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    Hi all!

    I know I know, I just filed I do not expect my refund until the week of 2/21. This is just a topic for us hey it may even come early!

    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    The waiting game begins!

    What about you all?!?! My fellow 2/1ers? :)

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    I think I have a new one for the 8962/1095-A files.

    I purchased my 2015 health insurance through the exchange in my state. However, I did not take APTC ahead of time and paid the full premium each month. When I received my 1095-A, the information for the SLSCP was incorrect. According to the instructions for 8962 and the letter that came with my 1095-A, not taking the APTC ahead of time can result in the SLSCP being incorrect. If that’s the case, the instructions say to use a tool available on the exchanges website (my state’s in this case) to calculate the correct SLSCP for use in filling out form 8962 and for 1095-A. On page 3 of the instructions for form 8962, it says the following:

    ” If no APTC was paid for your coverage, Form 1095-A, Part III, column B, may be wrong or blank or may report your applicable SLCSP premium as -0-. If you had a change in circumstances during 2015 that you did not report to the Marketplace, the SLCSP premium reported in Part III, column B, may be wrong. In either case you must determine your correct applicable SLCSP premium. You do not have to request a corrected Form 1095-A from the Marketplace. See Missing or incorrect SLCSP premium on Form 1095-A , later.”

    The “do not” in the “you do not have to request a corrected Form 1095-A” is even in bolded.

    No problem. I wen to the website for my state’s marketplace, typed my information into the tool. A number came back with this line below it. “You will enter these amounts in Part III, Column B on Form 1095-A and part 2, Column B on Form 8962.”

    Normally, I would file on paper, but I decided to file electronically with TurboTax this year since I’m unemployed at the moment (but will hopefully have a new job soon). In the meanwhile, things are a little tight, and I was hoping to have my refund back sooner rather than later since I actually needed it this year.

    I used the SLCSP value from the tool on my state’s marketplace website to complete the calculations. Submitted on 2-1 and also received an email from TurboTax that day that it had been accepted.

    I didn’t check WMR until about 12 days later. I had one bar and tax topic 152. It stayed that way 2-20, when the bar disappeared and the dreaded “still processing” was there. I was concerned, but was told that some of the TurboTax returns were not accepted when TT said and decided to give it a few more days. I called on 2-29 when there still hadn’t been a change. The agent I spoke with told me that the return was in the error department with no evidence of a letter being sent out. She didn’t know for sure what the error was, but wondered if it might be because I recently moved. She said there was no evidence of a letter going out, so she’d email the errors department about it and updated my address. She then went on to give me a whole bunch of reasons that it might or might not be that added up to a non-answer and to call back in 30 days if nothing had happened. (I was also told that if I hadn’t called, the letter probably wouldn’t have been sent because I’d moved.) In a normal year, it would be no big deal to wait it out, but not this year. I told someone about what was going on and they recommended a tax advocate. I called the local office, and they were very nice. I faxed in my 911 Form, proof of hardship, and a copy of my return. I spoke to my TA yesterday who told me a letter had finally been sent and to get in contact with her when it arrived. If she hadn’t heard from me by 3-21, she would call me back.

    The letter arrived in the mail today, and the problem turned out to be that the SLCSP value didn’t match what was reported on my 1095-A. Well, of course it didn’t because the original 1095-A, but your directions explicitly stated not to request a corrected 1095-A for that and to just use the tool on the website to calculate the correct value to use for filling out the tax return and forms.

    After the letter arrived, I called my TA again, then faxed her the letter that came, the original 1095-A and the letter that came with it with the instructions on what to do if the SLCSP value was incorrect, the pages from the instructions for 8962 reiterating the same thing, a print out of a screenshot that I took when I used the tool on my state’s exchange to calculate the SLCSP, and fresh copies of 8962 and page 2 of my tax return (they said to send new ones if necessary, which they aren’t because nothing changed, but I sent them to the TA anyway). The letter did not say that I had to amend and said a 6-8 week time frame after they receive the documents, but I’m hoping that having the TA involved will cut that down.

    In my googling since this started, I hadn’t seen anyone else with this exact issue. I wanted to share in case it helps anyone else. Keep your fingers crossed that this is all swiftly resolved.



