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    Hi all!

    I know I know, I just filed I do not expect my refund until the week of 2/21. This is just a topic for us hey it may even come early!

    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    The waiting game begins!

    What about you all?!?! My fellow 2/1ers? :)

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    I called them yesterday, I didn’t get my money b/c I didn’t file 1095a,they mailed a letter to me on Feb16,there is fax number on the letter, I need fax them 8962 ,I’m still waiting for the letter, they said allow 7 to 10 days to receive it:(



    where are y’all seeing the options to choose which transcript to order? it doesn’t give me a option. just takes me to a page to Order Transcript then it tells me my information is wrong

    Even my last address not popping up from 2014 taxes



    I’m not checking again until Sat morning. Isn’t that when the ‘Big Updates are? Wed and Sat?



    Yesterday, I called to verify that IDVerify actually, uh, verified my ID
    Spoke to a Mrs Brown (again, a super-sweet lady who wasn’t terribly helpful) who told me that IDVerify won’t update immediately and to give it a couple days
    Mrs Brown informed me that my return was pulled 2/8 for review (I assume to verify? who knows) and to give THAT a couple days also
    No updates to WMR as of 9:30 AM 2/24



    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    ordered return transcripts 2/19
    since 2/19 no bars “your refund is still being processed”

    Called IRS 2/24 since a lot of you were correlating no bars to id verify was told that my acceptance date was actually 2/3 and that it is being held for ed credit verification and to allow 30 days :(



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted same day
    Lost bars 2/19
    Called irs 2/23 to ID verify
    Today no change.

    Hopefully Sat I’ll have a date
    That’s the next Big Update



    @Drea Happy Belated Birthday! No new news for me. Still no bars, tt152, and amount visible. I waited patiently. I will be calling IRS today. I hate calling IRS. It’s always an experience. Woe is me!!



    Anyone who has no bars for more than 2 days I highly recommend calling the identity verification # 1 (800) 830-5084 because I’m 99.9% sure you have to . Note if your 21 days isn’t up they might tell you don’t have to .. But when it does become 21 days and no cash there will either be a letter stating you have to verify your identity or you’ll call and they’ll then tell you that you have to verify. I know sucks that they may know there is action needed to be taken and they won’t say a word but yeah I found out the hard way after days of calling good thing is I heard after you verify they’ll say it’ll take 9 weeks but almost everyone received in 1-2 weeks and others 3-4 so that’s a good sign but CALLTO SEE IF YOU CAN VERIFY IDENTITY IF YOU HAD NO BARS JUST GENERIC MESSAGE “it’s being processed you’ll be given a deposit date when available bs”



    No change……I really hope there is one tonight. Fund out that I wasn’t accepted until 2/5 today but its 2/23 and I have no bars I am highly skeptical that I will get a ddd on Friday. All I can do is wait I guess. Today was my bday and I ALWAYS get my taxes on my b day.



    Hello every one. I have been following this forum and I must say I felt better after reading your post. I call the irs today and spoke with a nice lady ( thankfully!!) and she advised me that my return had been recently kicked out of the system because I did not file the 1095-A just like many of you, but the thing is I amended my return like a week later (oops) because the 1095-a form came the next day. She told me that I would need to fax in the 8962 Form in which I already have completed because of the amended return that I did. She also said that because I amended the return before the first one completed will just delay it even longer……DangIt!!!!!!!!!!! She told me that the fax number is on the letter, so I guess I should just forget about my money until tax time again ????

    Not so happy tax payer



    I actually filed and received a text that I was accepted on 1/19 but when I called the IRS on 2/12 I was very rudely informed that my return was not accepted until 2/1. I was told to call back on 2/22 if I hadn’t received my refund. I was a good girl and patiently waited. Of course I didn’t receive my refund so I called and was told that all refunds were delayed by 2 weeks so give them until 3/7 to process the refund. Well today I lose all bars on wmr so I called them back. I got a very rude lady that told me that I was informed that I would be receiving a letter requesting I fax in a form 1095A when I called on 2/12. I can assure you I was never told that and the subject was never mentioned at all. She tells me that a letter was mailed out on 2/19 with further instructions. Then I tried to ask her what all would be needed so I could have it ready and she she yells into the phone WAIT FOR THE LETTER then hangs up on me. So I’m waiting for a letter to come in the mail so I can fax this form and wait….. I was told by the second rep I got when I called back was that it takes up to 2 weeks to scan the papers in after received then they take another 6 weeks to process it. Looks like I won’t be getting my return until April/May for the first time ever :(



    I could order account transcript on 2/12, still cannot order return. Account transfer was basically blank. No figures dates or codes, just a blank template.



    Can y’all order your transcripts?? I could order mine as of yesterday morning but with no updates Monday and Tuesday maybe I’ll see something Wednesday morning. Lost bars on 2/19 but kept TT 152. Who knows



    @kiki, CO here I called yesterday and they are cutting a batch of checks Wednesday. They told me that once fed is approved they move forward. My state was finalized the day after the IRS.



