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20150405 cyclers with DDD of 2/4 REFUND PROGRESS

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    Corey B.


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    Jodi when you found out the bank rejected the funds and had to wait for a check did the wmr ever update? I was supposed to get my refund on 2/10 but it was rejected same day and the irs confirmed they received it back on the same day as well so did they mail a check the same day? and if so I should get my refund between today and fri because yesterday was a holiday in new Orleans and no mail passed. I will keep everyone updated because the nice lady I just talked to said the numbers with the bank didn’t match that’s why I got the 1121 code and it will take 8-10 weeks for a paper check


    Cynthia, mine was rejected on the 4th I believed because that was ddd.


    Ok I filed jan 26th. It was accepted an hour later. I am on an emerald card From h and r block. I filed them myself. My boyfriend had an offset. Which we know of and recoeved the letter from the fiscal bberuea.on the 5th wmr said sent to bank. When i check today it shows the offset and says to call today if not recieved. I called my card they show no pending or anything….i call the 1040 number and it says due to high call volumes they cant take my call and hang up


    Has anyone used the WalMart money card for there refund? Did it deposit or were there problems?


    File my tax on 1/16/165 process on the 20th.
    My refund approved 2/2/15 and it was sent out on feb 4th but it shows that is pending on my acviunt until now. Any clues when it will be credited to my account?


    My DD was rejected the 5th sent back to irs.. how did u get someone to tell u that your check mailed? They keep telling me 8-10 weeks


    Does anyone know what number i can call to speak with a person at the irs?? Ive tryed the 1040 number but it wont give me a option to speak with a live person

    Cynthia to JODI

    JODI — Thank you for that information. When was your DDD and when was it rejected?
    Because mine was rejected 2/4 @ 6:00am, does it need time to get back to the IRS? or they sent the check same day? It sounds too fast.


    Cynthia, mine did the same thing but she told me they mailed the check on the 4th so it should be here between the 11th and 13th. Should only take 5 to 7 days to get when they mail it out.


    Hello all,

    My tax return was accepted 1/26, DDD 2/4 and I have 3 bars, called my bank 2/4 and they said refund came through but the bank rejected it at 6am due to the account closed the day before due to inactivity (I haven’t used my account for 60 days). It bounced back to the IRS, I researched, and it looks like Paper checks are mailed every Fridays only. Do you think if it was rejected 6am 2/4 Wednesday, it will be in time to get mailed out today, Friday, 2/6? If not, when should I receive it? My account number is correct with my name, it was just closed, so there shouldn’t be issues with them sending a check. Anybody has an experience like this in the past? I still don’t want to believe that It will take 3-5 weeks. =(


    @christina i called the adp card and they said sometimes it takes 3business days to show up this is just crazy so there is just a bunch of money floting around that no one can find ya right

    Sarah m

    I also had ddd of Feb 4th and still nothing everyone is telling me different. The bank says there may be something wrong with my tax information. But the irs saids it must be my bank! !? Clueless anyone know what’s going on?


    i to had a ddd of feb 04 i also use an adp card and today is the 6th and still nothing :( my bank even says they dont see anything. called the irs they say its been sent so WTF is going on? why would it take this long?


    Checking tto see if anyone has been thru what im going thru… ok so wmr says deposit to my bank 2/4/15 they say still nothing but i have a money network adp work card and i guess i was only supposed to file myself with that card but i didnt know that so i filed married jointly so they said it might get rejected but still havent seen anything from the irs just wondering if anyone else had same problem but it went thru anyway


    When it says transcript says whole amount sent to non irs tax debt, does that mean no refund?


    Update: Woke up and checked my prepaid account. Nothing. Checked WMR still says sent to bank 2/4/15. Checked transcript says whole amount sent to non irs tax debt.

    Good Luck to the rest of you.


    Mark sure you check all your info… i had a DDD of the 4th and wmr said money was sent. Well come to find out, I didn’t enter my full , proper, account number. So now my bank has to reject it and send it back to irs, then they will issue a check. They said it could delay the refund by 2 months..


    I have a question how do i find out what my cycle code is in my transcript ???


    Filed and accepted 1/20.
    Can view transcripts with cycle code 20150405, but there is no 846 code on it. The last code is 766-money credited to account.
    Bars gone on WMR and just says “we have received your tax return and it is being processed”
    Everything has been this way for a week now with no changes.
    Not sure what’s going on.


    Welp…. today is the 6th and the irs website says that my deposite was sent to my bank 2/4/15 still nothing and my bank doesnt see it also i cant figure out the number to call to speak with a person i hate this……. i mean come on dont say it was sent if it wasnt


    Both filed and accepted 1/27 through Turbo Tax using absolute zero.
    WMR updated overnight last night to all three bars with a Direct Deposit sent 2/4/15
    Still no refund and it’s past noon. I used a prepaid card as well.

