2/18 DD Early Deposit

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    Anyone got an early deposit for the 2/18 DD? BOA here, hoping for something a little early ;) .

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    DDD 2/18 and refund was deposited last night around 10:00pm. Until next year!!!!!!! Good Luck!



    Received by about 4am in my bank acct.



    Mine came through sometime overnight… BBVA Compass. DDD was 02.18!



    DDD 2/18 Wells Fargo deposited at 3am. Good luck everyone!


    esepp114 not sigNed in

    Refund finally made it! Good luck everyone!



    Ddd 2/18 hnr block emerald card w fees taken out I just received my deposit. Till next year good luck everyone!



    Go to the SBTPG website (just google that term) and go to the taxpayers area and type in SS#, refund amount and filing status and it will tell you it received funds on xx/xx/xxxx how much they deducted in fees and at the bottom what date they sent funds to you and show your routing number and partial account number.

    They already sent my funds to my credit union on 2/17/2016 but as of this writing nothing has posted to my account.

    My bank usually post between 3a and 6a central time and don’t show pending transaction deposits.



    WMR shows dad of 2\18 yet as of 2:00 am cst nothing.



    My chase checking just deposited my refund. Yay, good luck everyone



    lol I’m the first person to post and going to be the last! I don’t think my BOA will update till 3 am pst…. So close, yet so far! Conrgats to all who have gotten theirs!



    Chase just deposit. See y’all next year.



    Captains log: Stardate February 17, 20. 16. 2300 hours.

    Just got my return in my bank account… An hour earlier than 2/18/16 lol but at least I got it early!!




    I have a ddd 2/18 , I used h and r block with fees to be taken out of my return. Does that mean I won’t really see my return on the 18?



    Refund posted!

    Had fees taken out with HRB
    Just checked my bluebird account and funds are available!

    See ya next year.



    My refund came to my bank account just now!

    Filed 2/7
    Accepted 2/7
    Wmr update 2/13
    DDD update 2/18

    Received my deposit within the past hour.



    Oh forgot to add, I filed with H AND R BLOCK online, fees taken of from refund.



    I wrote my update earlier but it didn’t post:
    Filed 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Got DDD 2/14 for 2/18
    Usually I get my refunds the day before
    Which is today. Nothing in my chase.
    So I called chase and she said the deposit is pending, it will be released by midnight tonight pst.

    Not bad this year, though some people made me shit myself lol. I will post another update when I see it in my account.



    I’m hoping tomorrow for us with wells Fargo, the rep was like what’s the date that is supposed to be posted blah blah blah that’s the day that it will show to your account. According to them they cannot see more than we d which I know is pure bs.




    I have wells too and nothing here .. They “claim” they don’t hold the money .. Lies .. So I’m assuming tomorrow



    Is there a place to see if hrblock took there fees out and sent my return? Ddd 2/18 and use a traditional bank



    So sbbt shows my refund was sent out to my bank and fees taken out, however nothing shows for wells Fargo. My anxiety is killing me. I have called wf like 5 times already today. Lol



    Mines not here. I did mine through h and r and paid fees upfront. It’s going on netspend. Any other netspend users still waitin?



    Just recieved my deposit at 9pm! DDD 2/18 good luck guys! Metabank Walmart payroll card



    Good Luck To All See Y’all Next Year.
    DDD 2/18
    SBTPG 2/17



    I received my deposit today at 4:10 loaded to my Netspend card with fees taken out. I filed with H and R block. I hope that everyone expecting a deposit for the 18th receives it very soon. And also to the rest of you waiting good luck!!!!



    DD today at 4:29!! Be a long road this year!! Good luck all!!



    Just got my refund on my Paypal Prepaid Card



    My DDD is 2/18….I was just notified by metabank that I have pending deposit!!! I usually get my deposits around 9 or 10pm



    Posted in the other thread too but thought id also share here since ive been stalking all of these threads. Everyone with the walmart money network card (metabank memphis) this is for you. Mine is pending deposit to be released at 12am UTC time. And that will be 6pm today in texas (central) so everyone else do the math for your time zone. HOPEFULLY it will be the same for yall! Good luck!



    I didn’t have fees



    Anyone bank with RBS Citizins / Charter One Bank? Customer Service states they cannot view any pending until it actually posts and refuses to actually transfer me to someone who can view pending ACHs.



    Efiled 2/9

    Accepted 2/10

    WMR updated on 2/12 with DDD of 2/18

    Just called my local bank and it is pending for tomorrow morning!!!

