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20210705 Cycle code

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    Checked my transcripts & I have a cycle code of 20210705, what exactly does that mean? Can someone help a sista out

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    So if I have 20210705 on my account, but I owe taxes this year (no refund) does that mean it’s the date my return was “approved”?

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    Hi i have code 20210905 with a processing date of March 22, 2021. Does anyone know what that means and when I’ll see my DD? It has never taken this long to get my refund back. I had 1 bar on where’s my refund and now it just says it’s still being processed and a refund date will be given when available. PLEASE HELP!

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    My code is 20205302 what does it mean its got two 776 codes for 1-18-21 an one 846 code for 1-4-21

    That’s for the 2nd stimulus. For the current tax year, the cycle code begins with “2021.”

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    My code is 20205302 what does it mean its got two 776 codes for 1-18-21 an one 846 code for 1-4-21

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    I have a code 846 refund issued to be sent 3/3/2021 but I don’t have a cycle code listed on my transcript.

    Any ideas?

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    @Gogetter11: I never said what my cycle code is. I haven’t checked my transcripts yet. But, as my refund has hit today, I’m guessing my cycle code is 20210802 or 03.

    And that seems to debunk the notion that all PATH-eligible returns are “weekly.” (I claimed the EIC.)

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    That’s my cycle code also. Just rcvd DDD of 3/3/2021 on transcript this morning

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    @thicks my cycle code is the same as yours, but I don’t have code 846. Does this mean anything?

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    I have this code. No movement or refund. Not sure what’s going on.

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    I don’t want to get my hopes up high but my refund has always been the last week (wednesday) of Feb. WMR is still at one bar. I don’t even know if I should bank on it being there tomorrow. I would be super pissed if it is not. smh. No way to check transcript

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    Also, the Hold pattern for PATH throws Dailies into a Weekly pattern for the first week after the 15th, but something about the 2/12 start date this year both broke that pattern and seemingly scattered all predictability into the wind.

    Good luck!!

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    yes you’re totally right about the days of the week, it’s the day your account posted to the Master File (IMF). The reason for a lot of 05s getting Wed DDDs is because 05 can be a Daily OR a Weekly.

    Weeklys are processed once a week just as you wrote and Daily accts can be done on any of the other processing days and info updated when its done.

    Mass transcripts update for daily accts Tues (now) and WMR on Weds I believe :)

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    Transcripts are down too

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    Thank you Thicks – I appreciate that – Hey the more info on here the better I say!! :)

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    FlGirl: That’s all well and good, but I’m just trying to teach you what the cycle codes mean. They refer to a processing day, not a DDD.

    It does appear that 05s almost always get their DDD for a Wednesday. The 05 is Thursday, the TS updates on Friday, and WMR updates on Saturday, with the money in the account four days later, on Wednesday. I’m not so sure about the typical pattern for cycle codes indicating processing on other days.

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    I just went by the 2020 codes since IRS did not release the cycle codes this year. Last year mine was 20200805, date 02/26/2020, 2/26/20 was a wednesday

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    @FLGirl: The last 2 digits of the cycle code refer to the day of week of processing. It doesn’t refer to the day of the DD. Sometimes returns processed on the same day have DDDs on different days.

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    My sons is 20210704 ( and he is set for 02/23/2021 – he has TT card – got his today)

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    My cycle date is 20210705 and my DD date is 02/24/2021 (wed)

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    As I said in a different thread, your reporting of the days is off. 01 is Friday (Saturday and Sunday aren’t included), 02 is Monday, and 05 is Thursday.

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    short version:
    broken down
    07=week of processing (weeks since tax year started I believe) 7th week started 2/20/2021 – ends 02/26/2021
    05= the day of the week – in your case Wednesday (IRS cycle schedules start on Sat = 01)

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    Yes ma’am that cycle code typically refers to your direct deposit date or check date – Do you have an 846 code on your transcript? This is what mine shows for my refund:
    150 tax return filed cycle 20210705 (stands for 02/24/2021)
    at the very end of my transcript:
    Code 846 refund issued 02/24/2021

    My son had the same thing except his cycle code was 02210704 (02/23/2021) he does not use a normal bank and received his direct deposit at 10am

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