20220905 where yall at ? Whats yall update ?

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      Any updates ?

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        FILED/ACCEPTED 02/11
        570 03/21
        971 03/28
        MY AS OF DATES CHANGED FROM 03/21, 03/28 AND NOW 04/04

        I give up on this already


          @dddavis this only means that your refund is still processing for some reason and yiur still waiting for an 846 code and update.


            Ok maybe y’all can help me here. Cycle 20220905 submitted and accepted on 2/22/2022. All week I’ve had the processing code with a date of March 21st and a balance. When I looked today the few times I didn’t get an access denied message my balance said $0 with a new date of March 28th and still only the processing code no new code. Anyone have an idea on what this could mean? Im kinda freaking out.


              My code was 20220905 with a date of 3-21-2022 and codes 570 and 971, they adjusted it for 500.00 more based on CTC error, but today I now have another 971 code with a new date of 3-28-2022. Anyone know what that could mean? Thank you!! I am not fond of the IRS at all!!


                Do u have the same.cycle code as us. This is only for 905 cycle codes


                  I too had 3/21/22 and was updated to 846 showing 3/16/22, with a code that said resolved. I am confident we all will wake up with a WMR update if it’s on the transcripts.


                    Si senorita me as well wmr should update


                      I got 846 code refund issued then the date says 3/16 on my transcript, but when I check WMR it still says the same ,your return is processing so we will see if I get it next 3/16 or sooner I’m going to check my wmr again tmrrw


                        Mine updated this morning after week hold on 971, 570 codes with extra refund credit. DDD 03/16
                        F/A 02/22/22


                          3/16 DDD, Transcript update when I woke up this am at 530 HST.


                            Thank you everyone please keep updated


                              Okay, so I had a 3/21 action date on the 971 code. But I looked this AM, and it changed to 3/16 with the 846 refund issued 3/16. I filed on 2/14. So we will see if I get it on the 16th or sooner. I’ll let ya’ll know


                                Just pulled up my transcripts and it shows cod 846 refund issues with DDD for 3/18!!!
                                WMR still shows code 152. so pull up your transcripts!!!!!!!!


                                  @jed are you 905 code


                                    i received my deposit last night. i had 846 refund issued 3/09/2022. got it at 5 pm yesterday because the CK card does day early deposits. Some, not all, banks that do day early deposits, will hit your accounts between 4pm-6pm because thats the end of the business day. After their closing day hour, its officially the next business day. Make sense? Good luck everybody and I hope you all receive your deposits sooner rather than later.


                                      Same im still on a 570 code with a delayed wmr


                                        none hopefully either Friday or Saturday we get an update


                                          still no updates her for 20220905 please update if you hear anything


                                            20220905 no updates here still under code 570


                                              Yes sir so keep an eye out

                                              Code 846 Guy

                                                @jedijo Yupperz!


                                                  my transcript says 20220905. used turbo tax and the credit karma card. it also says 846 refund issued 3/09/2022. does this mean thats my DD date?

                                                  Sammie McCoy

                                                    my cycle is 20220905 but the processing date is 3-21-2022

                                                    my cycle is 20220905 but the processing date is 3-21-2022

                                                    @patiently waiting. My transcripts finally updated to the same thing your says… I printed it so I could read it Im like well at least I can get my transcript I needed it for school anyway. Sooooo just waiting on that DDD ao I can go pick my new car up.


                                                      Filed 1/25, accepted same day. Verified ID on 2nd and processing started on the 9th. First update to WMR was 2/17 to being processed. Last night was the first time my transcripts updated at all. TC 150 with cycle code 20220905. I was at a 3/7 date for weeks, I’m up to 3/21. TC 570 is posted but no notice or 971. Hoping for WMR tonight bc of weekly updates.


                                                        Accepted 1/21 ID verified 2/16 transcripts became available 3/4 with a ddd of 3/9. Sbtg says unfunded. Getting refund with credit karma money account filed with tt


                                                          My transcripts became available this morning with a DDD of 3/9. SBTPG shows my refund amount but it is still unfunded.

                                                          patiently waiting

                                                            my cycle is 20220905 but the processing date is 3-21-2022

                                                            GeekGod Media

                                                              Can my transcripts update while WMR says still being processed?

                                                              Wondering lady 1

                                                                Filed 2/10
                                                                With all credits
                                                                Was n/a on transcript
                                                                Went to your refund will be delayed message on 2/27
                                                                No bar movement
                                                                Transcript update 3/4 @12 pm 846 code for 3/9
                                                                Still no movement on wrm
                                                                DD hit 3/4 to my serve card at 2pm today
                                                                I dont know how but the lord know he was working
                                                                I hope everyone get they updates quick we worked to hard all year for the games with irs when its our time to be paid


                                                                  F/A 2/22/2022
                                                                  Updated 3/4/2022 could see transcripts with codes 766,768,570 and 971
                                                                  no DDD date
                                                                  on wmr no bars ( still processing) topic 152


                                                                    Mine said 3/7 but now says 3/21??? I filed on 2/14


                                                                      I have that cycle code I filed and was accepted 2/26 and my transcripts became available this morning with a DDD of 3/9 SBTPG is now showing my refund amount but it is still unfunded


                                                                        I have 2 766 codes and a 570 updated overnight


                                                                          if your Transcript updated today with a DDD, your WMR will update tomorrow.


                                                                            No update on WMR. But could order transcripts. I see a DD date for 3/9. topic 152 no other codes on account.


                                                                              877 777 4778 press 1 and then 1 again when prompted. Ask to be transferred to accounts management.(this is the tax advocate number) . This was the only was I was able to get through to the IRS.


                                                                                My cycle code is 20220805 but I filed 1/12. Been in errors since then and finally updated today. If you have 570 code I’d suggest calling to see why(if they can tell you)


                                                                                  Yesssss I updated today to 846 for 03/09


                                                                                    Okay love


                                                                                      No update yet.
                                                                                      Filed 2/11
                                                                                      WMR DELAY MSG
                                                                                      Transcript. N/A as of 3/7/22
                                                                                      Im being hopeful for a DD overnight

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