    Good luck to all!



    Filed 1/31/15
    Accepted 1/31/15
    Wmr update 2/13/16
    DDD 2/18/16
    Actual deposit 2/17/16 @10:20 A.M CST
    Fees taken out through Refund Advantage




    LYNN!- You helped tremendously ! I feel like no one else on these threads filed with h&r block online and didn’t have any fees taken out.. so just to make sure i am not confused, our refund will not be going through the Santa Barbara bank like most people’s? Since we have no fees being taken? Also who do you bank with? i am with BB&T in Georgia.. my DDD is 2/18- Hoping for a deposit at midnight.



    To all the crabby patties saying this thread is giving people false hope & why would the IRS deposit $ on 2/16 or 2/17 when the DDD is 2/18?? Short answer… Ummm because they always have?? And to complain this is giving folks false hope how did you get to this thread?? Perhaps Google because you were looking?

    Just some advice to anyone it comes down to your bank or method of payment. I’ve been using handrblock online to do my taxes myself since it was available & I’m just going to guess about 12 years.

    They almost always deposit early it’s just a matter of when your bank posts it. An interesting note I’ve seen personally I’ve always received my direct deposit refund the day before that 3rd bar comes up on WMR.

    They used to schedule refunds for Friday’s & you typically got them the Wednesday before at midnight or when your bank opens. The last few years they have switched it up to different days of the week and I would guess 8 out of 10 times most people get them the Saturday before their DDD. My daughters was just done following that same pattern last week along with some other family members.

    The only time it’s ever been close for me in the past is what’s going on now. We had that dang holiday in there. One other year I was slower than normal & ended up with this same time & it caused the same problem so I’m guessing many of you may be in the same situation. I’m sure it’s different for different banks but for myself I know my account updates @ 2am my time and I would guess it’s going to be there then. I just wanted to pass on that in all my years of experience for my bank & some others I know the IRS system always seems to update a day or 2 after you’ve relieved your deposit.

    I’ve never done any of the cards or had my fees deducted so I’m not sure on that. I hope this eases some minds… Believe me by now I feel like for days I’m constantly checking my bank so if you’rs anxiously waiting you aren’t alone :) hope this helps someone.



    DD 1/18
    TT with fees taken out and I am having my funds deposited on Netspend. SBBT deposited my money now just waiting for Netspend to post! I will update if anything happens…. Good Luck!!



    Accepted 2/4 Hnr block emerald card fees taken out. Have had ddd of 2/18 since 2/10. Normally I would get it around 3am tonight but what scares me is that I know for a fact over the last 3 years coming to this website that people with net spend always get paid at least a day before me. Soo, since the net spends haven’t been paid yet I’m kinda scared, unless maybe those particular ones are haveing some personal issues. If not us 2/18’ers all may be in some kind of trouble. Hoping it’s not bc Monday was a holiday. Please everyone come back on with an update after you get your money!! Don’t forget us little people that might still be waiting! You were one of us too! I’ll update as well but knowing my luck I’ll get mine last and you guys will be gone already…UPDATE AFTER YOUR DEPOSIT!!!



    DDD for 2/18. I have BBVA in california. Has anyone else received the deposite same day as IRS says?



    filed: 02/07/15
    accepted 02/07/15
    wmr stated dd of 2/18/16 on 2/13/16

    deposit pending 2/17/16 PNC Smart Access for tomorrow


    Michelle bacon

    I’m glad I’m not the only tax payer that is insanely obsessed with tracking my refund I was accepted 2/9 approved 2/14 with ddd of 2/18 and thanx to this site the white knuckle waiting has been a little easier as well as entertaining with that said I’ve still not received my refund but tt never updated past accepted,wmr still 2 bars but sbtpg received my refund and supposedly sent to my bank metabank(netspend) I’m on the east coast sooooo hopefully by morning, crossing my fingers ill keep u posted



    Treasury said there was nothing for us showing in the system??? What does that mean????



    I haven’t received mine yet. I paid fees upfront and put it on my netspend. Anyone else have ddd2/18 and no money? On netspend



    I got my DDD on wmr for 2/18… 2 bars… i had a friend help me file my taxes through hrblock online..i do not have any fees being taken out so i dont think i will have anything going through SBBT? i bank with BBT in east GA, no pending transactions as of now. just hoping it comes through by tomorrow morning.



    Hey catwoman,
    I filed with turbotax and have a ddd of 2/18/16 also. still showing as accepted also. maybe they’re just behind on updates. showing 2 bars on wmr.



