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2020 return transcript update bs

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    So I filed 3/17/2021 accepted same day ! After long weeks and months my return transcript was updated with a star next to it ?
    And it looks like a letter ! And this is what it sayis in there !

    Information About the Request We Received
    On June 16, 2021, we received a request for verification of non-filing of a
    tax return.
    As of the date of this letter, we have no record of a processed tax return
    for the tax period listed above.
    If you have any questions, you can call 800-829-1040.

    What in the actual hellllllll !!!!

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    Well I just checked my irs account and now my 3rd stimulus is there (yes I received it) so the wheels are definitely turning and it’s processing. Stimulus amount wasn’t there yesterday. Hopefully something this week.

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    Mike Ox

    I did go from “still being processed” to “it is being processed”, this morning, which should be a good thing, right? I filed and was accepted on 2/11. The following week it went to still being processed and has been that way ever since. Got an ID verify letter on 5/30 and completed it the same day online. Still no transcript update though.

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    That request for verification of non-filing is just saying that someone (you) requested that info. You made the request when you logged on to the transcript site.
    If you notice, the date on the letter changes each day you access the site.
    It simply means that the IRS hasn’t processed your return yet, so there is no return transcript to provide.

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    Same here. Nothing but wage update. My as of date is still January 18th. This is really starting to grind my nerves. Especially when people who filed a few weeks ago have already gotten theirs.

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    After my wages updated last week, I was hoping to have some progress on my return but it’s still NA. Anybody have their return processed ?

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    I’ve seen a few people say they’ve spoken to people at the IRS, I had a number and it miraculously stopped working and turned into a automated line the week before the last rep I spoke to said they would be required to give me an answer. Now it’s 2 weeks past that date and I still have no answers and no money. I filed 2/12 and accepted the same day, so this is a long time coming. Can anyone post a number they have used recently to get through to a human IRS rep? I would
    appreciate it

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    Hey I got the same thing too. I was about ready to freak out…. atleast I’m not alone in this 😔

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    I have the same thing as of today. It wasn’t there yesterday. I’m so freaked out. Idk. I filed my landlords 2 weeks after me, he’s gotten his and doesn’t understand, still, why mine isn’t here yet. Our car needs registered, I have court fines, my car needs fixed. I am stranded 15 miles out of town, with no car, at least it’s my house. But man. This sucks.

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    Same here transcript undated today with red star next to it. States no 2020 tax return on file. I know it is on file but what does this mean ? Talk to IRS several times who looked at my return but had no info about a dd. Been waiting since 2/12…faxed forms to IRS 4/1 and to tax advocate 6/10. Can I have my damn refund please.

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    Same thing for me! I got excited for a second because my transcripts been n/a. Just updated today with the star beside 2020 and it had that same letter. I filed 3/10 and accepted the next day. I got ahold of someone at the IRS last week and she said everything was good with our return just needed to wait for the deposit…

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    Oh and it won’t show a return until it’s through processing. The “letter” is the request you just submitted to view the transcript. That’s all. It took me a minute and going back and looking at mine. Just means we’re FINALLY processing.

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    Same thing here except I was accepted 2/11. Check again on Friday and see what happens. I seem to remember this a few years ago and I updated that Friday and got my refund the following week.

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    I received the same thing. I filed on 4/6, and wage transcript populated at some point last week. I don’t know if this is some generic thing that is automated in their system now that it is 30 days after the deadline? Hopefully they will process returns in the next few weeks for those who have been waiting 10 plus weeks.

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    Also, my wage transcript updated.

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    I got the same thing. I don’t understand that at all. If I didn’t file, why does WMR show that I did? This is absolutely insane this year.

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