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    Is today 21 days since you filed your tax return? Are you calling the IRS? Let us know what they say.

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    What was on the end?


    Leo Garcia

    Since March 8th It’s been approved… still nothing I called and they told me that it will take UP TO 11 weeks prior to the date I got approved. Here I am April 27th almost like 7 weeks later and still nothing. Oh and also my WMR page is blanked out and it tells me this:

    Refund Status Results: Blank

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    Can someone pin point exactly how long does this take exactly. Bills be bull spitting at times. Thank you



    Filed and accepted 2/27
    Still at Being processed with Topic 152. My amount is showing.




    @Jprayingforddd u should be fine then most likely you’ll get a ddd soon



    I filed on 2/8/18. Accepted same day.EIC , ACTC, I received my state refund 2/21. However the WMR states received and processing with amount & TT 152 showing. Around the 2/24 my Bars disappeared with a message still being processing. no Tax Topic 152 showing. amount still showing. Then 3/1/18 The BARS ARE BACK!!! WITH tt 152 message. we have received your refund and its being processed with 21 day message. I have not called to check up on anything…. , I have not requested any transcripts.. I was just trying to wait it out and hope everything would filter thru. Now i’m curious to death to know what is going on!! because most people was saying that if your bars went a way that you were under review. I have not received a letter either. Any idea what may be happening now guys??? HELP!



    I filed on 2/2/18. 21 days on 2/23/18. WMR states received and TT 152 with no updates until 2/19/18. Bars disappeared with a message still being processing. On yesterday 2/26/18 I received a letter from IRS stating I need to send a copy of 1095a from marketplace insurance premium and 8962. I fax both form to my tax preparer. He fax to IRS today. The letter stated I would not get my refund for 6 to 8 weeks. Very disappointed. Why accept my return if that form was not apart of my return. IRS is jerking people around. Tax time is a time every is looking forward to catching up on bills or pay off bills. I am very disappointed that it took 3 weeks before I was notified about the insurance premium. Does anybody know if it will be 6 to 8 weeks before I receive my refund.



    Call IRS told me that they are reviewing EIC and CTC returns. Wait another 21 days she said.



    Filed Feb 1 excepted the same day Today get a letter in the mail told I’m under review to wait 60 days. Called irs told under review to wait 45 days from feb 13th.



    I called again so yea I called twice the first was on 22 days the second was just the other day . The guy told me they were behind on the reviews that they had to do on everybody that had a EIC or child tax credit etc and that they started processing them the 15 th he also said they were suppose to be caught up by the 30th if not everybody would get a letter by March the 5th saying they needed an additional 45 days so he told me wait and see .. go figure



    I was accepted on 1/17 , and I’ve gotten no update since then , I’m kinda nervous. Everything was correct , no letter in mail , I see posts saying calling the irs will make them flag you , but it’s been like 25-26 days and no letter or update from he app.


    Second time

    Final update tonight red for 3-1-18 good luck evryone



    i filed my taxes on Friday Feb 16 because i was waiting on them to send me my identity protection pin again.. Today about an hour ago my refund posted to my netspend account. I filed child tax credit and i had an offset of a few hundred for an old school loan. i was shocked i received it so fast but it was literally 7 days.



    I tried to get my transcripts online .. it let me order them by mail but when I do on line last week it kept telling me my address wasn’t right .. now when I try to add my credit card , no not debit it says invalid card .. I don’t know what else to try .. I filed the 29 was accepted and my bars disappeared it says processing ..



    Hey guys. I had all 000 on my account transcripts and I filed with turbo tax on 2/7 accepted on 2/9 even though tt said accepted 2/7. I called irs regarding all the 0000 and no tax return filed on my transcript also date as of 03/05/2018. and also the verification of income msg from 2016s taxes that they did as of 12/27/2017 with amount $0.00. I thought i was under review but never received a letter. The nice irs Lady said case was closed for 2016 no issues. And that no issues with my 2017 not under review. The 000s show when not done processing she said wait until 03/05 and i should have a refund. I woke up to turbo tax saying thank you email and still no refund and still one bar. I checked my tax transcripts again today and have code 846 with a ddd of 02/28. Check your transcripts again. :)


    Second time

    First time going thou this but I called yesterday talk to a super nice lady she put on hold for about 10 mins scared the shit out me but came back to line told everything fine I don’t need do anything I should have my money soon told thank you have a great day she seem shock how nice I was to her said no later then 27th



