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    Hi all!

    I know I know, I just filed I do not expect my refund until the week of 2/21. This is just a topic for us hey it may even come early!

    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    The waiting game begins!

    What about you all?!?! My fellow 2/1ers? :)

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    Omg this is seriously making my husband and I sick lately. Literally sick, we both have ulcers anyway so this is just too much. We have been following this page since we filed and it’s so helpful but also so sad to see how many people are just as frustrated as us.. Filed 2/1 like everyone else here, the one bar popped up that same day. Stayed at 1 bar until around 1:00 am (EST) last night and thats when we lost our bars. Now I’ve been blocked for 24 hours since 10:30am. But last I checked we still had no bars. I got a letter from PA that we needed to confirm our identity before we would get our state refund, no problem, did that the day the letter came. I have not gotten any letters from the irs but of course I did call and asked if the delay could be the same thing and we Might need to confirm our identity for the federal since we did with the state but basically I was told to go piss up a rope since it wasn’t 21 days they wouldn’t even take my information to check. I have never ever waited more than 14 days for my federal refund. My state one didn’t show up until July one year but never an issue with the federal return. My husband only has 1 W2, I don’t work and we have 1 child. It’s an easy return. I can’t take this anymore. Is it true we may really see an update tonight? I thought they didn’t do anything on Sunday’s.

    ~Phrustrated in Philly lol



    Still no bars…but was able to order return transcripts last night…hopefully tonight?

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2



    There will be an update again tonight. After 12am. I wish I could attached the irs Screenshot but just keep checking. It’ll be from 12am midnight tonight to 6pm tomorrow then again midnight Monday morning to 6ammonday morning




    I only had it for a couple months too, and didn’t file my 1095, so I’m guessing that’s why. We def need to call Monday.



    Also I’m seeing a lot of people who did not get a update & are not getting anywhere with IRS. I HIGHLY suggest after your 21 days to call & get a tax advocate. You can find the link on the IRS page. I also posted it on here before. If you can’t find it let me know. But it is also at the very bottom of the IRS page & says tax advocate & you just click it & then there you will find a way to click to get instructions on how to get one. I’ve had one before & they make the turn around time with the IRS 3 times faster!!!




    Filed 2/1 Accepted 2/1
    2/10 lost all bars still had tax topic 152 no amount just date of 12/31/2015
    2/12 able to order account transcript
    2/19 able to order return transcript
    2/20 WMR updated with DDD 2/24!!! Going into my bank account so doubt it will come early like netspend! Boo! But at least it is coming!!! Ya! We are finally making progress!



    Did taxes on 2/1. On 2/2 received 1095a. Decided to do amendment on Feb 19th. I think this might be the reason that I haven’t got refund yet.



    We got our DDD 2/24/16! They took the offset my husband owes from last year and posted how much the refund will be. Filed 2/1, IRS received 2/2 and bars went away around the 6th. I am hoping all of you get updates tonight!



    I think they drag us out purposely. By the time you get your money your so broke that you have to spend it…. Or so excited that you go blow it on a bunch of bs….. not me of course :)



    Filed and accepted 2/1. Was able to order both trannys 2 weeks ago. 2 days later I lost my bars and lost TT. No update today either. This is bullcrap!!!!!



    Thanks for the update Drea

    Hopefully this morning !



    Well it’s 8:44am CST (Houston) and my bars have not returned nor a date



    I only have obamacare for maybe for 2 or 3 months only,I didn’t filled 1095 form,you think that’s why?but anyways, call them on Monday and find out what’s going on



    Just got a DDD of 2/24/2016 the irs has offset us for a bill that I have proof was paid in full….. I’m happy to be getting most of it back and now need to figure out how to get the offset amount back. Just an FYI I called the offset hotline for my self and my husband and to this day it says we have no Offset’s?!?!?



    no updates for me :( still showing there was a delay in processing your return and your refund date may have changed. still showing reference code 1121. I filed on 2/1 and was approved then it all disappeared. I don’t understand what the hell is going on! I have been told 3 different things when calling the IRS. All I have is 1 W2 I am single no dependent and I have health insurance thru my employer that I have been with for 15 years. this I bull crap!



    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/1. Lost my bars last night, still not approved. :( but have a question everyone who didn’t get a DDD, did y’all not file your 1095a forms? Me honestly I only had the obamacare crap for just a month, so didn’t think I needed To file that, and every time I call I have to wait my 21 days to get an answer. So never got a letter or anythin . So I’m thinking that’s my holdup.

