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    SBBT: Site is reading this as of 1:00PM for those who had a 2/10 Deposit and not received it as yet. What in the world is going on now?

    Please be aware that the IRS “Where’s My Refund” page may indicate funds are available days before they are released to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG) and other banks industry-wide.

    Please be assured that TPG will disburse funds immediately as they are received from the IRS. So if you do not see an actual deposit in your account, it means we have not received the funds yet.

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    @LABsMomma well one lady who filed through TT has claimed that after her $70 for state and federal fees were withdrawn from SBBT, she received the rest minus $1000. She called IRS and they said that they sent the full refund, (nothing was offset) and yet somehow between IRS -> SBBT -> Consumer $1000 disappeared. Sounds fishy I will admit



    This is ridiculous. I want my money. I’ve been calling SBTPG and IRS . SBTPG says they don’t have the funds and the IRS says they sent the money on wed. What the hell i dont know what to believe :( :(



    You know that message doesn’t make any sense. Why would the treasury send money to every other bank that date but one? I think next year I won’t be messing with TurboTax…I have to pay bc of our HSA form and I’d rather not deal with a bank that is the ONLY bank not getting deposits the same day as everyone else. That doesn’t make any sense what so ever.



    IRS Head talks with IRS Agents about playing jokes with people:

    Agent Head: I got it, I got it. Lets give everyone a canned 21 day reply and once their returns have actually processed, give them a DDD date, but withhold the money. Oh we could cause so much confusion.
    Agent: How about we also randomly give people their refunds without updating their bars? That will further the confusion.
    Agent 2: Oh we could also remove bars from some people. That would be even better.
    Agent 3: And we could just sit on some people’s returns rather than processing it. Would make it funnier when they get really mad.

    Great joke for IRS
    People’s reactions: They want IRS’s heads AND their freaking money. Not jokes or games

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