    @gue1327 Is right if you call asking them about review or I’d there are going to put u through that process. I called asked a very sim ple question when did they except my return they said Feb 9th I filed on. The 2nd. Just because your tax preparer said excepted same day that’s not the case. They didn’t half to I start processing path to the 15th



    Please ppl stop calling them you guys are putting yourselves in hot water. Evertime someone callsthey will and i mean will make you a id verification participants. Lol look why call them? I know you guys want your money and so do i but calling them is something you don’t wanna do right now. If u were going to get a letter you would have received it by now. When you call bothering them bang! Id verification! Then they say you had a letter out 1/26 and you should have received it but we’ll send one today. Lmao i really don’t mean to laugh right now but why ppl why? Ive seen thousands of ppl on multiple sites given this same message when they call. The only legitimate response ive see so far is tjat some of us might update this weekend or by the 27th and hell that might not even be true. Listen someone really close to me not a family member told me never bother them while they’re busy like this because they will red flag you and send u a letter for whatever they feel they want u to do. Lets just say this person im referring to knows what the heck they’re talking about. Please trust me on this.. If u see this message please listen im telling you. Thank me later



    Filed and accepted on 1/29

    Called in on Tuesday (22nd day) and was told EITC funds won’t be released until the 27th. I know that was just a generic answer so I told her that WMR stated DDD by the 22nd and that its been more than 21 days since I’ve filed. she put me on hold while she looked into it. After about 5 mins she said there is nothing that is delaying my refund and she was able to see a DDD for the 22nd as well. She also said IF on the 22nd its not there, to verify with my financial institution to see if its at least pending before calling the IRS back. hoping that I won’t have to cross that bridge.



    1-29-18 accepted
    2-19-18 estimated return
    My bars disappeared it now says processing .., Mon was my 21 days I called the IRS after finally getting through I had to go through a ton of questions so she could get into my info she said .. she said nothing was wrong I had to wait till the 27th because I had a EIC and they weren’t being released until then and I told her I knew people who have gotten them with a EIC she said that’s what her system is telling her to tell me to call back the 27 th if o don’t get them



    Anyone WMR updated tonight? Thank you.



    spoke with an IRS agent,,,,after 20 min hold was told I had gotten selected for ID Verify because my address changed this year,he said they mailed me a letter a week ago and of course I never got it,he said he would re-send it today,so now I have to wait another week to recieve such letter.

    Return was accepted on 01/29
    Bar went away on 2/3
    Now it only says it has been recieved and a refund date would be provided when available



    Finally got thru to an agent had to call several times. She stated she saw nothing wrong with my return and no letters have been sent out and I should have a DD by the 27. Hopefully that’s true! Hope she isn’t just telling me something. Accept 1/23 been on processing message since 1/28 was able to c transcripts on 2/17 and have a code 570 no 846 EIC only



    I was able to reach an agent by pure luck. Apparently my return was received on 2/6 but it is still processing. He asked me if I received any papers in the mail and when I told him no he said that I just had to wait the 21 days and call back. I asked him if I should be expecting any papers and he said “as long as you filed a complete and accurate return you should see your refund in 21 days.” What gets me is that he couldn’t find my return at first and put me on hold for 30 minutes.

    I’m freaking out here. My 2017 transcripts all day NA or “no record of a return filed”!! Ugh I’m so mad and then he says the reason why my name has changed on their site is because the social Security Hasn’t updated it?



    Filed and accepted: 01/30
    No credits. Standard Married-Joint Return with W-2 and 1099.

    Lost WMR bars and got the standard “processing” message 02/06.
    I have access to my transcripts online though the Account Transcript only shows partial info and no processing date. 21 days is up today.

    Called IRS this morning and got to an agent within 15 minutes. While speaking with an agent, I got hung up on. I spent the next hour trying to get back to an agent. Finally, spoke with an agent who states that my return was frozen because the estimated tax payments claimed on the return didn’t match up with what they received.

    I asked them to look again and they finally saw that they did in fact receive all of the estimated tax payments but they weren’t being credited to our account. Unfortunately, after “moving the credits” over (his words), he couldn’t confirm my refund amount and DDD…said I should check WMR over the next week or two. WTF. This is crazy.



    I can’t get through to a rep and difficult to figure out with a newborn. Does anyone know if you can tell from WMR if you have to do ID verification



    AUTO CORRECT…. I spoke to the IRS today….



