2/11 DD Info Update Here Please

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    If you have a DD of 2/11 leave your updates here, if you get it early , if you don’t get it, and what form of DD you have as well please ( Bank, Prepaid card, etc)

    Form: PrePaid Card through card.com

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    Quick question guys.. Our refund has been delayed and wmr says 1121. We called and they said they would have to mail a check that it could be up to 4 weeks.. My question is.. Once a check is mailed from the IRS will wmr update to say so or will it just continue to say that it has been delayed with 1121 code?? Any ideas??? thanks in advance for replying!!!!




    Congratulations, it means you have a DD coming, or at least your refund. I would guess that if you got it last night or this morning, you will have your money on Wednesday.

    What did your WMR change to when your refund did not show up on 2/11??



    Hey everyone I also had a DD of 2/11 and still have not received anything. My transcript has
    846-refund issued
    841-refund cancelled
    971- notice issued
    846- refund issued…
    that’s all I have on my transcript and I have not received anything in mail. I also am not sure why they would need to review considering it was a simple return and pretty straight forward..also not a large amount.

    anyone know what any of this means? Does that last 846 mean they are sending refund and will I be seeing it DD or via mail?

    so annoying.



    Hi All. I had a 2/11 deposit date. My bank told me on 2/13 they never saw any deposit. Tried calling IRS on 2/13 – what a joke. Today (2/16) I sign back on to WMR and I see this: “We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 23, 2015. If you do not receive the refund by March 23, 2015, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.”.

    My bank never saw a deposit – I am absolutely positive all my banking information was 100% correct on my return. The IRS is clearly lying. Someone messed up something on their end, or they are just trying to buy time giving me my money, but it is a huge issue for me. I was relying on that money to pay several bills and now my bank account is negative. I am beyond frustrated.

    If anyone else is in my boat, I recommend contacting your IRS Taxpayer Advocate. I don’t think this will help my current situation, but I want the IRS to know that they messed up and I know it. No more hiding behind phone calls that won’t get answered. http://www.irs.gov/Advocate/Local-Taxpayer-Advocate



    @des09100-I had a date for February 11 to receive my refund my transcript updated this morning to 841 refund canceled. WMR updated to 1121 there is a delay in processing your tax return. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?



    @ LALA – 841 means your refund was canceled and a 971 means misc transaction. What we can tell from your transcripts is that your refund was canceled and 971 code means they could not define the reason of cancellation. The means you are under review. Your return needs to be manually reviews by a live agent.



    My son had a ddd dor 2/4, WMR WENT FROM APPROVED with 2/4 ddd to.sent to bank on 2/5. He checked his bank, chase bank for 3 days, no money, no rejection, on Saturday 2/7. WMR WENT from Sent to.bank to processing delay and refund date may have changed, code 1121 and still like this today. Called IRS stated refund was cancelle, he susupposedly is under review. Getting a letter. My son filed turbotax online, simple return, one w2, edu 1098t. That’s all. Alot of people with 2/4 dates never received money and get same message on wmr and code 1121. One IRS REP admitted she heard a rumor that IRS MAY have cancelled refund from TT customer customers due TT system was hacked and the IRS got a wave of fraudulent refund was just on state, but recently admitted on fed return also. Every year some BS. Wow.



    I had a DDD for 2/11, I did not receive my refund in my chase bank… Bank claims they have not received anything from IRS, I just downloaded my Transcript from IRS and I can see code 846 Refund issued 02-23-2015… Pls what does that mean? what can I do?



    I opens up in a new window, you might have pop-ups blocked



    When I go in it and click to look at the transcripts and click a year it doesn’t show anything but the 4 boxes that say like return transcripts and such? If you get what I’m saying? All I do is try to click on my return year and nothing shows up



    Thanks guys.. Would someone now please tell me how to read this transcript… I see the transcript codes.. 150 806 766 768 846 841 and 971.. So how do I know which to go by?? . They are in that order.. I’m so lost.. I just want the refund to come so I can pay these bills!! ☺



    Not sure what you mean. You cannot access your transcripts or ??….can you explain a little more and could you access them before??



