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    Filed 2/2 TurboTax
    EIC & CTC

    won’t hear much till 2/15 but anyone who filed 2/2 post here and we can keep each other updated!

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    Loyal Taxpayer

    Same boat here filed 2/2 accepted same day. Told not done processing//not worried at all verified when i called in to irs also filed with my ip pin. I guess because im weekly i should update saturday



    If this has already been asked/answered I do apologize in advance.
    Getting a little worried. Filed and accepted 2/2, EIC & ACIC. Had one bar for a little while, then PATH message and now the generic processing message. Able to order account and return transcripts by mail. Didn’t see any changes today with this big update to WMR.
    Is it possible that I could see DDD tomorrow or are WMR updates only done on certain days?



    Finally got the second bar this morning–refund is scheduled for 2/23.



    e-filed and accepted 2/2
    no EIC or ACTC

    I’ve been stuck on a single bar / still processing. I checked my transcript this morning, and it’s showing a refund date of 3/6.

    I actually got more timely updates last year after having to paper file (I had to provide documentation of a 401k rollover). I don’t mind waiting a bit for the actual money, but the lack of an update was really upsetting–I was starting to think something was wrong.



    No update here. WMR still showing as processing. Im starting to get a little worried, its disheartening. I’m due March 20th with baby #3 and would LOVE to have my refund before baby arrives as I’m needing it to purchase additional necessities.** Ugh just venting**
    We filed Joint 2/2 and were accepted 2/3. Claimed both EIC and ACTC. Had generic Path message since 2/12 updated to processing 2/16. No change today. Don’t know how to order transcripts, so didn’t do that.



    Mine still says processing… but some of yall give me hope!!



    Filed & accepted 2/2

    Today 2/17:
    WMR – still proceasing but can finally order return transcript with following info:

    Cycle 20170705
    846 refund issued code
    No EIC but do have CTC & Education credits



    filed and accepted 2/2
    Whoop whoop !!
    woke up this am to refund approved with a DD 2/22
    Good luck everyone



    filed and accepted 2/2
    path message updated to your return is being processed.
    woke up this am to refund approved with a DD 2/22



    I filed 2/2 and I’m a weekly. I was finally able to order return transcript this morning. This weekend is the big update. I’m hopeful now.



    Anyone filed with the tax credits and never receive the PATH message? Mine has been saying the same accepted/processing message since 2/2. I can now order Account transcript, but it says no return filed as of 02/27…



    I’ve seen on some pages deposits are starting to come through for early filers to 2/4



    filed and accepted 2/2

    Updated to processing message and no more path message. I did check my transcripts just now and they did update with an 846 refund issued code this morning. The issue date is 3/6/2017. checked all my previous transcripts and i received my refund way before that date on the transcripts. good luck everyone…….. the money is coming!!!!



    Filed and accepted 2/2, then went to PATH message. Checked this morning says we received and being processed….



    I no longer have the path message or TT 152.
    It just says my return is being processed and to go there or the other place once a day.
    This is new as of Wednesday



    My path message is gone and it’s back to saying it’s being processed



    Same for me. Blah. What an awful update.



    It just did for me!!! No more PATH mess. Now it says “We have received you tax return and it is being processed.”



    WMR will not update will after 3:30am!



    Im staying up please everyone post on here if you get an update the irs is very unpredictable this year



    I hope we see an update tonight im going crazy waiting ive been stuck on path message since feb 3



    Anymore updates? Does wmr always update at midnight? Lol, how many are staying up to check?



    To stay on topic, I’m still at one bar. I can order account transcript only. I have EITC. “Processing” message and Still showing TT 152 and amount on side.



    Sorry that you clicked on here hoping for an update. So you decided to rag on me about a post I posted days ago and said I made a mistake. This is an open forum and I can express my dismay because I am a 2/2 filer also. People can express whatever they want, you are not above anyone here. Thanks for your input. Have a nice day!



    @Kitskycat, seriously, not trying to be mean, but you should lighten up. @NeedInfo is correct, though he might have overstated it a bit. This site is specifically meant to stop misinformation, so when people aren’t careful enough to maintain that, it does in fact null the site.

    You should’ve checked your info better. You did post a 3 year old notice, and no one thinks you did it on purpose, but you did do it. So instead of screaming & swearing, maybe try just apologizing. It’s a bit ridiculous to do that all at once.

    Let’s try to act like adults here people.



    This is sad. People need to pay xmas bills, they screwed Valentines day, those heartless people. When is the end to this nitemare. They are earning boatloads of money off interest. And WE THE PEOPLE have to starve. Hope we all have relief come tomorrow morning. And I hope businesses come together and show quarterly losses because of this Bullcrap and give the IRS hell.



