2/11/16 Filers & Accepted

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    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to see how long it will take for those who filed on 2/11/16 to get an approval.

    I filed & was approved on 2/11/16. Hopefully will see a DDD sooon!

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    Finally received letter about steps to faxing in 1095a and 8962. Faxed it all in this morning. And now the “real” wait begins. (Sigh) Anyone else that has had to do this? How long did it take to receive your refund?


    Nicole Runde

    Anybody have any updates? Starting to think being able to order transcripts was false hope cause nothing has changed. Called IRS they said I had a two week hold on mine. No reason or code given.


    Nicole Runde

    But now I was just able to order both tax transcripts, hopefully this is a good sign!


    Nicole Runde

    Just got off the phone with a wonderful agent at the IRS…told me that my refund is delayed by two weeks for no known reason. And he wasn’t sure if I would be receiving a letter or not. But if I was getting a letter it would take 7-10 days….I don’t know if I should call back or what. So frustrating…….




    I efiled thru a tax company. Hopefully yours is just processing and you don’t receive a letter. Some people are randomly chosen for review and don’t have to do anything in particular on their end. Fingers crossed for you.




    I’m waiting on mine as well. Unfortunately, every letter doesn’t have the same FAX number (so I’m told). It varies from state to state, batch to batch. We just have to wait until we receive the letter. “/



    Update! Guys go ahead and call. I had the issue as well with the 1095 form and the 8962 form. It takes 4-6 weeks after sending the forms to them for processing! Ugh! Does anyone have the fax number it goes to? My letter hasn’t arrived yet



    Tk I did and they said it still being processed if you don’t mind how did u file?




    I had and still have the topic 152 showing. Doesn’t matter. That doesn’t mean anything buy you chose direct deposit. You really should call.



    Ok so that a medical insurance form is this becuz of how I filed did anyone file with turbo tax? I already have that form but it was never added to the system? Anyone else that has the topic 152?




    That’s the same thing I said. ANYTHING to keep the delays going. This is sad. They don’t wanna pay people.




    I called the IRS this morning when they opened. Today makes 21 days. I was told I needed to submit an 8962 and a 1095. Ugggggghhhh!!!! It took 21 days to tell me that??? Mind you I didn’t get a letter. Was told a letter was generated yesterday and that I should receive it in 7 to 15 days. From what I know, I can mail the information (which is an automatic six week processing wait) or FAX it. However, the FAX number will be on the letter. They won’t give it to you. You have to wait on the letter. Even after I FAX it, I’m not sure how long processing will be. Even after processing and approval, I’ll still be waiting on a deposit. This is crazy and by far the worst tax season I’ve ever experienced. Guys please call them. Don’t wait. Whatever is stalling your refund, you won’t be told until late in the game and the stall happened from the very beginning.


    Nicole Runde

    I filed after 12pm that day, and I think technically my accepted day is the 12th. Although turbo tax says the 11th. I’ll update once I find out anything (if anything) I heard they do major updates on Saturdays so I’m waiting til the weekend is over before I start waiting hours to speak to someone who will have no answers for me lol



    I think I’m going back to mailing out my tax return instead of efiling, next year!



    I had to verify information. So far only verified my Identity (yesterday) but haven’t received the letter yet so I don’t know if there is anything else yet. ALSO,,I would advise you guys to call!! The agent told me yesterday I wasn’t accepted until 2/16!!!! So maybe I’ll see some action by 3/8

    Anything to delay paying out money!



    Mine is under review.. I was told that I will get a 12c letter in the mail I’m 2 weeks. My status is still processing.



    Did y’all file and get accepted before noon on 2/11. Usually after 12 pm will make it push to the next deposit cycle.



    Same here jus waiting



    In the same boat as you all.




    You and I have the EXACT same situation. Unfortunately, I am just as puzzled as you are. This is insane. If I find out anything, I’ll share. “)


    Nicole Runde

    Filed: 2/11
    Accepted: 2/11

    Get worried like many of you, Monday my bars disappeared on WMR, and still nothing. Checked my bank account and no deposit. Wasn’t able to order transcripts, website keeps saying that the information doesn’t match…Haven’t received any letters from IRS, still have topic 152. Just so nerve wrecking. Depending on where you look people have different opinions. Saying that as long as you have Topic 152 you’re fine, other’s say your under review, or so on and so forth. I don’t have anything to be afraid of, but the fact that it is taking so long is making me nervous….Anyone else have any thoughts or words of reassurance?



    Idk way to think as soon as I think o got it I see someone post something contradicting it…I just feel like it is what it all I can do is wait I called the Irs and they just said it processing. But how long does processing actually take



    Disregard the typo…




    Isn’t it ridiculous!?!? Ugh! I think if I had some information or at least knew what to expect I would be more relaxed about the situation. I’m hoping I’m not one of many that will wait up to several more weeks or months. Sitting in the dark is unnerving “/ I hear some say the IRS updates only on Wednesday and Saturday will the WMR site says every 24 hours. What do you think?



