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      Filed 2/3/15 – accepted 2/3/15

      Just posting this to see how long it takes for us 2/3 filers to be approved. I know it’s early, but just curious. Anyone who filed on 2/3 please note here any updates to your status.

      Also, what is a cycle date or number, and where do you find that?

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          Fiord 2/3 accepted next dat…. Still saying processing getting annoying…. I already received my state

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            Filed 02/04.. Accepted that day. Still first bar as of 02/20. What’s going on?

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              Hi All! I filed 2/2 was accepted the same day, have 1 dependent, EIC, education credit and Obama Care for half of the year. The other half of the year I was exempt as I live in PA. I have had no movement on wmr! One bar. No transcripts. N/A. I filed through TT as I have for the past 10 years. Anyone else in the same situation? Did anyone get their refund that had Obama Care???

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                FINALLY!!!!!!! DDD 2/19…Now the worrying of if they are going to put it in early ;-)

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                  I filed on 2/3 and got accepted the same day. I checked earlier today and it says approved and it should be in my account by the 19th. Filed online with turbo tax

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                    Update from bars missing on 2/11. Checked this morning and have a ddd of 2/18. Yes!

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                      I filed on 2/3, got accepted same day, had one bar until 2/9 and now I have the processed will get a DDD when available with topic 152, transcripts are all N/A :(

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                        I filed 2/2 accepted 25 mins. No DDD no transcripts just one bar on wmr with 152. Filed my moms 2/4. Same approval time, accepted 2/8 w/DDD 2/11. She got it today 2/10. Both TT filers but she single and this is my 1st yr filing married joint instead hoh. Could that be the hold up? Last few yes had an average of 9 days the whole process. This day 8 and not a single twitch on my status so I’m already getting nervous. I’m still hopeful tho cause all the ppl threads that have had better luck. Hang in there

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                          Filed 2/3
                          Accepted 2/3
                          Approved 2/7 w ddd 2/11
                          Refund deposited 2/11

                          Recv’d refund this morning, however, wmr still says “approved” only two bars – I even called and the automated phone system still said nothing about being deposited. So u really can’t go by what the bars show. My sister filed the same day I did, and got the same ddd date of 2/11 – we have the same bank but she got hers 2/9 and I got mine today. ???? Anywhooo…
                          Good luck…hope u guys rec’v it soon!

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                            Anyone with updates today?
                            filled 2/3
                            accepted 2/3
                            NO DDD

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                              Received bar gone as of this morning

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                                Checked WMR and it says they sent the DD to my bank, MyVanilla Prepaid Debit which is run by Bancorp if I recall correctly, on 2/10.
                                WMR shows refund sent; was locked out of it all day and checked at 12am 2/11.

                                I hope it’s actually going to clear today. What I found weird was that WMR had a refund send date of 2/10, but my cycle number was 20150504.
                                For this year’s tax return, this is the day breakdown:

                                Friday 01
                                Monday 02
                                Tuesday 03
                                Wednesday 04
                                Thursday 05

                                Source: http://www.irs.gov/irm/part3/irm_03-030-123r.html#d0e1455 * Jacked this from user Ambzee who was kind enough to break it down. Hopefully I just got trolled by the IRS and it will clear in a few hours.

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                                  I filed on 02/04/15 was accepted that same day, WMR still only has me at 1 bar.. still processing.

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                                    Forgot to mention, dont pay to much attention to wmr, last yr never went past second bar, this year same thing so far!

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                                      Tax Act Premium
                                      e-filed 02/03
                                      Accepted within 2 mins
                                      02/10 showing as pending (02/11) in checking account (Alliant CU)

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                                        Filed the afternoon of 2/3 with turbotax. Immediately accepted. Still only at received/processing on WMR.

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                                          Anyone with ddd 2/11 bank with BB&T? Did you rec’v it early or does your account show a pending deposit for tomorrow or anything?

