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      OK, what does this mean?

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        @ Joe your 846 refund issued code will be in your account transcript (the one next to the wage transcript). You’ll also see your refund amount there and any additional codes the IRS may have placed for one reason or another. If your account transcript is still blank, it just hasn’t fully updated yet and it will as long as your return and account of return transcripts for 2014 are showing (and updated).


          The 6th is actually this Friday. So you should have your money Friday. My cycle date is 20150502 and it states that the money should be in our accounts on Friday. Good Luck!!!


            Filed and accepted 1/29, can’t view transcripts and still on one bar with TT 152
            My cycles for the past three years have been as follows
            Does that mean I am a weekly and when can i expect to view my transcripts and update? I see alot of 1/29ers with progress to DDDs! STRESSED

            Joe Dirt

              Where do you find the code 846 you said you see on your transcript?


                I have the 20150502 cycle date and WMR updated to deposit on Monday the 6th! Anyone think their banks will deposit that before the weekend?


                  Parker, Yes, the 20150502 is my cycle date. Thank you very much for your help!


                    Casey, there should be a cycle date on your return which starts with 2015. Someone on another thread said they had to pull their return record to actually see the cycle date. I’m not sure what the return record is, but if you search the other threads you should be able to find their post.


                      Parker- I am now able to see my transcript and I see that there is a code 846 for refund sent 2/23/2015.. or is that just the standard?


                        That means you will get your money on Friday the 6th. Congrats!!

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