    I also have an offset from unemployment on the FMS line. I checked my IRS transcript and it doesn’t say they took it.. I looked at my past years transcript and they all say that a portion of my refund was taken that year.

    I called CA unemployment yesterday as well as today and no payment was posted from the IRS.

    I’m not expecting a refund although it would be nice but just throwing this out there for those going through this same situation.


    Filed taxes 1/27/15
    Return recieved 1/28/15
    Return approved 1/30/15 & ddd 2/4/15
    2/4 no money, around 9pm the last bar was added and message changed from “is scheduled to be sent to your bank BY 2/4” to “was sent to your bank on 2/4”
    Today 2/5 no money still, called h&r and they said on their end is says money is scheduled to be deposited on 2/17
    I also have an offset (I called the hotline), but I looked at my transcripts and there was nothing about an offset. It says all my refund will be sent.


    I also bank with USAA and like I’ve mentioned before, my DDD was Feb 4 and I have nothing deposited. I also have an offset but nobody seems to know anything


    Anyone with USAA have deposit yet? If so was it early or on exact date of DDD


    My WMR updated to 3 bars after midnight last night pacific time and says my refund was sent to my bank on 2/4/15 and I still have no deposit this morning 2/5/15. I do have offset but it didn’t show the offset in my balance – it showed full amount sent. My transcript also doesn’t reflect an offset. Where did the money go??


    All three bars showed up last night on WMR, nearly noon and still no deposit with Netspend. Wtf!?


    Mine is doing the same thing lastnight it moved from 2bars to 3bars saying my money got sent to my bank but they said they dont see anything i went thru turbotax and had a ddd for 2/4


    Ok what is going on here. My DDD was for 2/4/2015, it is now 2/5/2015 and still nothing. I went through TurboTax had my fees taken out of refund and my refund is to be deposit on my netspend card. I went to the SBBT website and it says no information from the IRS site. I went to the IRS site and I have all 3 bars. I do have an offset but I did last year and never took this long. Does anyone know what is going on , or what to do? Thank you.


    Alright…still NO deposit and 3 bars in that stupid website saying sent on the 4th. Does ANYONE know ANYTHING about this? I have called, went in to the IRS, and even called my bank. Nobody on Earth seems to know where my money went. Yes…I have an offset. But even the IRS says I should have received my portion. This is not right man. Some of us could use our money.


    My refund said it was deposited in my bank account. And when i looked on my return I noticed that my account number was now only 10 numbers. I know I put all 16. And I am doing the hr block refund bonus where you can send part of your refund to egift cards. But I still have no email and no deposit


    WMR just updated to reflect my refund as sent, still no funds with bank, but maybe in the morning (fingers crossed)


    try checking on thats where i got my deposit info. still no deposit went thru jackson hewit ddd 2/4 but website says irs sent on 2/3 spoke to jh preferred and they say its been a delay it will be deposited on 02/05, getting aggrivated


    Corey B i just checked it and yes i got it all right and still nothing im very happy for people that have gotten them back its just a bummer not knowing what is going on with mine the irs is a joke


    The IRS indicated my DD date as 02/04/2015. I use the Skylight Paycard a Netspend product, as of 9:55pm EST,no deposit. Kinda panicked at this point because I’ve never had this issue in the past. Seems others are in the same boat.

    Corey B.

    @Amanda Take that breath, I would be pissed too. My first thought is to check the routing and account info u put in turbotax.


    No deposit. Went to the IRS office and waited 2 hours. They said it was sent. I do have an offset but they said it was still sent. I also bank with usaa


    okay, for Tax act preparers, i want to ask you a question. when you have your fees taken out by republic bank, did you get your cash the same day (today) as the irs released it to Republic bank?

    Reply to this please.


    Ugh man…… im not sure what is going on my taxes got aproved 1/26/15 and i went thru turbo tax my DDD says 2/4/15 i use my money network card from my work i havent gotten anything yet i am still on 2 bars and just called my bank and nope nothing pending yet wth is up man anyone in my boat??? I dont know what to do i dont think this is right they say i have to wait till feb 9th to try to see whats goin on


    Perry you have to go to and get your transcripts online

    I have all the proper codes and still don’t have anything


    I filed 1/21/15 with DDD of 2/4/15 still no refund!!! BofA filed with Tax Act :(


    Where I find those codes on the turbotax email. I was accepted 1/28.