    Mine still says accepted on turbo tax as well…my DDD is tomorrow also. I don’t know what’s up with that. …on wmr it says approved which gave me the DDD of tomorrow



    Filed and accepted on 2/4 I have a DDD of 2/18 which is tomorrow but my bank account shows no pending deposit…I bank with META bank which is a bank that issues Walmart payroll…usually when payday comes around I get a notification to my phone 2 days before the actual payday notifying of the pending deposit..then my paycheck will deposit onto my card the night before payday around 9 or 10pm…I have recieved no such pending deposit notification about my refund and I’m getting nervous that I will not have it by tonight or at least by tomorrow on my DDD



    does anyone that filed with turbotax and have a DDD for 2/18 still have the accepted message on turbotax site or its been updated to approved? need to know cuz mines still saying accepted and my DDD is for tomorrow, not sure if they updates to approve the same DDD day, thanks!!



    Filed 1/19 waited 21 days verified 1/9 received a DDD on 2/13 for 2/18 received my funds 2/16 at 9:44pm its been fun (not really) but all of the positive people on this forum has kept me sane durin the wait this being my first time filing an all thank you guys so much i hope all goes well for you as well and you receive your funds ASAP.
    -Stay Blessed
    BTW i have netspend



    SBTPG Received refund, just waiting for Ally to post it tomorrow morning!



    Tina, your bank might not show pending deposits! I was just commenting on a previous post that my bank doesn’t show deposits either so it freaks me out, because the third party bank took the filing fees for turbo tax out, & sent it to my bank who hasn’t received it yet. I’m sure it’ll be there tomorrow! We need to hang in there! LOL



    My DDD is tomorrow the 18th. I paid fees upfront and the deposit goes straight to my checking account. I called this morning and they have no pending deposits. Is that bad? It’s freaking me out.



    SBTPG doesn’t show anything for me. I will check again this afternoon after the morning update. Just hoping its there tomorrow and I will be done with the waiting on the IRS nonsense! :) Oh and my bank doesn’t show me pending deposits so I won’t know until its actually deposited there.



    Zeke I use USAA as well…. Did you have fees taken out or did you pay up front?



    The WMR tool said it would send funds to my bank by 2/18, I checked this morning and funds are still not available.

    Does anyone else have a similar issue?



    Filed 1/27
    DDD 2/18
    Deposited in USAA this morning.



    Sbtpg got my funds this morning
    Just waiting for netspend to post!
    DDD of 2/18


    esepp114 not sigNed in

    I just called the treasury, they don’t have a payment going out for me. Feel really uneasy right now!



    SBTPG says they disburse my deposit, updated this morning, nothing on my card yet:. Have Blue Bird.

    Original DDD was 2/18. Now just the waiting game


    Mike B

    SBBT website has funds this morning!!




    Yes, exactly what you said! I did not read your post before posting mine. You explained what I was trying to say much better than I did.



    Santa barbra updated!!!!
    TPG has issued money to you! See Payment Details below for more information.!!

    The tt fees had been taken out!
    And money has been sent!

    However, still waiting on netspend card in mail…????.



    SBBT has received and dispersed my refund. Now just to wait for boa to let me have it tomorrow!



    Im not sure why I’m paranoid about this whole process and thinking I’m not going to receive my refund, maybe it’s cause I actually need the money by the DDD but everything has been going smoothly. Atleast not to warrant my paranoia lol

    I filed turbo tax on 2/7 and It says it was receive the day
    On 2/13 I got updated with a DDD of 2/18. I never got any codes, my bars never disappeared, no letters in the mail, no nothing. I have it set to deposit into my PNC Bank account. Still can’t shake the feeling it’s not coming tomorrow. But again everything has gone smoothly so I’m sure I freaking out for no reason.



    Sorry for the typos. I always have typos when I post from my phone.



    Excuse my auto correct on my previous post I meant our DDD 2/18 and I had fees taken out… I also once worked for a large bank and when they say they don’t hold deposits that means that they don’t hold them beyond the date of instruction. If the irs sends deposit notification to wells Fargo or chase or any bank that you don’t receive your paycheck direct deposit early you will not receive your refund early either however they did not “hold” the deposit it’s that other intuitions such as netspend woodforest bank etc release funds once they have notification of deposit regardless of the instruction date because they know they’re going to receive the money. Larger banks hold on to their money not yours until they receive the actual deposit which comes on the instruction date. I hope that clears it up for some. And 1last thing if sbbt sends deposit to your bank early they send without instruction date so if it’s sent before your banks processing time you’ll still get it early! Good luck!