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                                            Still no movement here.

                                            Filed 2/3 – accepted an hour later.
                                            Filed thru TaxAct
                                            Some Self Employment (less than 1k)
                                            Health Insurance Penalty

                                            Getting impatient as in the past years I’ve had my refund by now. I’ve never had Self Employment income, and obviously never had to pay the penalty for not having health insurance before, I wondered if that could hold things up.

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                                              Filed 2/3 at 1am, accepted an hour later…wmr updates to approved 2/6 with ddd of 2/10. Nothing posted to my account at all. 20150504 cycle date. Filed with turbo tax for free; would that delay the posting a day or two?

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                                                Filed and accepted 2/3 through TurboTax and just updating that I’ve not moved a bit from 1 bar.

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                                                  Filed and accepted instantly 2/3, thru TaxAct.
                                                  Approved 2/7 with ddd of 2/11.

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                                                    I was approved the 5th, cycle code 20150602, 846, WMR still at one bar.

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                                                      Filed and accepted on 2/3 still nothing nope

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                                                        I’m still at no bars no DDD nothing I filled and was accepted on 2/3. Has anyone seen any movement?

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                                                          filed – 2/2 (close to midnight)
                                                          accepted 2/3
                                                          still at 1 bar
                                                          can’t remember my login to retrieve my transcripts via online….
                                                          WMR still at 1 bar…
                                                          is there any hope….if theres hope for a tree..theres hope for me!
                                                          “For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.”

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                                                            I Filed in the afternoon on 2/3. Accepted the same day, but still no DD date. I get EIC, and this is the first year I’ve ever had self employment income (just under $1000), and have filed the appropriate schedules. Can having these extra schedules and info cause it to take alittle longer to get approved? I know others that have filed the same day, or the day after with more straight forward taxes and they have already received their DD date of 2/10 or 2/13. Anyone in the same boat as me?

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                                                              Filed my daughter’s on 2/3 with TT. Accepted about 30 minutes later. On 2/5 it was approved with a 2/9 DDD. JUST CHECKED …….WMR says it is still in approval status. HOWEVER………I just checked and SBBT received the deposit on 2/6 and forwarded to her bank. IT IS THERE!

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                                                                Filed 2/3 excepted same same ddd 2/10. Praying it will be here in the morning.

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                                                                  Filed 2/4 Accepted 2/4 Approved 2/7 DDD-2/12

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                                                                    Filed 2/3. Accepted 2/3 Approved 2/6 DDD 2/11. Never been this fast

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                                                                      Filed 2/3 accepted 2/3 got two bars 2/7 with ddd of 2/11 just got my deposit at 10:00 pm tonight

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                                                                        No change for me and I filed 2/3 and I filed for my sister 2/2 and no change for her.

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                                                                          Filed 2/3 Accepted 2/3 I used TT and still stuck on 1 bar.

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                                                                            Filled and accepted on 2/3, no change yet.

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                                                                              FEDERAL FILED ON 2/3 AND ACCEPTED ON 2/3 STILL AT ONE BAR ON WMR

                                                                              MISSOURI STATE FILED ON 2/3 AND ACCEPTED ON 2/3 RECEIVED REFUND ON 2/4

                                                                              ILLINOIS SENT ON 2/3 ……STILL NOT RECEIVED OR ANHYTHING.

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                                                                                WooHoo!! status just changed this morning to DDD 2/11/15.

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                                                                                  I filed on 2/3/15 and I was approved for a DDD 2/11/15

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                                                                                    I filed on 2/3 and was accepted within the hour. I also used TT. I will have an offset so not sure if that will effect my approval/DD.

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                                                                                      I filed yesterday and was accepted before midnight. I will be waiting a while anyway as we filed injured spouse. But I’m glad just knowing it’s there

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                                                                                        @lovebugg003 – I filed on 02/03/15 and was accepted on 02/03/15. I used turbo tax.

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