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20221205 code 570 Only

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      Filed and accepted 3/8 transcripts updated yesterday to with 570. No letter codes or dates. What to expect? Anyone else have same issue/experiences to share that may help?

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        It’s not a random review, something triggered it. Usually child credits or unemployment… it could be anything even the wrong income from w2s


          I filed and was accepted on 1/24
          Got the 570 code on 2/11
          As of date still says 3/7/22
          No updates at all just a notice that says 60 day review but I’m past the 60 days already
          This is way beyond ridiculous already


            Exact same situation. Filed on 3/8 and transcript updated on 3/25 to 570. Mine has a child tax credit error made by my tax preparer. Hopefully they don’t take too long to sort it out.


              I found out by goingnon SSA site that hisnincome reported was 26 dollars more than his w2s reflected. I triple checked. What should he do? And how can this happen?


                570 is just a hold code while they finish reviewing your taxes. If there are no errors and nothing that they need to change, you may get it within the next few weeks, if there are errors it can take anywhere from a few weeks to however long they need. They’ll send you a notice if they cannot resolve it without additional information from you.


                  From that 3/8 date they have up to 45 days to get to review it


                    A long wait had 570 since feb 15 it’s a random review

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