    Filed and accepted 2/2. I have EIC

    This morning wmr showed the path message and the bars disappeared. Hopefully this is a good sign?



    Direct Deposit Date was accurate, money was there this morning as stated. Good Luck everyone!



    @nessa79 I did not file either.



    “Where’s My Refund?” Begins Updating Feb. 16 for EITC and ACTC Filers By law, the IRS must hold Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit refunds until Feb. 15. Taxpayers will begin to see refunds claiming EITC/ACTC the week of Feb. 27. “Where’s My Refund?” will update for EITC/ACTC refunds beginning Feb. 16, with the vast majority updating by Feb. 18.

    Source of this news is the IRS

    Where’s My Refund Update for PATH act

    We will constantly update this page as we have news regarding the PATH act tax delay message.

    3:54PM CST. The IRS just sent out a press release. The IRS Where’s My Refund tool will not update until February 16th, 2017 for those that still have the PATH act message. It will begin updating WMR on February 16th through February 18th for the vast majority of EITC/ACTC taxpayers.
    jemjam730 9 minutes ago
    Just so everyone knows I filed EIC and ACTC
    I filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/2.
    Bars gone on 2/8 no path act message
    Just topic 152

    Was able to get my blank account transcript that has 0’s and show no tax return record.

    I am just as frustrated as the rest of you. Just wish I could get my money.

    Also havent had a change in my status in a week and I spend my down time reading all these forms and browse the IRS press releases






    oops my bad. Sorry thought it was a new update. I meant it in a good way not like your downer attitude NEEDINFO LIGHTEN THE FUCK UP!!!!



    Got the BIG update this morning…. that horrible PATH message… humph :/

    @kmfd Did you file EITC/ACTC?




    @Kitskycat Fear porn not true, publication from 2011…people like this kill this site.



    WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service plans a Feb. 14 start date for processing tax returns delayed by last month’s tax law changes. The IRS reminded taxpayers affected by the delay they can begin preparing their tax returns immediately because many software providers are ready now to accept these returns.

    Beginning Feb. 14, the IRS will start processing both paper and e-filed returns claiming itemized deductions on Schedule A, the higher education tuition and fees deduction on Form 8917 and the educator expenses deduction. Based on filings last year, about nine million tax returns claimed any of these deductions on returns received by the IRS before Feb. 14.



    Woke up to PATH MESSAGE and 152 topic. 9 days to post PATH Message I must be done. Waiting for DDD date anytime now. We are almost there everybody.



    Finally two bars on wmr and a ddd of 2/15!!



    I finally could order my account transcript and my cycle code said 20170605 so I’m expecting a DDD this week.



    update for me:

    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/2
    1 Bar since 2/2
    could order both transcripts this morning
    No PATH msg



    Didnt even look for that because this yrs those dates seem to be off for deposits or the IRS would have been breaking the law a few weeks back if you let some of the folks here explain their code theories…I. Just goona go with Wed as always, when I update on Friday, ddd Saturday, and my money Wed. …



    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/2

    No bars and not able to order transcripts today.



    Filed 2/2
    accepted 2/2
    1 bar 2/2
    Email from H&R Block 2/10 about path act stuff.
    Able to order both transcripts at 8am 2/10
    Hoping for update on WMR……

    Had to order Transcripts via mail, something is a miss with ordering online for me. So I wait.



    Filed 2/2 in afternoon and accepted that evening (used FreeTax USA). Been stuck on one bar since 2/4 (no EIC or Child Credit) with no update until this morning when I was finally able to order my Account and Refund Transcripts.

    Fingers crossed for an early next week Direct Deposit Date!



    @willbeas same thing here, transcripts are finally available. did you get a DDD on yours?



    Filed 02/02
    Accepted 02/02
    Both transcripts 02/10 with new address

    Waiting to see at this point!!



    Filed 2/2.. Got the dd 2 bars on 2/8.. Showed DD 2/10…. 2/10 money in bank…. No credits



    The info on the bottom of my previous post is from the IRS

    The filing info is for me and my wife



    Copied from another thread of a conversation a guy had with IRS.

    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/2

    No bars or path message as of this morning 2/9

    People will get a DDD of 2/15 starting on 2/11. Assuming this will be the PATH ACT people. Also another MAJOR UPDATE will occur on 2/15 with a 2/17 DDD. Hope this helps!!



    @kmfd I’m in the same boat as you. I had basic return with the exception of education credit.

    I’ve been sitting at one bar for a week

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