    And grats to everyone who did get a DDD.



    Me either,still can’t order account or return transcrip, no bars ,just don’t know how long do I still need to wait,maybe I’m going to give them a call on Monday



    Lost my bars, but no ddd I hope that’s a positive sign






    So hey guys been watching this forum for over 1 week now. You guys have been my update and info, so i have some for u.
    Irs.gov: 2/2-able to see TT152,still processing
    Cld IRS 2/16:Told accepted now 2/5 (Crazy!!!!)
    2/19:Order Return trans
    2/20: @ 4:50 est- Bars finally showing up& approved
    DDD:2/24— THANK YOU JESUS! !!



    Disappearing bars though. Taking that as a good sign. ⌚



    @impatientlywaiting me either…ordered account transcripts but not return transcripts….lost bars and topic152



    Nothing for me. Still can’t order transcript



    Omg guys nevermind. Was just able to order account transcripts for 2015, not return but bars still dissapeared. Maybe they’re still updating now.



    Lost all bars this and topic 152. Can’t order transcripts. Wonder whats going on…..




    I was able to order transcripts tonight and when I checked WMR just now my bars are all gone…I bet you’ll have an update/ddd soon.

    Finally! So happy to finally almost be done. I expect a change in wmr tonight. Hopefully a dd on 2/23

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    Ordered Return transcripts 2/19
    Bars are missing on WMR currently. But had 1 bar earlier so I take it as a good sign! Our money is finally coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Had one bar to152 no chance until tonight lost the bar n to152

    What does that mean? I still can’t order account or return transcript



    Filed 2/1, recieved 2/1, no transcript, no bars……. Nothing has changed since I filed…. I wish they would tell me something when i call. “are you past 3 weeks?” i say “no” replied “Go f*** yourself…… and have a nice day, Anything else?”




    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    ordered transcripts 2/19
    still on 1 bar but transcripts are a great sign!! Money is coming wooooo hooooooo!!!!



    Filed 2/1 as well have been seeing the same generic message about it still being processed for the past week and some change. Just was able to order 2015 return transcripts, last night I was not able to. Hopefully this means good news for us finally! This has been a LONG wait, especially seeing my friends who filed before and after me with theirs already smh. Hope we all see that good ol DDD in the morning!



    I am a 2/1 filer. I got approved and ddd of 2/10 then on 2/13 I got that damn 1121 message. I have verified my ID, and went over everything with IRS on phone. I was able to order my transcripts this week. Does that mean it is back to be released soon??? Still show 1122 and I have gotten the TT152 before on WMR



    Finally was able to order my return transcript today! Filed 2/1 accepted 2/1 lost bars 2/10 with tax topic 152 & no amount. Was able to order account transcript 2/12 & then return transcript 2/19. I’m a weekly updater so I will update when I know my deposit date or get my $!!! :)



    I was able to order my return transcript today so im going keep my figures crossed that we get a ddd in the morning….I will be praying everyone that filed 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, & 2/4 will get one



    i filed 2/12
    through turbo tax
    i use netspend
    got a dd of 2/22
    got my refund today.
    still waiting on my card, though. i should get it today.



    Should have made this a FB post/group lol im on here everyday waiting for updates on everyone.

    @Kira i’m praying we do girl. idk who in Houston but we need to do a 2/1 Filers celebration for the ones still waiting on DDD

    We Gonna be Rich !!!!! LMAO

    *Remain Optimistic chicas



    The IRS website just let me order both account and return. It said wait 5-10 business days for the transcript to arrive.. does that mean I should get a ddd soon?




    We changed the amount claimed as Earned Income Credit (EIC) on Line 66a of your Form 1040. The amount claimed as EIC was figured or entered incorrectly on your tax return.
    The Earned Income Credit is figured on worksheets in the tax return instructions. By completing the worksheets you compute a dollar amount that you use to find the amount of your Earned Income Credit from the Earned Income Credit Table. This amount is then entered on your tax return. Review your Earned Income Credit worksheets in your tax return instructions and Schedule EIC. Check for errors in math. Check to see you used the correct column in the Earned Income Credit Table for determining your Earned Income Credit.


    filed 2/1
    accepted 2/1
    1 bar, refund amount, and tax topic 152 from 2/1 – 2/9
    2/9 no bar, no refund amount
    2/9 tax topic 152 only
    2/5 was able to order acc transcript
    2/17 able to order RETURN TRANSCRIPT
    2/18 I have 2 bars back
    2/18 DDD of 2/22
    2/18 CODE 9021 MATH ERROR balance of return due to deposit on 2/22
    2/19 received a text on my cell phone from 511511… Republic Bank & Trust your federal tax return has been sent to your account… I just so happen to be in the drive thru making a deposit and I asked the teller if any thing had come in and she said no….im not too surprised first they find a reason to take a small portion of my return and now want to play about the deposit all I can think about is what FLAVOR FLAV SAID “911 IS A JOKE”….WE CAN NOW ADD THE IRS TO THAT!!!!