    @TK same here….don’t no what this means? TT said it would be 2/3 but no update from Irs can order return transcript????????????



    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/11
    No action until today (3/1); bar disappeared. Now showing “Your return is still processing. A date will be given when available “.
    Can’t order a return transcript yet. Anyone else in the boat with me?
    What should my expectation be?






    Wth this year has been the most confusing filed with turbo tax, and was accepted 2/11 my hung changed until Monday when it said my return is being processed was able to order my account transcript but no return transcript. TT said I would be here on 2/3 but it’s still hasn’t said anything close to a date? Has anyone else been going threw the same thing?



    Got my refund! Direct deposited this morning! I hope everyone else got theirs too! Woot!



    Filed 2/10/16
    Accepted 2/11/16
    Processing 2/11/16 – 2/26/16 / able to order transcripts on 2/22/16
    Approved 2/27/16 with a DDD of by 3/2/16

    QUESTION: Has anyone ever received their deposit before the DDD? Because I noticed it said BY 3/2/2016 and not ON.

    my dad filed his not three days before mine and got his over a week ago!
    Confused why I had to basically wait the full 21 days…argh.
    The one year I really needed my tax refund…


    Amanda S

    Filed & Accepted 2/11

    DDD 3/2

    Checked Sat morning and had an update on WMR, DDD of 3/2! Transcripts updated 2/26
    WMR 2 bars 2/27

    Checking transcripts for an update is never a guarantee, only a standard. But as a general rule for my own experience for the last 4-5 yrs, once you can order a return transcript, your return has been processed. As for WMR, last year people were getting DDD’s without an update until after the deposits…sometimes a week after…not 100% reliable imo. Best of luck to all!

    **2/11 filers with a DDD, let us know if you see an early deposit!!



    So happy to hear about the Saturday updates! Mine is still processing. But this gives me a tiny bit of hope I’ll get a ddd by 3/3.



    So far status still at Accepted. This SUCKS!



    @notunclesam if I’m not mistaken, my fiancé got an update at around 10pm last Saturday. Let’s hope they are still working on updates thru today. I’ll keep you posted!



    I’ve have been trolling for information here for two weeks. So stressed about getting a DDD. Thank you guys for all of your feedback



    @adrie same here I almost ready to pull my hair out I can’t order transcripts…I was excepted on 2/11 @1pm and still nothing threw Turbotax



    Hey guys! So I’m still at accepted. Filed 2/11 as well. Not able to order transcripts either. My fiancé filed 20 mins before me that same day and he already got his money. Anyone else waiting for the wmr to move or a ddd? Please advise! I’m starting to get worried lol



    Sarah here..

    DDD 3/2…



    Yay!!!! DDD 3/2!!!!!



    Yes, finally approved & ddd of 3/2!



    Around 3 am WMR finally updated to APPROVED! DDD of 3/2. Hallelujah lol



    Finally updated

    WMR has updated to approved




    When I ordered my account transcript a few days ago I had to use my old address… But when I was finally able to order my return transcript yesterday I had to use my new one. I assume because when they processed the return they updated the address. It’s probably a sign your return is done processing.

    Also, at both addresses I had to leave off our apartment/unit # to make the address work.



    Now I can’t order transcripts online using my old or new address. The other day I ordered my 2015 account online! I’m starting to think transcripts mean nothing.. Tbh



    Was able to order my return transcripts on 2/19/16 and still no ddd! Go figure!


    Amanda S

    @ Negeen: On irs.gov, under “tools” on homepage. You will see 3rd or 4th option down it will read “Order transcripts”, select that and follow the prompts to order by mail. If it allows you to, your refund is finished processing and will be issued within a few days. If it does not allow you to request by mail, then your refund is still processing. Basically, it’s a backdoor to the ever slow updates on WMR. Transcripts update in real-time.


    Amanda S

    Filed 2/11
    Accepted 2/11
    Filed with TT

    Still at one bar, no changes…However, I was able to order transcripts today! I believe the big batch updates happened on Saturday in years passed. We should see movement tomorrow, Monday at the latest. Last year a trend was noticed, larger refunds are processed on weekly updates and smaller refunds are on the daily updates! This should be a good week for us 2/11 filers. Well wishes everyone, and a speedy return week! Will update when I see movement!



    I filed and was accepted on 2/11. I still only have 1 bar. What are these transcripts everyone is talking about?


    Drew Six

    Called earlier and got a nice guy on the phone. I needed a copy of my 2014 return transcript. Told me my 2015 also just got done. I have a DDD of 3/2. The system will update tonight with the info. Yay for me.



    2/11 filed and accepted. Nothing yet. Still no bars. Still processing. Can’t order transcripts.

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