20150405 cyclers with DDD of 2/4– HAPPY DANCING :):):)

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    Corey B.

      Finallyyy, KeyBank sees my refund in all of its glorious splendor, ready for my hands at 8am!! Yeahhh, do my dance, do my dance :):) Fellow 0405 2/4 DDD Happy Dancers post hereee

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          Only shows the 152 topic .. 1 bar

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            Nope Just checked still oo’s .. wish I knew with all the talk if I was just resequensed or being reviewed or a weekly and will see an update on Friday.

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            Corey B.

              Duhhh u did say 00…what is your tax topic on wmr?

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              Corey B.

                @Iowslam able to check out ur transcripts yet?

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                  Grrrr I filed 1/16 Also excepted 1/20 and still one bar 00 transcripts and no date.. Filed My daughters on 1/28 she got her refund in her bank today .. WTH

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                  Corey B.

                    Oh before I forget, shout out to TURBOTAX! Easy, fast, free, and reliable. Thats been my* experience past 2 years .

                    Filed 1/16
                    Accepted 1/20
                    Refund Approved Update on WMR 1/30 with DDD 2/4

                    My WMR has not updated 3rd bar yet. No worries. As long as bank sees it, its alll goood lol WMR can stay stuck on two bars for all i care (now) lol Happy Tax Season all– spend wisely!

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