    The manual says a code 766 is…IRS TOP Offset reversal w/OTN, Not exactly sure if that is that you owed an offset and they took it or if they took it and were not supposed, so they have to put it back…..I will see if I can find out more info



    I went online to check my transcript and nothing shows up?



    this is for Participant.. I check my account transcripts and have code of 846 and 766 credit to my account.. whatever that means..




    ggpaul and brandon

    You need to check your transcripts to see if you have any new codes. I have a 841 code and no other codes….it means refund was cancelled and it seems that means that they have to re-issue it but since most of us are weekly accounts, I am n ot sure if we will have to wait an entire week or not.

    Other people got other codes, which means they are in review or some other issue.



    my DDD 2/11/15 and still no deposit as of today, I don’t know what is happening the IRS has not send me any notice or anything whatsoever, but when we owe them money they take away your house, car, etc..



    Has anyone received their tax refund yet when it was supposed to be deposited on February 11th? I had mine DD to my walmart money card and still haven’t received them and no one can give me any answers, I also cannot get ahold of anyone at the irs to ask what could be going on. I checked to see if I had any error codes but nothing is showing anything so I guess they are just taking forever but Please help if you have any info! (Fingers crossed)



    @Jac – Well that is disappointing to say the least. I spoke with a gentleman who said they would be sending me some paperwork in the mail first and once I respond then ey would send me a check. Sounds like I won’t be getting one for a good while. I tried having it direct deposited on my Ealgreens prepaid card and according to the irs, the bank rejected the deposit. It’s very frustrating that this is happening to do many people his year.

    Has anyone experienced this before or already and received their check in the mail?



    Hey Lala http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript

    Just beware… they keep saying that I can’t verify my identity so I can’t access my transcripts.

    I had a 2/11 DDD. My bank (M&T) says there is no record of a deposit being sent. I know I had my account numbers correct, and the account is in MY name. So I have no idea where my refund is. I am very sick and need this money now! I am beyond frustrated with this! I am changing my paychecks so no tax money comes out. No more giving the government an interest-free loan and then waiting for repayment! Ridiculous!



    so i checked my transcript today because i still haven’t received my money and now under the 846 code there’s a new 841 refund cancelled code! does anyone have any idea what this is????



    Could someone please tell me how to get the transcripts.. I was supposed to have a dirdct deposit on 2/11.. And still nothing. The state deposit did come thru. But not federal. I have a prepaid card with card. Com… How do I get the transcripts to see what they say??



    I’m in the exact same boat, Sarah B. My cancellation and notice issued dates are just the same as yours. What I’d done is file my fiancé’s return to be deposited in my account and the bank rejected it. It can also happen if you enter in your account or routing number incorrectly.

    I just spoke with an IRS rep and was told the 03/02/2015 date is the latest I will see the notice in my mailbox explaining why I’m getting a check instead of a direct deposit. She then said from that 03/02 date that it could be up to TEN weeks until I got the check itself. Now she did also say it takes a little longer to receive the check for us because the name on the DD account was incorrect. If you just transposed numbers your wait could be considerably shorter. And I’m sure any date given is worst case scenario anyway.



    My DDD was supposed to be 2/11/15 and I have not received it yet. After readding these comments, I requested a transcript from the irs and it has the codes for refund cancelled and notice sent with dates of 2-23-15 and 3-2-15. I don’t really understand these codes and why they show future dates. Can anyone explain what I should expect? Does this mean a check will be mailed to me? If so, any idea how long this might take?



    Thank you, Anita. I appreciate the information.

    His transcript was updated to read:

    846: Refund Issued 02/23/2015

    841: Refund Cancelled. 02/23/2015

    971: Notice Issued 03/02/2015

    Oddly enough WMR still reflects three bars full and with nothing to indicate there was an issue. I guess it takes some time to catch up.

    If my check does have to be cut by the IRS is the 03/02/2015 date the one I’m to be expecting the check by or could it come much sooner?



    Also was to receive refund 2.11. Just checked transcript and it went from 846 approved to 871 refund cancelled. You may want to check transcript.



    Nothing yet



    Jac I know I tried to have my fed go to my husbands prepaid and they wouldn’t do it even though we were married. They didn’t send it back to the irs though, the card company cut me their own check and it came 5 days after. That was account now though I think. I’m not sure if it’s irs rules or card rules.



