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2019 Tax Refund Still Missing

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    This topic is for those of you still waiting on your 2019 tax refund. You aren’t forgotten by us. The IRS says they are still under the gun for finishing the processing of thousands of refunds from 2019. In a congressional hearing last week, IRS Commisioner said he hopes to get them wrapped up by this summer. These returns were left in the dust when the agency closed 500+ facilities in under 2 weeks during the 2020 COVID lockdown.

    You can see where you were mentioned briefly in that hearing here: Summer Tax Refunds

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    OMG I’m finally getting my 2019 refund.. already got my 2020 months ago. I really didn’t think they were even doing anything for me at the senators office and the TA they were dealing with but looks like they were! contact your local senator etc if you need help!


    In 2019 it was much faster and came after 6 months. Still no explanation.This year.It’s been ten months. Transcript says it’s on hold since May 4th. No one knows why.Just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing anything. Super discouraging either way. Here’s to hoping we will get our returns soon, however I’m not holding my breath.


    I have waited over a year for an amended 2019 return. I was told that it was mailed to me in May 2021. I still dont have it and now i cant get anyone on the phone. apparently you cant even report a check missing. and why not just do a direct deposit. so stupid


    Hello everyone! Any updates guys?


    Hello All! I hope the sound of crickets on this thread is due to everyone FINALLY getting their refund!!!

    I faxed my last 3 pay stubs to the IRS on 4/22. Called 7/1 and they confirmed my case has been assigned to someone and I should hear something soon. Of course the deadline was extended 60 more days but I’m so happy to see some movement! I’ll update as soon as I have more info.



    I really hope reaching out to your local Congress member helps resolve any issues. Please let us know how it goes!


    Received my 2020 refund couple weeks back but still haven’t received my 2019 even though the issue was resolved according to my transcript back in November… Just contacted my local congress member so we’ll see if that helps



    Is that a deposit date is see?!?! Congratulations!!!! I’m nearing the end of my most recent 60 day review.


    DD date of 5/28 with interest where’s my refund wont


    I got my 2020.taxes on March had all the credits and claimed missing stimulus claimed unemployment still awaiting 2019 I called irs on April 23 2021 they processed it April 23 now just waiting for it to say complete. I think u may want to call seems like it speeds it up.


    any movement for anyone ?


    What the heck!! This is really crappy!


    Still waiting and of course 2020 being held up now too… I received a 571 back in November but the 846 never came after.. I have two 570 codes previously but only one issue, idk if the issue is because I need two 571 releases?


    @Yvie yes same for me still not resolved. It’s said income didn’t match SSA records, and SSA said didn’t match it’s records. I’ve sent info into SSA and took 3 weeks for them to correct error but IRS at 1+years now… IRS wanted letter from employer, proof of dependents, and proof of deductions. 60 day reviews since last February. You should have received letter asking for proof approx 90 days before judgment.


    Hi everyone. Quick update. On 4/16/21 I received a packet from the IRS. The info inside stated that my wages had been reported as $0 and they are adjusting my refund to $0 as a result. I have 30 days to send a document back stating I fully accept, partially accept or fully decline the adjustment, and send proof of my 2019 income. Has anyone else received a packet like this?


    nyc here – got my mailed check yesterday. processed 4/2. it was in a small envelope – something you would see as a tax refund. good luck everyone


    hi I know this is a very dumb question but I was wondering if you get an 846 (2019 taxes) on your transcript can the IRS come back and change it. I called them today (exam dept) because I hadn’t received my transcript and she said they denied my earned income credit but when I checked the mail about 5 minutes ago my transcript has 811 removed refund freeze 04/19/2021, 846 refund issued 04/09/2021, 421 closed examination of tax return 04/19/2021, 776


    Got new letter saying my mailed correspondence from last October (supposedly lost had to fax) is being sent to Austin TX for review. They want an additional 60 days. Still no initial contact from TA.



    I filed and received my 2020 but I’m still waiting on my 2019. I checked 2019 transcripts this morning and still have the same 570/971 codes, unfortunately. I’m hoping that we all get some good news soon!


    Praying 🙏 all receive 2019 refund soon


    Hang in there, the IRS just processed my 2019 paper return last week. I have not done my 2020 returns due to some issues that have come up. I am eligible for the 3rd stimulus, will I still receive my stimulus despite that I have not filed my 2020?


    No, unfortunately the whole reason we filed was to claim missing stimulus had hopes for getting that but still nothing. Going on 15 months for 2019 and week 7 of this year


    Has anyone still waiting on 2019 filed 2020 and received 2020 yet?


    @tera my local number just went to inbox that was full. National number Is 8777774778


    What’s a phone number to reach a TA!?


    Spent 8+ hrs on phone over 2 days to get a TA. Had to say financial hardship 3 times fast but finally got a transfer code and a booking agent. Time to resolve is estimated at 14.7 weeks. Due to length of time the case has been open I didn’t need a financial hardship to qualify. TA phone system randomly purges callers on hold.

    Suzanne Hicks

    Never received my 2019 taxes


    My daughter in law mailed in her paper return July 1 st., awaiting a refund. No record of it anywhere. I filed her 2020 taxes through H&R free electronically, hoping to get her her stimulus money. It came back the IRS rejected it. She had no income but I filed for her to claim that $600 credit for the 2nd.. stimulus she never got. What a mess


    Recieved 570/971 in April 19 kept getting we need an additional 60days. Finally in Sept. was told my employer did not report w2. Couldn’t get clarification if SSA or IRS was to blame, they blame each other. Was given instructions to send proof of income dependants and credits. Told to wait until APRIL just got letter 2645c today stating need for additional 60 day review.

    Breyarda Coleman

    Tax return


    Nov 23rd was the last update on 2019 return, still waiting.


    I’m one of those ppl still waiting it’s sucks. But when I tried t look at my account yesterday it said my 2019 was unavailable until adjustment was made so I hope that’s progress for me. The case closed 1-28-2021 and heard nothing since.

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