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20150503 updates here please!

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    Post all 20150503 cycle updates here

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    Got mine at midnight.


    Got mine this morning.


    Anyone with 20150503 get their refunds today?


    My DDD is 2/9… I checked and my tax refund got sent to SBBT and they took out my turbo tax fees and sent it to my bank. It’s Friday so I don’t expect to see it until Monday morning.


    I have the cycle code of 20150503 but no 846 code yet. no holds or offsets, wmr was at one bar then updated and now there is no just says your return is being processed… Should I still expect to see a dd on 2/9 since I have that cycle date?


    I called my bank (Chase) and they see no pending or incoming deposit from IRS scheduled for Tomorrow. The only deposit they were able to see is my paycheck for Tomorrow.

    So for those of you hoping for an early DD, it might not happen…


    Yday just had 1 bar. Ckd transcripts. Had 846 code . This morning had 2 bars and ddd by 9th. Plz come early!!!


    Filed 1/31 accepted same day
    Ordered transcripts 2/4 checked wmr this morning 2/5 status bar approved but check being mailed by 2/11 because my deposit was returned by my bank. Called my bank and ach dept stated dd never rejected of received (nothing pending). Has this happened to anyone else.


    Filed on 2/1/15
    Accepted on 2/1/15
    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/9/15
    My cycle code was 20150503

    CA State Refund
    Filed on 2/1/15
    Refund Authorized on 2/3/15
    No DDD given


    I filed 2/1/15 and was accepted 2/1/15. Transcripts were available 2/4/15 with a cycle date of 20150503. Checked WMR this morning, said that I should receive my refund by 2/9/15. If I dont receive it by 2/14/15, give a call…. it said should receive it by 2/9/15, so that means that it could come eariler? It didnt say that it will be sent on 2/9/15. LOL Wishful thinking!!



    Most banks have next day availability for government checks if the deposit is a paper check. DD should always have same day availability as soon as it hits your account otherwise I guess it would defeat the purpose of DD. If you really want to be sure though since its a local bank I would just call and ask. They will be able to tell you for sure and probably even if it will post Friday night instead. Hope this helps!


    Same as @vero. DDD of 2/9 this morning. Since that’s a Monday, is it possible we get our deposits Friday night? I know that sometimes if my payroll falls on a Monday my deposit will post Friday night. I use a local bank. But then again I’m scared they will hold my deposit the full 5 days and I won’t get it until Friday. Thoughts?


    Filed and accepted 01/29, had one bar until this sat, lost all bars and WMR said still processing with code 152. Was able to order transcripts yesterday morning with cycle code 20150503, code 846. Woke up this morning checked WMR have 2 bars and DDD 02 /09/2015. Good luck everyone.


    I am in the same cycle this morning irs says my refund dd is the 9th I’m hoping with my rush card I get it early


    Cycle 2050503. Wmr just updated with 2 bars!!!! DD by Monday Feb 9th! Thanks everyone! Thanks for all your help!!! If it posts early I’ll let you know!


    Cycle 20150503 WMR just updated to a feb 9th deposit, I used TT with no fees. Hopefully we 9thers will get our money early.


    I have one bar on wmr but I have a notice on account now (my prepaid card bank) it say s Monday 2/9 by it and We have received notice that this account will receive an electronic deposit. Deposits should be posted by 6 am Central time on the date listed above. Customer Service will not have any more information available until the following business day. I have cycle code 20150503. .. I wonder if it will post today ….


    I have the code but wmr still says being processed idk


    Same here filed 1/31 got transcripts today im a 0503…1bar ???? It does say 2/23 but some ppl say its 10 days earlier??? Hopefully an update tonight?


    i have the 20150503 with 846 but wmr still at one bar


    be nice to get it friday but maybe not need to order my racing parts cant wait


    @sean earls. I have a cycle code of 20150503 too and mine also says 2/23 for refund date. I checked last years trans and it said a refund date of 3/24 but I actually received it on 3/12. So I don’t think that date means anything. Maybe that date is the lastest you could receive by or something. *shrugs*

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/27


    Filed 01/24 accepted 01/24 Transcripts updated yesterday to 20150503 I have my 846 code on it I’m hoping the latest I receive is wednesday but hoping for sooner


    I filed 2/1 and got transcripts on 2/4 cycle code 20150503 and a code of 846 but it says refund date 2/23/2015. This is on Account transcripts not Tax return transcripts.


    I checked my transcripts, and got 20150503 code 846. I went back to WMR… and they wouldn’t let me check anymore. Said I have exceeded my daily limit. I guess I should stop obsessing…….. at least I can check on here with you all as often as I want.


    correction deposit could be as early as 2/6/15


    My cycle 20150503 and I have the 846 from what I have read this is already processed and should expect ddd no later than 02/09/15 but could be as early as 02/08/15 as some with cycle 20140502 received the deposits today.


    I just found mine as well….20150503 too……hopefully, it’s a little early. I think I’m going to treat the family to a nice dinner.


    Filed 1/24 , Accepted 1/24 transcript updated this morning 846 refund code 20150503 cycle code hopefully WMR will have a ddd for me soon


    From what found 2/9 or Monday is 20150503

    Sean Earls

    Filed 1/25.. got transcripts 4/3. Cycled code is 0503 but date says 2/23/15. I have 846 so when will refund post

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