 hours later, still pending DDD but transcript code is 0601.

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