2/11 DD Info Update Here Please

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    If you have a DD of 2/11 leave your updates here, if you get it early , if you don’t get it, and what form of DD you have as well please ( Bank, Prepaid card, etc)

    Form: PrePaid Card through card.com

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    Anyone using Jackson Hewitt card get there’s yet due today?



    Filed with H&r block 1/20 accepted a week later approved last Friday with a DDD of 2/11 woke up this morning to 8,000 dollars richer in the bank yay time to go shopping lol



    I woke up with mines available this morning as well. WOOO HOOO Wells Fargo is good for something after all.



    BoA is showing available this morning!!!!!!

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/11
    Funds available 2/11
    Direct deposit to my mother in law’s Bank of America

    Till next year, folks!!! Happy tax season!



    DD for 2/11. Filed with H&R block with fees taken out. Sent to my bank and available at 5:30 am today.



    DD for 2-11. H&R block with fees taken out. Deposited to my bank around 5:30 this morning.


    Kayla Peace

    Anyone banking with Citizens First? My DDD was today and still nothing…



    Ddd for 2/11/15 nothing yet Jackson hewitt prepaid card anyone else?



    dd of 2/11 – Still nothing at this point.



    Mine was on my walmart money card when I woke up :) DDD was today on wmr



    I got my DD into wells fargo sometime between midnight and 5am. Yay, Also WMR is still only showing 2 bars.



    The IRS took out the offset and the status says DDD into my account on Feb 10, but I don’t see a thing in my account which is annoying no pending and definitely no DD from the IRS (FYI all my information such as my account is correct). Its not like I was expecting this years refund but when I got the message that all I owed was a small offset rather than them taking the whole check as they’ve done before I was shocked. Fingers crossed maybe they will send it in soon.



    Filed 2/3/15
    Accepted 2/3/15
    ddd of 2/11/15

    Used turbo tax and got it this morning when I woke up used my vanilla debit card which is Regions bank. Wmr still shows 2 bars so not accurate. Woo hoo.


    Sad face :(

    I was accepted 1/16 and my deposit finally came in today!! Cheers all….time to relax!



    Got mine this monring. 1/26 with a DD of 2/11 From HRBLOCK to my account not the emerald card.



    2/11 DDD……..refund was in my Amex serve account at 2:30 am EST…….party time!!!!!!!!!!



    OK I feel really nervous am I the only one with Wells Fargo who hasn’t received their refund yet into the bank account???



    got my refund this morning sometime before 3am pacific time. Filed and accepted on 1/31, ddd of 2/11 bank with wells Fargo



    Filed and accepted on 1/27

    WMR updated 2/7 to two bars with DDD of 2/11.
    2/10 SBTPG shows deposit in early morning…. my bank receives and posts deposit around 2pm central standard time. (I bank with Woodforest) WMR still showing 2 bars.



    payroll posted to my account now but not refund :-(



    Ok so I have tried to go back and get times for everything since I only check SBTPG and my bank (Woodf



    @carried- Mine just posted within the last 45 minutes.



    Did anyone with h and r block get theirs yet?



    Carrie, what time zone are you located in. I still haven’t received anything yet.



    Got my refund as of 3:56am!!!! Now just have to wait for TT to update the State Refund Papers so I can mail them in! Thanks all!



    @Erica I use card.com as well and it is not on mine yet either. My paycheck is never on there till between 6-7 am so it may not be there till then.



    Just woke up to federal already being deposited into my checking account. That was around 4:15 this morning. Now waiting on both of our state taxes to show up. One state says it is done processing and just hasn’t been mailed out yet and the other said it may take 4-6 weeks for processing……sooooooo back in limbo with those. :-/ Grateful for federal, however.



    I used Card.com, my refund still hasn’t posted. Anybody else having this problem?



    @brian, you are very welcome. ill let you know @5 my time if it gets posted or not



    Thanks for all the helpful info!



    PHEW… CLOSE CALL. Literally a few minutes after posting that, my refund hit my BoA account… *wipes sweat off forehead* FINALLY! Now if only Arizona had their shit together this year, I’d have that refund too… But oh well. That’s just delayed. That wasn’t the important one. :) Until next year IGMR :)



    @brian, gold, you are charged 9.95 monthly fee
    silve, you are charged 1.00 per a transaction



    What’s the difference between those two cards? I believe mine is the gold one.



    Federal Refund just deposited!! Yipppeeeeee! Now if NY state would just get its act together. Lol

    For anyone looking for info, here’s my stats:

    Married filing joint with 2 kids, we have insurance thru Husbands work so no ACA penalty, no extra credits, $$$ deposited into our checking account.

    *Filed and accepted 1/23 with TurboTax
    *Blank Transcripts with 000s showed up 1/30
    *Transcripts filled in on 2/6 and cycle date and refund issued
    *WMR updated on 2/7 with DDD of 2/11
    *WMR still only on 2nd bar and deposit went in this morning.



    @brian. hope you can make sense of last post



    DDD of 2/11.
    Posted to my Amex Serve card at 2:30am (est) along with my paycheck! This is my first tax return so I am super excited!

    Good luck everyone!! See yall in 2016!



    Okay…. Now i’m panicking… Filed and accepted 1/30. My DDD is for 2/11…. NOTHING. I have Bank of America but I see that someone else with the same bank already got theirs… Full panic mode is commencing… PLEASE tell me that there’s another person that banks with BoA and has NOT received theirs yet….



    @brian. it’s 3:20am. dd does not show on gold card but it shows on the blue one. dd is going into the gold card



    DDD 2/11 checked my account at 12:02 Pacific time and was in there. Federal and state!!! Chase bank.
    Good luck everyone!



    @ Anyone who has got there DD, had your WMR bar status changed?



    Do your direct deposits show pending before they post or nothing and the money is just there?



    What time is it where you are?



    @brian. usually dd goes through between 4:30-4:45.



    It is 2:53 am. Funds just posted to my account from sbbt!!! Yaaayyyyyy. It’s coming folks… Ty everyone for your comments and help to ease the frustration!



    not sure if you get direct deposits for payroll but if you do What time do they typically post on your accountnow card?



    Account now, nothing yet



    My bad i mean 1:30am



    I got my refund at 1:30pm central. Chase
    hope you all do too.


    Fantasha Ashley Allen

    I used card.com no refund yet


    Fantasha Ashley AllenO

    @carrie i used the garfield card through card.com theres nothing yes

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