    Woke up with a ddd
    3/23 woo hoo



    Was able to order return transcript 3/10, still no update on war,
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Got letter about 1095 a 24th
    Faxed in paperwork 2/24
    Ordered return trans 3/11
    Still waiting, anyone else that has had update on wmr?



    Hi guys update
    I was able to order return transcript today

    File 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Wmr accepted tax topic 152 until 2/16 lost bars and topic
    Received letter on 26 about health care 2/26
    Faxed everything on 2/26
    Wmr still no bars but topic came I believe on the 3/7
    Finally today I can order both account and return transcripts 3/11

    Wmr still the same no bars still processing 3/11

    Hopefully being able to order these, means a dd soon



    Woke up this morning to a pending DD for tomorrow morning. Thank You God!



    So how are others who filed after me getting refunds before me…..
    There are a number of reasons
    1. They filed their taxes at a time when transcripts were not hit with an automatic posting delay code like 570.

    2. They are a daily filer

    3. Processed before the prescribed outline
    4.no special handling or codes like ID verify, offsets, etc.

    Another thing I also wanted to share is most people post their cycle code and assume that is the best way to guesstimate a refund DDD and in some instances it may be helpful but, there is actually more than one cycle code. The other cycle code is for the master file and that is the one that we should look at first because it details the cut off dates that potentially lead to a DDD.

    If you have your transcript there is an as of date that a lot of people ask about and that is actually the latest date that you should receive your refund by….so it would be the Thursday or prior to the as of date that is your expected DD.

    The cycle as I see it (for many not all)……

    1 week later ….. Able to order account transcript
    2nd week …..Either RTN TX is available or no movement
    3rd week ….No movement or Return TX available
    4th week …..No movement
    5th week …… DDD
    6th week …… Payout DD …..you will notice that this will be 2-3 days before or after as of date

    @All. I too am waiting for an update on my DDD which I presume will be on Saturday since I am a weekly filed. I’ve been following since I filed on 2/5 and have observed the various patterns of other participants and their experience with the IRS. Before I share what I believe to be the pattern, may I ask you to take this information, allow the suggested timeline to work and stop calling IRS getting yourself all frazzled. One thing is for sure tax advocates are merely the middle man to pass on information. They have no override authority, they are IRS employees. So although theyre assigned to assist tax payers they are not play makers. There are very few tax payers who get any real assistance from T.A. if you notice most of the people who say they got a T.A. and sped things up were already within the time frame for their return to be completed anyway! It’s not the people who are getting the 4464c letters who get prompt responses. You form your own opinion but this is mine.

    Weekly filers
    Now from what I have observed most of the people who filed beginning the official day filing started, 1/19 through 2/6 were entered into the system with a two week delay on processing. So, you filed 1/19…..couldn’t order account TX til 2/12…..the following week 2/19 you could order return TX….(This group was divided over3-4 disbursement dates 2/27, 3/4, 3/9…..3/16 should c!ear out most of the remaining depending on the number of weeks you were delayed…anywhere from 1-3 weeks. So if you filed during this time and have not gotten any codes, letters aside fromCP05 who h has to be issued after 30 days and when you called you’re told review….those are their instructions…….. you should get a DDD. So you will notice that you were able to order your rtn TX real close to what would have been your 21st day. Depending on when your return was processed the day as well as the time determines where you fall in line. You should also take into account if you were flagged for any reason, that would cause you at least a one week delay. I’m going to post examples shortly. I just really don’t want people rushing to T.A. who in many cases can open a can of worms that you could avoid if we knew a little more about the process



    Filed on 2/1
    Verified on 2/19
    Received return transcript with cycle date 20160805.
    Called today after no update and was told it was closed out 2/19. Haven’t seen a DDD yet.
    Am i done processing? Will I see a DDD soon?



    Yesterday I was able to order my return transcripts using my new address for the first time, so I’m praying this isn’t some cruel cosmic mix-up. Best of luck to all you 2/1 Filers still waiting for an update. You’ll get your refunds very soon.



    Well I filed on 2/1 had to id verify but did it and now have a DDD on3/9



    Still no update ugh!!!!!!Come on IRS!!! Been waiting since 2/1 no letters and I have done all they asked me to over phone and in person!



    After an interminable wait and constant worry, my wife woke me up this morning by shoving her phone in my face: WMR DDD of 3/9/2016! Thank God!



