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      2015/05/05 netspend user’s, when will our money hit????

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          I get all my cash off at BOA FOR FREE up to $5,000 a day, AND $2.50 charge that netspend charges

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            Oh and by the way, every year I’ve had it come in at least 2 days early, 3 last year. Both state and fed. I’ve had the card 3 years, this is the 4th. They’re awesome about DD, it’s not just lip service. They actually make good on their early claim. I’ve heard they don’t have a pending action, so when they get it, they just turn around and release it immediately. Any other bank hangs on a couple days to make some free interest off your cash first.

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              If your money goes on and you don’t have a card you can go to a check cashing place, Ace is where I go for net spend, but they’ll give you a temp card so you don’t have to wait. It’ll cancel the card that’s coming in the mail though. So you’ll have to reorder one with your name on it after taxes, but at least you won’t have a bunch of cash you can’t touch. I lost my card last year, I ordered it the same day I filed and my refund came first, much to my surprise. I was so thankful for the option of a temp card at the check cashing place. Especially since it didn’t come for 5 more days.

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                I’m a netspend user with a ddd of 2/11. Fingers crossed its a little early

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                  so i guess 2 day’s early…. i seen where some people with a ddd last wed. 2/4 that got it on fri. the 30th, so i was hoping TODAY !!!!!

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                    I have a diff of the 9th and it was f2f to baby this morning and I still don’thave my Netscape’s card is said shipped Monday but still have not got it

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                      I hope soon!

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                        Hey I have used Netspend twice for tax refund and it always hits a day earlier. I can’t remember the reason but it has to do with something about it differing from a traditional bank and being a loadable card.

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