    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/5
    Approved 2/11
    DDD 2/18
    SBTPG updated this morning saying they rec’d the money, deducted TT fees and sent the deposit along. I assume I will see it by Friday.



    SBBT has taken fees and dispersed my funds. I have Bank of America so I most likely won’t see until tomorrow :)



    As of 7:18 am EST this morning, (2/17) my fees have been taken out of sbtpg! Now I’m just waiting on global cash card to receive funds! <3 Good luck all!!!!!
    Filed 2/5 Accepted 2/5
    TT fees DDD 2/18



    For those who don’t believe you can get your refund early I filed mine and my nieces taxes both our add 2/18 we were both approved 2/12 she had no fees her DD hit 2/12 on netspend I had free taken out and sbbt just updated for me at 6am cst and has sent deposit and because I have netspend it will post today as it does every year



    You can take your negativity elsewhere!!! There has actually been numerous fliers that received their money before the actual dd… If it upsets you to see that some people are in fact getting thier money early or that some simply want to see whats going on w/ the status of fellow 2/18ers then you can kindly remove yourself from post!! Its that easy…



    Well, you are right in saying you should not expect a dd before your ddd. You shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    However, most people certainly are NOT lying “trolling” when stating they received their refund early.

    For the last 3 years I have received my refund BEFORE my scheduled DDD. It all depends on your bank as well as other factors, but it very possible.

    If your refund is being deposited on certain prepaid cards like Netspend AND you paid tax prep fees in advance its likely your refund will hit your card 1-2 days before your DDD.

    2 years ago I used Netspend AND did NOT pay fees upfront and I still received my refund early. The same day sbbt took the fees I owed I received my refund. It was like 6 pm.

    I received a day early last year using Accountnow. It looks like they are hit or miss this year.

    3 years ago my refund was pending in my Navy Federal checking account a day early, but they gave me access to it while pending.

    This year I used Bluebird (amex) and I’d love to say I got it early, but I don’t even have a DDD yet. They advertise 2 days early, but from others experience they advertised falsely.

    Cards like Netspend do not put a hold on deposits, for the most part they don’t. Like my work paycheck…we get paid Friday’s if by check, but I get paid on Wednesday (today…yay!!!). Payroll is processed on Tuesday, so technically if Netspend never holds depisits I should get my oaycheck on Tuesday. It has happened maybe 2 times ever. If the company sending the deposits sends it dated for a certain date it will not be available until that date.

    The IRS definitely sends deposits days before your DDD. This has to be true. Many regular banks DO hold your refund until the exact DDD even though they could release it to you if they wanted to. They earn a great deal of interest money from holding deposits, so its in
    their best interest to hold the money as long as they can.

    Refunds aren’t just sent from the IRS to the bank. They must go through stops along the way like us treasury and automated clearinghouse and then the bank. IRS would need to send 4 days before DDD to ensure it is available to the taxpayer on their ddd.


    Ethan S

    Someone said earlier in this thread that this thread was nothing but creating false hopes. Granted, while a rare few might see their refunds earlier then there DDD (or come here lying just to be trolls creating false hope).. most people will not see their money available until the DDD. The IRS isn’t going to send out money two or three days ahead of time people. That’s why you got a DDD of 2/18 or whatever yours is, they wouldnt give you a DDD of 2/18 and then send it to your bank acct on 2/15, 2/16, or 2/17.

    Look at all the posts in this thread of disappointed people. And you can thank the OP for this and all the liars who think its funny by writing “I got my moneyz early! Yay me!” and then laughing at all the silly people thinking omg wow maybe i will too!

    Don’t be so naive people. Expect your money available on your DDD, that’s its called your Direct Deposit Date and not called “A Date X Days After Your Direct Deposit Date” because that would be your ADXAYDDD not your DDD!

    If you have a DDD of 2/18, you got a day or less now before you money will most likely be available to you, I think you’ll make it! Don’t let all these liars, trolls, and false hope people like the OP let you or make you wind up disappointed and frustrated.



    Ddd 2/18 wmr hasnt moved from 2 bars and i cant see if anything is pending bc using a prepaid card, sbbt yesterday said no record of me….im sad, was hoping today woulda been it. Hopefully tomorrow will have the outlook im waiting on.


    Big Gene Horndog

    She used a local branch



    What bank did you use for DD?
    Congrats on your Refund!!

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