    Finally a little update WMR updated the message saying “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” from the “your tax return is still being processed” message hopefully it comes in with a week or so I have school I have to pay for this month and the 9 weeks was not going to work for me!

    I verified my identity last Tuesday 2/23
    Hope you all get some sort of update this week!!



    i have been able to order my transcripts twice now and WMR has never changed from the 1121 review message. Anyone else seen this?



    Just called the IRS since I was received on 2/1 and they just told me the reason I am seeing no bars but a TT152 on my WMR is because I am being manually reviewed.. I guess I will receive my letter in 2 weeks and then they said processing could take an extra 45 days from there on out.. yay.. I would highly suggest calling if you still have a tax topic but no bars and are “still processing”.



    And still no change for me. No bars, no updates of any kind, still unable to order return transcripts at my new address. I spoke to a lady on Thursday, asking whether IDVerify had cleared, and she said it had and that processing had begun. Though I want to believe that she means it’ll be here soon, I’ve choked down a gigantic slab of salt to go with everything IRS has told me this year.



    Still no change for me! Yo are not alone if you didn’t have a change!



    Saturday i had a date of Wed 3/2. scared to check it again smh

    IRS so inconsistent this year



    Called today just to see why i was in review…No letters no id verification. Got a processing date. of 4/1/16… She said i will have my money 2nd week of April. So the wait continues!



    So I’m still waiting I verified my identity on 2/24
    Originally filed 2/1
    Accepted same day
    Got letter 2/22
    Verified 2/24
    Still no updates on WMR still has same generic message “refund still processing”
    Calling now to see why it’s not updated yet I personally think I should Atleast have maybe my bars back saying it was accepted or something



    I got the letter today,I can fax form 1095a new 1040 and 8962 form,I still need wait, but I feel much better



    Filed 2/1
    Supposedly accepted 2/3
    Generic message the last three weeks had to verify, did that this past Monday 22nd I think. Message changed a day or two later to “we received your return and its being processed” Was able to order trannys with my new address when I tried last night. Woke up this morning with a DDD FINALLY FOR 3/2!!!! This crazy journey will be over with on the 2nd! Best of wishes for all other 2/1 filers still waiting.



    @impatientlywaiting and @drea Im with you guys File on 2/1 accepted on 2/1 verified on 2/24 so i hope we are in the next group… this sucks……
    lmk something if you get a ddd pls….



    Hi guys update

    File 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    1 bar tt152 until 2/16 they disappeared
    Called on 2/22 they said i missed 1095a to wait for a letter mailed on 2/16
    Yesterday i got the letter. It asks to fax or mail form 1095a a new 1040 form i believe form 8362(dont quote on the number) i did last night

    Now waiting again



    You don’t think they’re making updates tonight?

    I wasn’t accepted until 2/3 so I should be the next batch after you. Hopefully (going to try to remain positive)



    Oh no omg. I just knew this was gonna be our week. We’re the last of the few left smh



    Still being processed :( expect a change tonight or I guess I am fucked!



    Yayyyyy I finally got my DDD

    @Drea where you at??!!!

    Filed and accepted 2/1
    Lost bars 2/19
    Verified 2/24
    Got my DDD today 2/27
    DDD 3/2

    Let’s see what happens now




    Ok so I ordered my returns got them today with a cycle code of 20160705…which if I read correctly is supposed to be Feb 25th, 2016. That kind of makes me a little worried but I checked my last years return and it took 19 business days to get my return. According to the irs rep I spoke to, I was accepted on 2/3 which would put my 19 business days at 3/2….if I don’t get my ddd my 3/4 I will officially be worried but I am just not going to freak myself out about this anymore…what can I do but remain positive and hope I am not the 1% getting audited..hopefully my bars come back this weekend!

    What about you guys?!? The tread has kind of died down which makes me think a lot of you are already rolling in the dough. Sighhhhhhhh.

    Good luck to us still processing!!!!!!!!!



    Florida – Filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 had one bar. After 2/5 bars fell off with amount shown and code tt152. I was able to order a return transcript on 2/24 and was sure to See a change the next morning but I didn’t. So, I called IRS yesterday 2/25 and they told me that I would receive a letter in the mail about missing information. Not sure what? I checked WMR this morning “just cause” and still no bars with TT152 However, just a few minutes ago I received my deposit on my netspend card minus 555 dollars. I was sure I didn’t have anything coming to me after calling. Now, I’m waiting to see why they took money. However, the biggest wait is over. Thank God I have property taxes to pay.