    How does everyone know when the next big update is ?
    I am just curious. Lol. Y’all are giving me Hope !
    I keep seeing that there is a big update on Saturday, (tomorrow), just wondering how you knew that info? Thanks!



    @impatientlywaiting I know!! I have a feeling we are all are going to wake up to ddd’s.



    his still hasnt updated that his payment was sent lol so No

    Great minds think alike. i called 20 mins ago and got a very nice man (finally) and explained how i know it wasnt my 21 days yet (only 19) but i was getting a biut nervous and just wanted to makie sure they didnt needa anything from me. i verified my new address and old address and kids ssn and bdays lol and he finally said “Oh i see you there, we have your filing but it just hasnt been processed yet and to just give it a little more time and not to worry”

    Didnt really ease all my pains but good to know i wasnt being put off for something being wrong. just the slow system. hopefully now that we’ve brought ours to their attention they will push it on thru.



    Well i have hope. I talked to the niiiiicest irs rep at 8:11 EST this morning. I was concerned because I moved to a new city in October, updated my address with the USPS and was afraid of any letters they may have sent me not reaching me. I also called because last year I got my last name changed to my husband’s (even though we’ve been married 5 years) and that flagged me for id theft. My original reason of calling was to make sure i didn’t have to verify my id, and make sure things were going to go smoothly and not have any issues. I assured her I know my 21 days isn’t up until Monday but I just wanted to make sure everything looked ok. So after i verified my address she told me everything looks just fine, just hang tight, they have until Monday to process everything. So i’m reeeeeeaaaaaaalllllly praying i see that update tomorrow morning with a ddd of 2/22 or 2/24. I filed last year 2/1 and didn’t get my refund until June 24th.




    Did your husband update on WMR?



    @ Jenny

    not necessarily but from what I’ve seen; when you can order your transcript , within a day you have an update with your DDD. however, my husband got his money yesterday and still cant order his transcript online so I’m not sure what the deal is but they need to fix this.

    Its all screwed up this year.

    -Houston, Tx



    I tried to order my transcript few minutes ago,but still cannot to order it,is that means I’m not going to have update tomorrow?never wait this long to get my tax return



    Way to stay positive @Chajessi

    Im trying to stay optimistic and patient but its frustrating. Every one i know has gotten theirs and they ALL filed after me.

    still cant order transcript so that’s stressful b/c i know i wont have an update tomorrow

    Remaining Optimistic in Houston



    Good Morning Guys,
    So I’ve been following this forum and I must say it is very helpful and comforting to know that I am not the only one going thru the madness,

    Filed 01/29
    Accepted 02/01
    Lost bars 02/13 (Still had TT 152 with the “stil being processed” note.)
    Haven’t been able to order 2015 tax transcript…….

    5 minutes ago I was able to order my 2015 tax transcript. I’m super excited about that because that tells me that my return has been processed. I’m not convinced just yet that I will get a DDD in the next update (Saturday) but at least I know it has been looked at. 21 days will be Monday and I think the IRS is trying to avoid the calls, so the are trying to push out all of us 2/1ers!!! Stay Positive Guys!!!



    Same here,at least something changed, lol

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.


    waiting in mo

    Finally had some sort of a change… Not what I was hoping for though. My bars disappeared, no TT, all info and amt on side still there, it says: still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available.

    Filed&accepted 2/1
    received state refund the next week
    I can’t order either transcript




    Just checked WMR and I got this message:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    with tax topic 152 and no bars… anybody have any idea what it means?



    Okay, I’m finally seeing some kind of movement! I haven’t been able to order my transcripts with my new address, but I just tried and was finally able to get my new address to go through. I’m still not able to order my 2015 return transcript, but hopefully I will be able to by tomorrow evening. That’s when I’m hearing another big update is happening.

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