    Where is TexasGirl…

    I filed 2/2 and accepted 2/2, 1 bar and tt152 until 2/19 when I lost bars and went to “still processing, refund date when avail” still have tt152. Today is 21 days, called irs, they said my return went to reject dept and they have 9 more days to process or send a letter. No letters have gone out as of now. I called advocate and got assigned due to hardship, have to wait 3 days. I don’t know what input or advise I’m looking for but I want to hear something! I’m getting pretty depressed about this, I have been counting on this for awhile now. What to do



    Hey everyone.
    I filed on 2/2 and have t been able to order any transcripts. And I’ve been on one bar since 30 minutes after filing.
    Yesterday I lost the one bar it’s all just writing. In so sick of this waiting game. It’s been absurdly long this year.
    My question is really if anyone can tell me the phone number they used to speak with someone at the irs and how they got to a rep. Also you can go online to idverify I’ve read. So in case people are having trouble on the phone service. I wish they told us that we needed to verify three weeks ago.. I hope this isn’t the case and I hope I get my refund soon. Silly me was banking on having a really nice Valentine’s Day out hahaha, thankfully I didn’t hold my breath!
    Thanks, Matt



    Hey all, I’ve been following this forum thread since I filed on 2/1. Here’s my basic timeline:

    Filed 2/1 @ 12:45

    Accepted 2/1 @ 1:35

    No update to WMR, just one bar and Topic 152

    WMR bar disappeared ~2/17

    Called IRS 2/22 at 7AM sharp: waited 40 mins, talked to the sweetest lady they have probably ever hired, a one Mrs Hirschberg (that’s how she introduced herself: Missus, no first name, adorable NY accent)
    Mrs Hirschberg explained that IRS received my return on 2/2 (though I’d been tracking it since 2/1 on WMR) and to call back the next day, although she did explain that there was nothing on my account to indicate a hold and that I didn’t need to verify ID

    ~6 hours later, received IRS Letter 5071C

    Verified online: took several attempts to get in and had to use my old address to do so; answered three questions about previous addresses and known associates, no problems and passed IDVerify within about six minutes.

    No update to WMR as of 10:48 AM 2/23



    @ Chon Hopefully a change tonight sigh.



    Soni finally got through to id verify. She ‘released the hold’ on my refund so it can continue processing. They are giving the general 9 week wait response but its basically like I’m just filing today so hopefully no more than 2 wks.



    I’m like you Drea nothing yet. Florida- tt152 , amount and no bars still. Filed 2/1 and accepted 2/2.



    I called and I do have to id verify. She gave me the number to do it but I can’t get through.

    For the ones that’s done it, what will I need and what do they ask?



    Still no bars….I’m starting to freak out a little….I really hope i get my ddd my 2/26. I filed 2/1 come on what is the hold up.



    Good Morning All,
    Anyone filed a state return in CO. What’s been your experience? We filed 2/1 but didn’t call about it till 2/19. They told my husband that they were verifying wages and it would be 1-3 weeks. What does that mean? She said they didn’t need anything from him and to just wait. We got our federal but boy I’d really like to get the state resolved so taxes can officially be over this year.



    I called them twice today, lol,in the morning the lady told me I need call back tomorrow, but I just can’t wait until tomorrow, because since I filed I didn’t sleep good at all,always worry about this,so I called them back this evening,got a nice lady, she spent almost 30 minutes to check my account, but the sad thing is it’s only shows they sent me a letter on feb16,she said didn’t show what information I still missing, then I guess I have to wait for that letter to coming, it’s going to kill me:`(



    @ impatientlywaiting

    Same here filed 2/1 accepted 2/2, ordered returns 2/19. Bars gone tt 152 and “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”.

    Hopefully we get an update tonight. I really think I got re-sequenced and wasn’t accepted until 2/8. We’ll see tt still has me at a ddd of 2/26. I really hope I am not waiting past Friday 2/26.



    @ Sheka it says “your refund is still being processed, a refund date will be provided when available.

    Still….since sat night was really hoping for the bars and a ddd but I guess I can’t freak out until 2/26. That’s when tt said I should have it. Just sucks tomorrow is my b day and I have $13.67

    LMAO :(



    Ok. I’m going to call in the morning and see



    @impatiently waiting

    I tried to do it online after she told me because I could not get through the phone line but it did not let me. I think you can only do it online if you recieved the letter but if the rep tells you you HAVE to do it over the phone. I never got a letter or anything. You might want to call just to see if they tell you to do it.



    Filed 2/1
    Was able to order return transcripts on 2/19 but still no ddd over the weeknd. *pissed* due to no tax topic, 4 digit code or anything just generic message “return still being processed will give ddd when available” Called today told them I wanted to check to see if any letters might have been sent to be. Ended up being told I needed to ID verify and given a number to call to do so. After an hour for wait and the lady having to do the test twice due to her system going “down” I passed and was told she would notify to take the “hold” off of my return and to have it released but give 9 weeks. Think it will be this or next week and it is done but just had to be verified. Here’s praying for my ddd asap…



    Can you I’d verify even if you didn’t get a letter? I tried and it said it couldn’t very my information online. Didn’t get a letter but figured why not just do it since it seems everyone is having to