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1

    Bar disappeared I think 2/9 or so.

    Amount came back Sunday 2/17

    Still says “still processing”

    I spoke to the it’s today and was told, They only process a certain amount of returns a day, after that number is reached any returns they get after are resequenced… meaning it’s put on hold in the system and the computer holds it. He said no letters nothing wrong, it just did not technically start filing until 2/7 so my 21 day is next week not tomorrows😣

    So now I wait.



    I filed on 1/23/17. just a regular return with no credits that would create the delay til the 15th. I’m a weekly and updated to losing my bars on 1/27. Ive called numerous times and was told the same crap about wait 21 days. I cant see my transcripts online but received transcripts in the mail on February 17. All 0000s and on other transcript there wasn’t a return filed. Called today and was told that I have been in ID verification since 1/24/17 and I should have received a letter. Which I didn’t. Ive checked the mail religiously. So Shes mailing a new letter out today..



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/29
    Bars & TT152 Disappeared 2/3
    I received ID Verify Letter 2/13
    (I claimed no credits at all)
    Successfully ID Verified on Phone 2/13
    Was told that everything went great and will be put back into processing
    Didn’t see any movement on big update day 2/17
    WMR still shows “Your Return is still being Processed”
    No tax topic
    Called today because people usually receive it within two weeks after verifying
    Was told today everything went fine and that the ID verification I took was successful and that it’s just a waiting game now. So hopefully we’ll see and update by this weekend . Would be a great surprise if our refund just appeared in our accounts, but that’s wishful thinking lol.


    Shay Brown

    Its day #22 for me. I was accepted by IRS system on the 29th. But, IRS did not post on there site until 2 days later. I definately know theres a hold up. I dont know anyone who got theres back. Mine say the same thing…its still possessing. I have tax topic 52 though. Dont know if thats a good thing or bad thing. This tax season sucks! 👎



    Try calling number 1-800-829-1040 just called and spoke to an agent 30 Minutes ago wait time was only 4 Minutes .



    Its ridiculous. The IRS has the power to do what it wants..no one over see’s THEM. It has been over 21 days for me.They accepted mine on the 29th..filed on the 25th…They supposedly have to release the funds after 21 days..lol..so where is my money? You guys tell me and we will both know. Santa Barbara Bank just opened about 30 minutes ago West Coast Time. So we shall see WTH happens. I can’t wait til that Path Act Law gets overturned. It really serves no purpose except for allowing the banks to earn interest on our refunds. Follow the money.



    Filed 01/31, accepted 02/01, bars dissappear after 20 days. Just says its processing. No codes Single, one w2 and one 1099. Just a simple return. Never had a problem in the last 10 years. Calling them tomorrow. Lines super busy today.



    I have tried to call 6 times and all of a sudden they have technical difficulties and they keep hanging up asking me to call back later.

    I filed with TT on 1/11 accepted email received 1/13

    Single, No EIC, No ACTC, No School credits. I have no reference codes or letter received in the mail.

    I have no bars,only my amount just says “your return is being processed”.

    I called last week and they told me to call on the 20th, and now the phones aren’t working.

    This is ridiculous!



    Sorry Jan 29 I mean



    I could be wrong but I’ve seen other people say that the 21 days start on Jan 19 and it’s business days so weekends don’t count.



    Yeah it’s been 22 days for me now. I was accepted on the 29th of January. I filed Single. No PATH and no Tax Topic. Just that generic “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” message, and no letter from IRS stating that I need to verify my identity. My message has been the same since the 31st. However, when I checked with HR Block online, it said that my filing date was the 8th of February? Does that mean I got re-sequenced? If so, does that mean my 21 days start all over? I definitely will be calling the IRS after I go get some sleep.



    I have seen people say 21 days for PATH Act people starts later, from 15th. I wondered if this was true or if 21 days starts from 29th. I also have heard that 21 days starts from the day you are accepted which is oftentimes different than the date we think we are accepted, as the IRS sometimes has 2-3 days later in the system then we were told by tax preparers.

    Still wondering…

    I’d be willing to bet that IRS reps tell people different shit about when 21 days start when we call.



    @Timberly: thanks!



    FYI if you call it’s local time and not est. time. So if your an hour behind est. you have to wait til 7am your time.



    I personally think the hold times are going to go up soon. Brace yourselves IRS, here we come.

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