    I filed my fiance’s taxes to go to my prepaid KPF 123 Rewards card. His state tax refund posted two days ago with no issue whatsoever. Our DDD from the IRS on WMR was 02/11/15 and we’ve not seen a dime. Nothing on his tax transcript indicates the bank has rejected the refund in favor of sending a check. I called the bank several times last night to see if they could verify that nothing had been denied and literally all anyone would tell me is that they would not be able to tell me that information, that I’d have to call the IRS. So aggravated. Is it promising that his state posted just fine or does it not have any bearing on whether or not his federal will? How will I be able to tell if a check was issued instead? I’ve got all three bars full on WMR still.



    My DDD was 02/11, I used Turbo Tac and still haven’t received anything on my net spend card as of yet. I’m beyond pissed!!!



    And day two of waiting begins..



    still have not received my refund, checked irs.gov nothing’s changed all 3 bars, refund sent 11th, no new codes on transcripts, hubby’s on the phone wit the bank 24/7 customer service, nothing pending, no rejections, etc. freaking out!!!!!!!!



    @Mina what do you mean? You have not received it?



    NO REFUND!!!!



    Anyone receive their money yet?



    Was suppose to have deposit on 2/11/15
    Still nothing there
    I have net spend
    I called them there is no pending deposits seen.
    Ive always filed using turbo tax n used there net spend for deposit
    Never had this happen
    Always got in day if deposit date
    I have a full 3 bars to it says sent
    Wonder what going on and when will money come
    Hopefully tomorrow morning



    @waiting I have seen it in years past but not usually to the extent that I have seen it for the 2/11 deposits. I am so curious about what is going on.



    I’ve been efiling since its inception and I’ve run into a lot of issues but anytime the irs.has given mea date, it was always thetre the day they gave me by 9am.this is the first year seen anything l lie this. I’ve come to the conclusion that they e just telling us what we want to hear and are dealing with us as the crap hits the fane



    That makes no sense. The deposit Should’ve been accepted seeing as thought you are both listed on the account.



    No the account was in both our names I was just listed on top him on bottom.. Deposit (ACH) was sent in his name only..



    I also have a prepaid card, through card.com



    It’s 4:02p here and still nothing, called my bank around 9a and they said they had not received it, as of yet. The gentleman also said that the federal returns were running slow this year. My DDD was yesterday and it seems like most of us still don’t have our returns… where’s my return needs to operate more like the usps tracking system and show more steps to the process, there would be much less confusion.



    I take it the card was only in your husband’s name and you were trying to have your return sent to his card?



    Finally got some answers with Greendot (Wal-Mart MoneyCard) they rejected our deposit because it was in my husband’s name only.. soo sbbt will be cutting a check and mailed agh so stupid.. IRS new policy with prepaid card

    Now to wait for my bank to let SBBT know and they cut and mail check.. 3-10 business days



    ** Sorry, my cycle code is actually 20150405.



    Filed and accepted on 1/24/15 with TurboTax. Still nothing as of today. WMR had 1 bar, now it has no bars and says “still processing”. My 2014 transcript is available, and it shows no delay codes at all. Called the IRS today, and finally got through on my 20th consecutive call. Gave her all of my info, and she said she couldn’t find my return, and asked if I was sure it was filed. I was staring at my 2014 transcript with a cycle code of 20150405…yep, I’m positive. She finally found it and said what I already knew…its processing…21 days is minimum…no idea when you’ll get your refund.

    So, essentially, it’s sitting in someone’s queue, and they’re just ignoring it. So ticked off right now…

    Edited to put in correct cycle code



    Filed and accepted on 1/24/15 with TurboTax. Still nothing as of today. WMR had 1 bar, now it has no bars and says “still processing”. My 2014 transcript is available, and it shows no delay codes at all. Called the IRS today, and finally got through on my 20th consecutive call. Gave her all of my info, and she said she couldn’t find my return, and asked if I was sure it was filed. I was staring at my 2014 transcript with a cycle code of 20140405…yep, I’m positive. She finally found it and said what I already knew…its processing…21 days is minimum…no idea when you’ll get your refund.

    So, essentially, it’s sitting in someone’s queue, and they’re just ignoring it. So ticked off right now…



    My DDD was 2/11/15 and I still have not received my refund. This is getting frustrating.



    my DDD 2/11/15 Netspend card still no deposit as of today, check WMR I have 3 bars now. IRS is taking their time I guess… any one knows what is going on?



    Still no money for me.

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