    Hope you all get your money soon !!!!



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/10
    Bars lost 2/19
    Call and had to verify if so I did same day 2/23 21 days
    No bars same generic message all day Load posted early through rushcard outta no where tried to check wmr just to see if it updated but excessive attempts but idc I got my money lol 2/26 4:28 pm



    I have had the 1121 message with ext code 362 at the bottom of the message on WMR since 2/13/2016. I was accepted . approved, and was supposed to have a DDD of 2/10/16 then on that Saturday it all went downhill. I have called multiple times and was told different things except this week when I called I was told it was for ID verification . Went over this on the website and phone and on the phone was told the process couldn’t be completed I needed to see someone face to face. Went and did that yesterday. No change yet was still told to wait 60 days and there was a letter coming but the IRS hasn’t mailed it yet and there was no date on the letter as far as to what date it would be mailed. I did have one digit wrong on my address for my house # and I have turned in the correction form and it was corrected online as well by the rep. I ordered my transcripts back on 2/16/16 and I have not received them yet. I am at a stand still ! I hate this!




    I’m right here with you. Tomorrow will be our update..i can feel it lol ( i been feeling it every wknd and still nothing!)

    I verified Tues so hopefully though



    still waiting on the letter that tells me to fax form 8962 for the 1095a,only had that for 3 months



    @kenneth thanks your situation is similar to mine…my bars disappeared on 2/19 so I guess my bars should be back next week…or I’m getting audited sigh. Happy to see I’m not alone. Keep your head up guys!



    Filed 2-9
    accepted 2-9
    Bar disappeared 2-15
    Been able to order return transcript 2-25
    bar reappear 2-26 with approved DDD 3-1
    I’m praying for everybody, I really hope they have new update tomorrow morning.




    When did you file? When were you accepted? I tell you this has been ridiculous! My DDD was supposed to be today at the latest! But I am really expecting one of 3/4.



    Argh still no letter from IRS. Gosh I just need my money, stupid healthcare I only had for 3 months. I didn’t even use. I dont understand cause on my form it said they also sent IRS copies of the 1095a form can’t they just look it up I mean they know I had it so it would be just that simple..but hopefully today I get that letter.



    my bar is reappear to approved and DDD is 3-1,
    Best luck to you, man, this tax season is a longest one for me that I ever experienced. However, I can have good sleep and huge relieve in my mind.
    Warm regards,



    Any changes?!?!?! Still processing for me tt said my ddd would be today….



    @Kira super happy for you someone better be taking you to dinner, you ready. . . promotion! (in my spongebob voice) Drea happy birthday! mine was the 14th and i didn’t have mine in time for bday fun either . . . :(



    Thank you!!! You all don’t know how happy I am



    Congratulations @Kira !!!!



    Well i just talked to irs…they said an error occurred while processing my return. it will be 6 to 8 weeks before i get it. Filed 2/1. Not mad at all, though. Because I just got promoted to operations manager at United healthcare TODAY, The biggest blessing of my life! So after this year, I won’t be getting anything back ever… lol; but I can expect to pay a lot back, though.



    My state refund hit this morning…I now believe the irs is just way behind. If I got my state federal has got to be on the way….patiently waiting.



    Well, I just got off the phone with IRS. I filed 2/1 accepted 2/2 no bars after 2/5 with TT 152 and amount shown. IRS tells me I will be receiving a letter dated for March 7th. Wow!!!!



    Thank you so much!
    You think I can fax to them anytime or I need wait when I receive the letter?



    Filed: 02/01/16
    Accepted 02/01/16
    Bars went away: 02/19/16

    I’m still waiting on this letter that tells me to fax in Form 8962 for the 1095-A, they claim they sent it last week.



    @jenny fax number is 8552045020 for form 8962



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Called its 2/23 because bars disappeared the 19th, no other activity.
    Called again today and and was told I was sent a letter 12 c or t, not sure. I had to file form 8962 with 1095 a for my 24 days of coverage last year, and my second page of 1040. Now apparently I can check the status of my return in 6 weeks. Has anyone else had to do this, and have you gotten any news yet.

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