    My DDD was today 2/4, posted to my account this morning at 7am on the nose. (Exact time every single deposit clears my bank, paycheck, child support, funds transfer, etc.). My WMR still has not updated. Good luck to everyone and I hope you all get yours ASAP!


    I received my full refund in my bank account today, but WMR hasn’t updated my status yet. I am still on 2 bars.


    I’m a little stressed. DDD for 2/4. Filed with TT and fees deducted through SBBT then supposed to be deposited to my Netspend card. I do the same every year and it’s always early. I did have an offset, so maybe that’s the reason for the delay. Anyway, SBBT says they don’t see anything yet and that if I don’t get it today, to call the IRS tomorrow.


    I have a dd of 2/4 I did have H&R block online take out fees, but I have not recieved my refund. What are your thoughts

    IRS website says :
    Your refund has been reduced to pay a past due IRS tax obligation.
    The balance of your refund, $5,381.61, is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 4, 2015. If your refund is not credited to your account by February 9, 2015, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.
    Please wait until February 9, 2015 before you contact us again as we are unable to take any further action until then.


    I have a DDD for 2/4 i go thru money network check card and i still havent gotten mine the irs website says it still hasnt sent it wth is goin on????


    I have a DDD of today, 2/4. I filed through TAXACT and paid my fees up front. I use a walmart money card. As of right now, 11:00 am cst, I still have no deposit. :(


    DDD posted at 12am 2/4 for USbank Filed and accepted 1/29 Good luck!


    Got my refund early in the morning. Gl all


    Chase texted me at 2am to let me know my refund was deposited. I was accepted 1/12, filed through Turbo Tax and used SBBT for fees.

    John horfenwooser

    Haven’t received ours yet and I bank with bofa… currently 855am. we also have 20150405 on our transcript


    Woke up with my deposit in Chase. Til next year :)


    I have code 20150405 wmr says ddd of 2/04, I have not recieved anything as of today, still waiting, when my work checks get dd I could see the deposit pending and see nothing, wmr hasnt updated to show anything new


    What does the cycle code mean? How do I check what cycle code I am in. My DDD is for today 2/4/2015 nothing on my card and my WMR site is still on 2nd bar.


    Oops,…..Cycle code was 0405.


    Same here! My cycle code was 0504 and DDD was 2/4 and sure enough, woke up to deposit in TD Bank! WMR still hasn’t updated to 3rd bar. Now to wait for my husband’s. {sigh} Here I go again! :)



    I am exactly in your situation. 1/22 filed-accepted and nothing.. Acount transcripts show Feb 16th but blank everything else.. My cycle the last two years ended in 05…? Can anybody tell me what this means and when I should see something?


    I filed on the 22nd, it was accepted the 23rd, and not a bit of progress since. Turbo taxes site has been showing 53% of since the 30th. Anyone else in the same position? I hate the whole “hurry up and wait” game.

    Mrs Lane

    So out of all of us there’s only two so far with no deposit in bank? Why me? Dang it. This is super upsetting. Rent is due tomorrow :(


    Today is my DDD date 2/4/2015 to get my refund on my netspend card and I have no refund yet. I check the sbbt site and it says IRS has not sent any info. Anyone else having issues or what should I do. Thank you.


    Woke up and it was in my account. Have a great year everyone!


    Posted about 10pm last night west coast time, so 1am east coast time. Dont spend it all in one place everyone.

    Mrs Lane

    My ddd was 2/4/15, I bank with Wells fargo, it’s still not in there…wth?

    Corey B.


    gabrielle Paul

    i received a text frm greendot saying my Fed Refund was received on 1/30
    anywho my money is there as of 5:16am
    goodluck to all


    My refund posted this morning!


    Well just woke up to my refund:) BOA we did it guys!!! We deciphered the codes and had patience now enjoy!!! See u next year!!!

    impatiently waiting

    20150405, ddd 2/04/2015. I’ve been checking sbbt on and off all night and it’s still saying the irs hasn’t sent my refund and wmr still only has 2 bars. I filed on the 22nd. It feels like I’m the only one who isn’t getting any updates. Has anyone’s wmr updated to sent?


    Went thru HRB. Emerald shining with that green this morning just now!! God bless till next year


    DDD posted this morning at 4am. I bank with Wellsfargo. See you all next year!


    Filed 1/20


    My refund just posted at 2 am!! Good luck to all. See ya next year!!!


    Just checked my account. Happened in between 11:40 and 11:57 PST. Bank Of America DD 2/4


    Direct deposit with BOA just posted 1:56 am (CST).


    Taxdude, your message prompted me to check my USAA account, sure enough, my refund is there! Woot! :-)

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