    I got my letter today in the mail to verify my identity. I did it online and it took 5 minutes. Should have my return in 2-6weeks. My bars completely disappeared a few days ago with the same topic 152. The website is idverify.irs.gov



    Well I called the IRS this morning and was told that I was placed on hold for ID fraud. When i went out to get the mail i had a letter from them stating to verify online….. why the hell Couldn’t they have just sent me an email or told me in one of the 1000 conversations I’ve had with them in the last few weeks….. Then on top of all that Its going to take another 4-6 weeks…. FML



    Thank you for the update,maybe I have same problem like yours,about 1095a,I just got my 1095a today, I only had Obama care for 3 months, I thought I don’t need file that,and I called irs this morning ,the lady told I need call back tomorrow, but anyways, how long will take them to send the letter to me which the letter you was talking about?thanks



    So just got through with a lady, I had a letter sent to me called a 12 c or something, basically I have to file my 1095 a forms, wait for this letter to send to a fax number then I have to print out a 8962, from the IRS website, and fax all those to them. Then it could be anywhere to from 2 to 9 weeks before I get my refund. I’m glad I just know something now, which I figured that was the problem, plus the lady was really sweet. She said a lot of the hold up is those forms 1095a cause a lot of ppl didn’t file them.



    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”

    Since Friday night :(



    Hi,everyone good morning!
    I just off the phone with IRS,and was waiting for about 45 minutes, the lady answered the phone,and she told me I have to wait 21 processing days,so she’s unable to look at my account until tomorrow, And tell me if nothing is change by tomorrow give them call back,that’s stupid, everybody filed after me already got their money, smh,hope I have update tomorrow or I need call them again:(



    do the message still say that “a refund date will be posted when available” or do it just say ur refund is still being processed….I ask this because Friday my message got shorter and only said it still being processed then Saturday I woke up with a ddd….so u might get one tomorrow or one day this week be hopeful




    still no bars “your refund is still being processed”. According to tt it’s supossed to be here Friday, but I am getting skeptical.



    Still nothing, ill be calling today. I will update later.



    Filed 2/1, accepted same day according to the text I received and Turbo Tax. One bar status and still says processing with 152 code. Called 2/19 and got someone surprisingly in about 15 minutes. Played dumb and said I thought it was accepted in January. Guy was really nice and said it was actually accepted 2/8 and the IRS sent out a letter dated on 2/12 needing more information. Would not give any more details than that. Said to give it 2 weeks for letter to arrive (not sure where they are mailing it from). If haven’t received by then call back and they will send out another letter. Said to do what letter says (again, wouldn’t tell) and I should received refund in 4-6 weeks, it goes to the bottom of the batch. I said what if I owe money though and not a refund, then of course it will be moved to the top and is due April 15th. I already received my state return a week after accepted, so I don’t know what they could possibly want…



    Well hopefully i get some kinda of news one way or the other… i wish they would hurry up with it. Id rqther find out its not coming and be 100% informed then to wait around for some stupid ass orange bar to tell me when i get paid…. #pissed off



    Hi everyone.
    Well, even though I have my DDD (of 02-24), now I’m kinda worried about the offset thing. Even though when I call it says I have 1 offset and the amount is for $43.00 to be taken on the 02-24. I hope that’s all they take. -__-
    I guess I am going to just be a major worry-wart until the 24th and see what actually happens that day. I keep seeing a lot of people have so many different types of issues this year I guess I just keep expecting something to go wrong , as bad as that sounds. Even on the FB igmr page groups a lot of people are having issues this year. I reay hope everyone gets their money soon!!! So we can all stop worrying .


    waiting in mo

    Filed&accepted 2/1
    (received state refund the next week)
    WMR was at 1 bar w tt152 until 2/19 then:

    No bars, no TT, but all info and refund amount on side still there and it says: still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available.

    This is still where I’m at and still
    I can’t order either transcript.

    I don’t think I said still enough.



    @Drea just to let you know I ordered my transcripts on the 8th received them on the 12th and didn’t get DDD until 2/20. When I called on Thursday they said everything was still processing, and in no way could I be holding my transcripts…… They ended up taking a tax debt that I have proof that was paid. Figured I’ll get my return then fight for the $1500 they took that was previously paid. The IRS is messing up left and right this year. Transcripts don’t seem to mean anything any more.



    Sill no bars….was able to order return tran on 2/19….sigh

    I really hope I get one tonight. But I am not worried since I was able to order return. That means I’m done processing. If I don’t get my money this week though I will be livid.



    Well everyone, let’s keep each other updated on what the Lie R S has to say tomorrow.



    Well no update. I have never made it past 21 days and I had an offset in 14. I guess I will be calling Monday. I am so bummed right now.



    Thank the lord I woke up to a DDD of 2/25!!! Good luck to everyone..hopefully Wednesday will shoot out a huge update for you all!!!



    No update for me today, it’s crazy this year…



    Well, there was another update last night but I wasn’t apart of it. I saw a few ppl in my fb group got their update. It’s supposed to be until 6.

    Usually they don’t on Sunday as far as I know also Philly but as we’ve all seen, this year is VERY different and has no rules, regulations, or specific dates for that matter.


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