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      Can someone tell me what date 20221205 cycle code is

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          I have same code. But I’m still showing that they’re processing it. I got a notice in mail that they need 7-10 days to figure it out and send payment blah blah blah. I already did the ID Verification for the 2nd year in a row, months ago. I have a Tax Advocate and they have 8 none days to contact me. They have 45 days total. What is the hold up?;It’s a 1040. Single w2. , no Child Credit. Just a simple return.

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            Cycle date of 20221205 for me, account record updated with code 846 today for 4/06/2022. Good luck everyone

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              Same cycle code I had an update on my account transcript today. showing credits but also 580 additional account action pending assuming 2 weeks or less before ddd

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                Mine is 20221202.

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                  Cycle Code

                  2022 – Year

                  12 – 12th week of Year

                  05 – 5th Day

                  Your code means that your refund will not start processing until March 25, 2022

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                    Yes and I’m hopeful for a 846 code soon

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                    TAX TIME

                      D did you get your transscript today

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                        I have the same cycle code

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